Blast from the Past: A Debenhams Back-to-school Competition

What were you like as a primary schooler?  Were you shy or were you one of the kids whom everyone liked?

Like little T, I too was shy. But my mother said I also had the most infectious laugh, now whether I shared this with my friends in school, I have no idea.  And like T, I also would go to school impeccably dressed in my uniform and like my little one, go home from school looking absolutely disheveled.

I wish I had a photo to share with you.  But the problem with living and moving two continents in less than a decade, you tend to downsize your personal belongings and sadly, that included sacrificing personal stuff like old photographs. Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking now, but photos nowadays are stored on your laptop, phone, online or yes, the cloud!

But not in my days.  When I was a school girl, we stored photographs in family albums.  We went  to the shop to have them printed out and if memory serves me right, it took about a day or two before the prints were ready.  Remember those days?

Anyway, summer is about to end which means, for those who are parents, school is about to begin again.  Yes, it’s that maddening time of the year, you know that rush to buy all our children’s school needs in time before school starts, uniforms, school-shoes, jumpers and all that malarkey.

So in connection with that, as much as I’d love to share with you an old photograph of myself, I’m sharing instead, one of my dear husband as an adorably cute 5-year-old school boy.  In about three days, my little T will be the same age as her dad in the photo below:

Why is he wearing a coat, mum?  Asks T.

It’s not a coat, sweetie.  It’s a school blazer. 

We have a school jumper!  Says T.

Do you like your dad’s old uniform?

Yes!  He looks smart!  She says skipping off to play Minion Rush.

Our little family is still on holiday, but didn’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to host my ever first competition on this blog.  Please support me!  So for those of you who have school-aged children and haven’t had the chance to complete your list of things-to-buy for your kids, this might just be your chance to tick off that list courtesy of Debenhams Back-to-School-Competition.  They’ve got a lovely range of school items for you to choose from.

Here’s how you can join:

  •  Post an old school photo of yourself (be it a class photo, school disco or even sports day), tell us what your child thinks of it and how they would recreate it using at least 5 items from Debenhams kids-wear.
  • To enter comment the post URL onto one of the host’s competition pages (that’s me, so you can comment here) and email it to
  • Open to UK residents only.


  • Top 10 bloggers will win a £50 Debenhams voucher each AND each host will choose their favourite who will also win up to £100 to spend on kids’ clothes and accessories. This means we’re offering entrants TEN chances to share an £800 prize!  

The most creative post wins!

What about you?  What were you like as a primary school student?  Do share your photos and this is your chance to win every single school item your child will need for school.  However, if you’re one of those super-organised mothers who always get everything done way before anything starts.  See this as an opportunity to top-up whatever item your child might need, perhaps, a lovely new raincoat, winter-coat which might be a little bit too pricey for your budget, this is your chance to get it, without spending anything, but sharing a lovely memory with us!  FYI, I’m hosting this competition together with two other lovely bloggers:  Yellow Days and The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum.

What are you guys waiting for? Unearth those adorable photos of yourself as a child and write a post about it and who knows, you might just win lovely items from Debenhams Back-to-school range!


Plenty of time to find those adorable photos of you as a school girl or boy.  Once again, if you’re too shy to share your picture, you can also choose one of your husband/wife or partner (as long as you ask permission! 😉

DISCLAIMER:  This post is a collaboration with Debenhams.  Please click here, for more information about the terms and conditions of the Back-to-School competition. Debenhams will be responsible for the provision of prizes. I received items of school uniform in return for hosting this competition.


  1. naptimethoughts

    Hey, my contest starts tomorrow! Are you stealing my ideas again?

    • Hahaha. Been so out-of-touc lately… Still on holiday! Have a contest too? I want to join! What’s the prize? Please let it be some sort of time-machine, so we can pull back the hands of time and let it be the start of summer all over again 😉 x

      • naptimethoughts

        No, my prizes aren’t as good as yours. I’m looking for a superhero, and it’s scheduled to begin tomorrow morning since I’ll be gone all day today. The Husband wants to go to a renaissance fair. It giant foods on sticks for me today.
        I pray thee hast a better day than mine own.

        • Giant foods on sticks sounds good to me! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Haven’t been reading blogs too, like I mentioned still on holiday… Flying back on the 28th, have mixed feelings about it. Anyway, have fun at the renaissance fair 🙂 x

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  3. naptimethoughts

    I’ve been on hiatus. It was a long, tough, spring and summer. Naptimethoughts got pushed to the side by the harshest of mistresses, reality. I’m working on getting back on the pogo stick too.

    • Same here. Even before going on holiday, was off-blogging for some time and even thought of pulling the plug but I’ve decided to plod on with this malarkey 😉 Look forward to reading your blog posts again!

  4. snoozing on the sofa

    I was the 7th of 8 children, so the camera was broken by the time I went to school.

  5. Sounds like a great competition, though I’m not even sure I have any photo’s of me in school uniform. It was different back in my day you know.. (the 80’s…. shhhh.)

    • Oh do join! You can find one of your hubby’s? 😉 I’m an 80s school-girl too, so your secret is safe with me 🙂

    • Love it Cherly! Thank you for joining 🙂 It’s nice to be able to share our school memories with our children, isn’t it? xxx

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  8. Florentino Drumm

    Debenhams schoolwear range also has you covered for anything from shoes and PE kit to bags and water bottles. Free delivery means I don t even have to brave the hoards of frazzled mums at the shops, huzzah!

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  10. Elizabeth Williams

    Here is my entry –

    http://www. whererootsand

    We had great fun, Bug still can’t get his head around the fact I never wore a school uniform at primary school.

    Thanks for the great competition 🙂

  11. Ellen Hawley

    Where I went to school, we didn’t have uniforms. That was for ridiculously fancy private schools and for Catholic schools only. I was convinced there were only two types of girls in the world: the ones who could keep their blouses tucked in and the ones who couldn’t. I was, of course, in the second category.

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