Wanted: Have You Seen this Woman?

Don’t be fooled by her deceiving looks.

Behind that friendly face is a cunning crazy old woman who likes to kidnap cats.

Case #1.

The Missing Boots

The photo above was taken last December 2012, happier days when Boots loved us and wanted to be with us always.  She tolerated me and my husband, but loved T and had so much patience with her even though T liked to strangle the poor cat.  In return, T let Boots play with her favourite soft toys as seen in the photo.  Boots with T’s precious bunny rabbit which she named Zak.

Boots was last seen in front of the our house about a month or so ago.  For a minute, we thought that she changed her mind, we opened our door to coax her in.  But she gave us a long stare as if to say “I’m just here to say Hi” and then left us once again.

We know that the woman pictured above has kidnapped her.  We have a solid witness who can prove this in every single high court in England.

Case #2

The Missing Benjie

Last seen resting on a neighbour’s wall.

A few days ago, as we stepped out of our door to do the school run we noticed a bowl of white chicken meat by our neighbour’s door.  We didn’t think much about it till we bumped into her and she explained that she was trying to lure Benjie back in.  We later learned that the crazy cat woman (pictured above), actually had the gall to knock on her door and demand that our neighbour sign a note relinquishing ownership of Benjie, so she could register him with a vet as her own.  Our neighbour refused to sign, instead she’s also trying to lure her cat back.  I doubt it’s working though because while the bowl is empty, there is still no sign of her furry friend.

See, I told you she was conniving.

We’ve reported her to the cat authorities and wish for her arrest soon.


The above story is true, except for the part where we reported the woman and that we hope for her arrest soon.  The only hope we have is that Boots will decide to return home to us.  Other than that, we do not wish any one harm.

That’s one of the charms of living in a little village, there are bound to be interesting or weird characters around, the village drunk or curmudgeon, the gossip, in our case, we have a “cat-lady”.   I’ve never met her, don’t really have any ill feelings towards her, although I do want our cat back.

Do you have any crazy cat woman in your vicinity or even just an interesting person?

Do share.


  1. anotherday2paradise

    Oh I really hope that your cat returns to you. What a crazy cat kidnapper!

  2. How strange! hopefully benji is well taken care of no matter where he is, although I hope he returns home soon as i’m sure zac is missing him! #AnimalTales

  3. ersatzexpat

    I hope you get your cat back soon. We did acquire a cat once. Tom Kitten walked into our home when I was a young child and just stayed. After a few days we put flyers up in the neighbourhood but nobody claimed him. We then felt obligated to feed him and a few months later he moved on. We always put him out at night and when we were out and it turned out he had a number of ‘homes’ around the neighbourhood which is why nobody responded to our fliers, they knew he would do as he wanted.

    It s pretty horrid for someone to catnap your pet and not even try to return him to you. Absolutely awful.

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Okay, now it’s getting freaky that she is taking over a 2nd cat?!? There are some other issues at play there!!

  5. Lisa@intotheglade

    Have you tried Crimewatch? But seriously, how upsetting especially for T. I hope Boots and Benjie come back soon and this lady rescues cats that don’t already have a good home xx

  6. Stella Lee@ Purfylle

    I wonder what the old lady uses to keep the cats so interested? Katnip maybe? Cats will form colonies but are also rather territorial, it’s rather bizarre that they would happily hang around where another cat lives. At least old lady wishes to keep them in good health and take them to the vet if necessary. Boots popping up now and then to say hi must be tormenting for T.

    • So true and I agree with you – at least she wants to keep the,m healthy. Didn’t like it though when she showed up in our neighbour’s door demanding that she sign. She didn’t even do it in a friendly manner. Oh well.

  7. chickenruby

    i am the crazy cat woman who lured a cat into our lives then moved and then finally brought her with us to Dubai from South Africa, we did however advertise her far and wide before letting her take over our lives

  8. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    I can totally understand if a cat chooses to adopt you but it does seem that this woman is going out of her way to lure unsuspecting cats from other people and that is not nice. Would that there were cat authorities to help you and your neighbour get your cats back. They might also be able to track our Foggy who has gone walkabout again #sigh. Thank you for adding a Boots update to #AnimalTales and at least you know she is alive and well 🙂

  9. Muddy mumClare

    I am currently at war with a crazy cat lady who lives over the road. I’m so laid back generally I’m flipping horizontal but this week I finally saw red! My days may be numbered….
    In an earlier less heated exchange she even confessed to rustling two other cats from the street who are no held captive..ok as house cats.
    I told her she would have my cat over my dead body, so should I reach a dodgy demise – the cat lady did it!

    • What a horrible woman! Okay, I’ve just followed your blog… If I notice a sudden hush, I’m going to inform the authorities! 😉

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