Dog Stories: Growing up together

While doing a paid Instagram post a few days ago, I’ve unearthed dozens of photos of T and Doc, growing up together.  It was touching and moving to see them both get bigger.  I couldn’t use most of the photos, so I thought I’d share them here instead.  If you’ve been following my blog or on IG for some time now, you might have seen some of the photos already.

Doc was T’s birthday present when she turned three-years-old.

They love going to the beach …

taking long walks …

over the headlands and fields …

But most of all, even when they were both little, they just liked hanging around together …

Playing …

watching TV …

And just mucking about …

or having a cuddle.

Doc’s most favourite place in the world is …

by little T’s feet.

Always, even as they both grow older.

They are the “bestest friends” in the world.  T says “I love him mum, even when he rolls on cow poo”.  It must be true love then.

I’m leaving you lovely folks with this quote:

All his life he tried to be a good person.

Many times however, he failed.

For after all, he was only human.

He wasn’t a dog.

  • Charles M. Shulz


    • Thanks! It’s lovely to see them grow-up together. Hopefully your son will get his dog soon 🙂

  1. Rosie @GreenRosieLife

    Oh there is just so much love between those two – absolutely wonderful. Thank you for adding such a beautiful post to #AnimalTales … and I am off to find you on IG as I have finally joined!
    Rosie @GreenRosieLife recently posted…Animal Tales – 97My Profile

  2. Charlotte

    It’s neat to see how close the two of them are. Something special. #animaltales

  3. chickenruby

    our children were much older when we got Bob, but my relationship with him is pretty similar to the one you describe, your daughter does look like she has a special bond.

    Popping over from #AnimalTales very late, sorry
    chickenruby recently posted…Animals on my UK travelsMy Profile

    • They do indeed have a lovely bond 🙂 Doc follows her around all the time.

  4. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    I love these best friend photos. How lucky they are to be growing up together 🙂

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