The Killer in Our Midst is Back

I first wrote about the murderer a couple of years ago and now the killer is back.

A month or so ago, my husband found the first victim lying lifeless on the ground.  I was hoping it was just an isolated case, but then it happened, again and again and again.  In the morning, we would find all the victims lying dead in our garden.

The first was a mouse.  I wondered.  Could it have been a deaf mouse?  The killer has a bell around her neck to warn victims away.  Surely the mouse would’ve heard the tinkle of her bell as she approached?

Then the next victim was a poor mole.  I keep thinking of that lovely mole who adopted Thumbelina, I’m hoping he isn’t family.

Yes, Boots’ killer’s instincts have re-awakened.  She is the murderer.  Or maybe it never really left her, and she murdered her victims far from home and was just being lazy now and couldn’t be bothered to get rid of the body anymore.

I wonder, are all her victims deaf?  Or perhaps she is as stealthy as an experienced thief in the night?  I do wish though that she’d at least get rid of the bodies than leave them on the ground.  Thankfully little T has never seen them.

Poor innocent victims.  I shall light a candle for them and pray for their souls.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Lisa (

    Yikes, sounds like you’re living in a full on crime scene… the presenting of “gifts” definitely means Boots is emboldened – listen out for the bell….
    Lisa ( recently posted…Best Laid PlansMy Profile

    • Yes, I read about the “presenting of gifts”… Sigh. We’ve had too much already 😉

  2. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    I just love this post, the title is everything for me haha. Poor little victims indeed. I’m very glad my cats a house car right now.

    Jordanne ||
    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl recently posted…Garnier Micellar Water infused with oil reviewMy Profile

    • Thank you! I actually really dread going out in the garden right now 🙁 Maybe we should turn Boots into a house cat 😉

    • Thank goodness my husband is such an early riser. That’s his first chore of the day 😉

    • Oh dear, hope not, especially since we’ve seen cute little rabbits scamper about in the morning!

  3. Oh dear, present time! I was once told this is the worst time of year for it, must be all the long light evenings. I hope things calm down again!

  4. The Unsung Mum

    Love this! Didn’t know what to expect but it’s chilled me to the bone!! Really looking forward to the next one!

  5. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    My mum lives across the road from a river and her cat Smokey used to bring in all sorts; a duck’s head (don’t ask how it got detached!), mice, rats, birds… but you can’t tell them off because they think they’re being nice.

  6. When we had cats we had the same thing! I hated having to clean them up 🙁 I love how this post is written 🙂 x
    Yvonne recently posted…An Ode to my BoysMy Profile

    • Thank you! My husband is the early riser, so he’s first task in the morning is to get rid of the body. I hope he won’t be seen as an accomplice 😉

  7. Fashion and Style Police

    I love the picture and the title. So catchy. Love the post too.

  8. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I’m partly glad we don’t have cats any more. One of ours specialised in bringing rabbits in through the cat flap. If they wouldn’t fit, he’d take the head off and bring in the body. Finding that when you came home from a fraught day at the office was something else!

    • Oh my God! Thank goodness we don’t have a cat flap. She goes in through the window in the boot room or the conservatory window. She’d have to climb for both windows and I guess it would be tricky to climb with a dead animal, even if it’s just a head! Shivers.

  9. Elizabeth

    Can’t deny a cat its natural instinct, I suppose! One just needs to dispose of the bodies. Funny how they drop their offerings off as gifts! I’ve heard about a cat bringing home baby bunnies before! My cats are far too lazy for that malarkey I think.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Banana Blueberry Streusel MuffinsMy Profile

  10. She is probably adjusting to her new surroundings and the abundance of animals – she did well to catch a mole. My cats are always bringing me presents

    • She might be. I just hope she’s not cunning enough to catch a rabbit!

    • So right indeed, cats will be cats. Just hope this presenting of presents will be over soon!

  11. Unfortunately, no matter how much we love them, cats are predators in their instinct and they will kill, even if it’s just to play. My Tommy stands on the kitchen’s window, looking at birds (from the 7th floor) and meowing at them.
    Joanna recently posted…The traveling toothbrush: Sonic Chic ElectricMy Profile

    • I know…. Apparently, cats like to give these “presents” to their humans.

  12. Marie Barber

    Oh no i hate finding dead animals even though i grew up on a farm i just cant get used to it, the one time i remember our cats (there was 4 so not sure which one) killed a mother and baby rat that were the size of them if not bigger, they were huge! They hid them under the car, lovely surprise!
    Marie Barber recently posted…Weight Loss Month 3My Profile

  13. Rosie @greenrosielife

    Moo has a terrible habit of bringing her prey into the house and sometimes they are still ALIVE … which might explain why I was sharing the living room last night with a confused looking mouse. Sadly I don’t think Boots’ victims are deaf, more that she of adept at keeping the bell quiet. Lovely picture of her by the way 🙂 #AnimalTales
    Rosie @greenrosielife recently posted…Weekly Green Tips – Saving PaperMy Profile

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