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Apart from reading, one of my favourite past-times or what I would call my “me-time” moments is looking through Interior Design home magazines.  I got it from my mother.  We used to have loads at home and as a child I would sit with her while she leafed through them and as I grew older, I would join her and together we’d go through her piles and talk about what designs we liked.

And now that I have my own home and family, it’s an activity I love to dwell in too, especially when feeling a bit down and need some cheering up.  All I need to do is flip through my stack of magazines and I’m off to la-la land, dreaming of beautiful interiors.

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At the moment though I’m dreaming of roof blinds, maybe because it’s winter and there are days when all I want to do is just roll-down my imaginary blinds to keep the dullness of the grey winter days from my eyesight.

VELUX blinds have a variety of roof blinds from blackout blinds, awning blinds, venetian blinds and even energy blinds, you can choose from for every single room in your house.  Name it, they have it.

There’s something very neat and tidy about using blinds instead of curtains in the room.  You don’t have to worry about creases and getting dirty, although of course, like everything else, blinds can also gather dust and dirt, but so easy to clean, unlike curtains which you have to put down and put in the wash or some even require it to be professionally cleaned.

Once Christmas is over, our house will be stripped of it’s festive decorations.  I dread how bare it will be.  During the new year, I always purchase something new for the house.  It doesn’t have to be big and expensive.  It can be just new cushion covers, a nice throw from the couch.  Maybe this year, I might just go for some lovely VELUX blinds.

What about you?

Do you prefer curtains or blinds?

Are you too dreaming of something new for the year to come?

Do share.

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I totally decorate for Halloween… and then I have my fall decorations up, and now I have the tree and mantle and all of the Christmas decorations… come January when all of this goes away, my house always looks so bare for a few weeks! LOL

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