Dining by the Sea: Elements (A Sort of Review)

It’s lovely to have meals out once in a while, although we don’t do it often.  We prefer to cook and eat at home, which makes eating out even more special when we do.

And as mentioned on this post, we decided to have a meal out last week and since our favourite restaurant by the beach isn’t open on a Monday we chose a different restaurant which we’ve always driven by, but never manage to drop in and give it a try.

This time we thought it’s about time we did.  Elements is a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant that serves Italian Food (Yes I know, there’s nothing Italian about the name.  I wondered about that too.)  It’s located along the beautiful stretch of Widemouth Bay on the way to Bude, North Cornwall.  It has a lovely setting which is along the coast, overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  We’ve never been to that part, when we visit, we usually head for the beach and walk along the cliffs that is closest to it.

Before our dinner, we decided to go for a short walk, especially since we brought Doc along with us.  It was a lovely one, but after a while we reluctantly left the hills and headed back to the restaurant which was empty save for another family of three, who was dining there with their daughter who appeared younger than little T.

The husband always asks if they have any local beer.  I think it’s nice the way he likes to support the local brewery around Cornwall or any place we visit.

And here’s little T looking over at the menu – she decided on their kiddie pizza specials.

I opted for the lobster tail and king prawn linguine.

The husband ordered an antipasta platter

Did we enjoy it? Let the photo speak for itself.

As mentioned, it’s a lovely location and a great place to watch the sunset while you eat your dinner.

Time for little T’s favourite part of any meal – dessert.  She ordered a chocolate indulgence sundae complete with a candle.  While her dad and I had affrogato (a scoop of ice-cream, topped with a shot of espresso and liqueur) which I forgot to take a photo of, and that’s the reason folks, why I can never be a food blogger.  I’m lucky that I actually remembered to take photos of our meal, most times I gobble it up a before even remembering anything.

Imagine sitting at this table for two with you husband. wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or even by yourself, watching the sunset and eating a lovely meal while sipping a glass or two of wine.


Food was okay. It wasn’t mouth-watering or anything unforgettable.

Service was superb.

Setting was perfect.

Very family-friendly.  In fact, it seems to be popular with families with little ones.  While eating, another family came in, this time with two small boys (younger than T).  It’s obvious that they do cater to families with young children, since there are children’s books in hand, complete with crayons you could use to keep the little ones occupied while waiting for the meals to be served.

Our bill was reasonable too.

Would we go back? Definitely!

Would we recommend it?

Yes, but don’t expect the meals to be superb.  To be fair though, we wouldn’t know what the other dishes tastes like.  But Elements is definitely worth visiting, especially for its setting and service and if you have your little ones in tow.

What’s your number one priority when choosing a restaurant to have a family-meal out?

Do share.


  1. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I really like the idea of asking for local beers – Adam (hubs) is a bit like that but usually with the wine list, always looking to see if there are any wines he’s not come across before H x

    • Same here. It’s nice to be able to support local brewery or anything local for that matter. x

  2. Rhian Westbury

    Sometimes the view, atmosphere and service can be enough to turn an average meal into a good one. The chocolate sundae that T ordered looks lovely x

    • I definitely agree with you, especially if the prices are reasonable! x

  3. DannyUK.com

    That view looks amazing. I think I could happily sit there for hours watching the sun set.

  4. charlotte

    wow what a stunning view to eat by! I have always loved the beach so this would be perfect! plus italian is our favourite!

  5. A Moment with Franca

    My husband always ask for local beers. He loves trying new tastes and it is nice way to learn a little bit more of the place you are visiting. I love the view of this place. I think a view makes such a difference in a restaurant. It definitely lift your spirit. When I’m with my family I definitely like to look for a family friendly restaurant as I would like to be comfortable with my girls. They need to have a kids menu for sure. 🙂 x

  6. I love restaurants with a sea view, we have a couple here that are my faves. Shame the food wasn’t top notch, but sounds like it was. Lovely evening nonetheless

  7. Baby Isabella

    We went to a pub on the south coast with similar views and it was lovely. The food looks yummy!

  8. Wow, it looks like an amazing location to eat in. That certainly helps when choosing somewhere to eat. For me it’s mostly affordable, reasonable sized portions, options and good kids choices.

    • Same here. I don’t like restaurants that aren’t family-friendly… in fact I detest them!

  9. Ana De- Jesus

    I think I would just visit for the desert and setting alone it is stunning! Sorry to hear that the food was sub par but glad you still enjoyed the experience!

    • Yes, that’s a good idea. But the setting certainly makes up for the food! 😉

  10. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life

    That look’s like such a great place to visit for a meal, the view is lovely and it sounds like you had a good time x

  11. Absolutely stunning views and I too would have loved that antipasti platter x

  12. Zena's Suitcase

    Sometimes it’s not about the food being out of this world is it. If it’s a nice atmosphere and you can enjoy it as a family that sounds good to me. I would eat here just for the view

  13. Idaintyit

    It looks like a nice place, we like a good atmosphere and it has to have good service or we will not be going back!

  14. The views are incredible. Now we have Lucas our top priority is to have a family/baby friendly place x

  15. Mudpie Fridays

    I thought it was the same place we had our wedding anniversary in the views liked so similar but I don’t think it is. Good point about the name! Lol. Food looks good though and I love the capture of the ice cream with your daughter in the background I am so going to try this out with Monkey when I next get a chance xx

    • Food could have been better, but not really complaining because of the view and the fact that service was great.

  16. Kerry Norris

    This looks amazing. The food looks right up my street. You picked meals hubby and I would have eaten. The sunset looked beautiful. X

  17. Miranda (Anosa)

    I am always looking at reviews of restaurants before I try them out and if reviews are 80% good then I would try it out myself. Dessert looks yummy

    • Same here, besides I never really trust raving reviews, you always end up disappointed 😉 x

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