What the dog fears …

Come September, Doc turns two.  Hopefully by then he would have calmed down a little bit more and who knows, might just be a tad less annoying.  Of course, I say this fondly.  He is after all a part of our family and Doc and little T adore each other.  When mentioning our little family, she always includes Doc.

The truth is, this medium sized bundle of fur can be a bit infuriating and embarrassing especially when we have guests around.  He’ll jump and slobber all over them too and as you know, not everyone likes this, especially those who are not dog-people.

Most times though, he’ll respond to a “down” or “away Doc” but when there are others.  he forgets all his commands and just shames us, his humans.  Recently though, little T and I discovered that he responds to one name.  When this name is uttered, he immediately responds and goes to the kitchen and climbs unto his bed.  The name happens to be my husband’s.

Doc adores him.  When my husband is watching television, he’ll sit close to him or gaze adoringly at him till he is given some attention and obviously he knows that T’s dad is the leader of the pack and therefore must be obeyed at all cost.  As for me, even though I’m his main dog-walker, I’m just second lieutenant I guess.

When misbehaving, little T and I just call out his name and like magic Doc behaves.  The husband doesn’t seem to mind at all.

What about you?

Do you have a word that works wonders with your dog?

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Cheryl TimeToCraft (@CherylInTheUK)

    They are funny creatures. Our youngest dog is 20 months and is showing some signs of calming down. Not much though. Now if I could just borrow your husband’s name…..

  2. Kriss MacDonald

    This reminded me of a dog we had when I was young. But very different in personality from your lovely Doc. It was a standard poodle which we had taken in as a stray puppy, who had clearly been mistreated, when we lived in Argentina. This dog used to like bossing me around and sometimes could be even a bit mean. The only way I could get it off my chair – growl, growl when I tried – or the middle of my bed was to call out for my mum or pretend my mum was about to come in the room. Suddenly she’d jump down and pretend she was a nice dog again while she waited for my mother to show up! Doc however is gorgeous,loves your daughter and perhaps is just a bit mischievous unless he hears your husband’s name.

    • That dog from your childhood sounds like a little bully 😉 He’s going to have his op soon and the vet did say that it might calm him down a bit… Hopefully.

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Okay, now that is beyond hysterical! I just love it!!

    • Yep and it certainly works! I don’t know why we only discovered that magic word recently 😉

  4. chickenruby

    our dog is called Bob and if he misbehaves and I yell his name loudly and firmly enough it’s guaranteed to get a response from whatever males happens to be around at the time

    • He does respond to his name when I say it firmly … but not as “magical” as when we call my husband’s name 😉

  5. plutoniumsox

    Haha, “If you don’t behave yourself I’ll tell your dad!” Nope, doesn’t work for our puppy sadly! I’m glad you have found a solution, I think I’ll be sitting with a dictionary tomorrow calling out words until she miraculously behaves. What do you think are the chances??

    • Did you say she’s a puppy? Oh no, sadly it might take awhile before she responds to “magic words”. Then again, all dogs are different. She might just surprise you in the days to come 😉 Good luck!

  6. suzanne3childrenandit

    This made me smile because our dog is exactly the same – my husband is far and away his favourite. I feed him, walk him but when his dad comes home – the excitement is overwhelming! I feel a little put out to be honest! Doc will start to calm down now mine did when he turned 2/3. Good luck!

  7. roweeee

    *Dean, threatening to call Daddy usually works wonders with the kids.
    My dogs are both pretty well behaved. Bilbo is now 8.5 years so his past crimes of pulling like an express train on his lead are gone. Lady, who arrived 6 months ago aged 2, has been a bit of a scallywag but has calmed down a lot., She used to wander through other people’s backyards over at Palm Beach which was a nuisance and after finding a dead rabbit on the road, kept heading back looking for more and stopping traffic. I don’t use words to control her. She ends up on the lead.
    xx Rowena

    • I love reading about your dogs too, especially Bilbo who looks like such a darling! Doc is also calming down a bit, still waiting for him to stop jumping and slobbering over our guests though 😉 x PS Thanks so much for the reblog!

      • roweeee

        I follow a few dog blogs and there are lots of dog lovers out there who would enjoy it. I go walking with a guy who has 6 month old Spitz who is a German Spitz and he is such a lovely excitable dog and he wants to play with all the other dogs and is uber-friendly and his owner gets a bit concerned and I guess there are those who find Spitz too full on and there are tim,es when Spitz is put on the lead when he’s gone too far. My dogs seem relatively sedate, which is quite comical because our son is very exuberant, which I love but there are also times when he needs to get put on the “leash” too.
        I enjoy reading about your adventures, to, Dean. Hope you are having a great weekend xx Rowena

        • Spitz sounds a lot like Doc, they must be twins! 😉 We are having an uneventful Saturday. T’s dad busy with marking students papers, me with chores and little T … Well, she’s painted a few pictures, then when that bored her, took out her drawing pad and drew to her hearts content, before I heard the dreaded “Please mum, can I have the iPad?” I gave in, only because she’s been ever so good. She’s not allowed on it long though 😉 Hope you guys are having a good weekend too! xxx

  8. roweeee

    Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    For the dog lovers having a spot of bother with discipine out there, here is the word on how to get that dog into line xx Rowena

  9. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    We used to be able to out the fear of God into Poppy, our late Labrador, by looking at her and calling here “A stinky dog!” We have no idea why this upset her so but her ears would sink close to her head, her head would drop, her shoulders hunch and she would wear an expression of half fear and half embarrassment. It must have been something her first owners used against her.

    Many thanks for adding Doc’s word of fear to #AnimalTales

    • What an endearing dog! I guess she just didn’t want to be called a stinking dog.

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