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One of the reasons why we love our house is the location.  We are surrounded by 500 acres of farmland and Doc, little T’s dog, absolutely loves it.  He loves exploring, especially with the other farm dogs.  He likes to go up to the cows and see how long they’ll tolerate him before they moo him away.  He also likes finding the smelliest thing he can find and then roll onto it till his fur is absolutely caked in it.  Then with a smile on his face, comes home to us.

As you can see, one of Doc’s favourite thing to do is chew on sticks.

I do worry about him and all the germs he picks up when out on his adventures, especially since he likes eating the poo of the calves.  Our farmer neighbour said, they (the dogs) like eating that because it’s full of milk. So far, he hasn’t shown any bad effects from eating all that poo.  Fingers crossed, he’ll be fine.

As pet owners, we all worry about our dogs and of course, when you have children, you worry about them too.  Some of us may know that roundworms and ticks are worrying not just for our dogs, but as well as for us humans too.

Scary isn’t it?

Jenni Falconer with her dog Alfie.

In line with this, TV presenter Jenni Falconer is backing the Pet Parasite Action campaign which aims to raise awareness of the need to treat our pets.

As a dog owner and a mum I want to be sure that I do the best thing for my pet and family.  During the pet parasite action campaign I’m encouraging all pet owners to visit their vet for a simple way to help protect their pets against parasites inside and out, including those that may be harmful to the rest of the family.  Let’s act now to help protect all the members of our family, furry or otherwise.


According to a survey carried out by Pet Parasite Action of over 1000 dogs nationwide, lungworm worries dog owners most with 74% saying they are concerned about this parasite. While 82% of dog owners are able to correctly identify that lungworm could be fatal to their pets, while 43% said that they think dog lungworm is the parasite that poses the greatest risk to human health, when actually it’s harmless to people.

Over a third of survey respondents (36%) say that they are worried about ticks but just 48% realise that ticks can cause fatalities in dogs because of the diseases they transmit.  Also only 28% recognise that ticks (as a transmitter of Lyme disease in people) are a risk to human health.

The least worried about parasite according to the survey is probably one of the most concerning. Just 15% say they were worried about roundworms and only 7% correctly say they think roundworms could threaten human health. Yet if accidentally eaten, eggs from the roundworm Toxocara pose a significant threat to human health, potentially causing blindness or neurological disease – especially in children.

One in four people don’t realise their pet could have parasites but they might not be visible, as is often the case with lungworms, hard to find ticks and roundworms and the microscopic eggs they produce.

Around 1 in 6 say that it’s been about a year since they last treated their pet for ticks, lungworm or roundworm and despite concern about its effects, 23% say that they don’t know when their pet was last treated for lungworm.

At the end of the day, especially like Jenni, if you are a parent of young children, it’s best to make sure that your dogs are healthy by taking them to the vet regularly.  That old adage is definitely true – better be safe than sorry.

What about you?

Ready to take Pet Parasite Action too?

Join us and help spread the word.



    • We have a cat too and she likes to hunt! I also worry about what she might pick up. I guess we just have to be aware of any changes in them and take them to the vet if we notice anything worrying 🙂

  1. Our dog had been infested with ticks previously and it’s terrible! So I really think this is a wonderful campaign because it’s not something that should be taken lightly haven been at the receiving end of a bad infestation.
    Talya recently posted…Ways to help your baby sleepMy Profile

    • I so agree. I get paranoid every time I notice Doc scratching :):)

  2. Ana De- Jesus

    It really is scary how pets can eat or have parasites. Thank you for raising awareness, we need to be vigilant when it comes to pets! x

    • That is so true, especially when out on the park and you have little ones of your own.

  3. I don’t have a dog yet but my father in law had a tick on him the other day. My MIL warned me there seem to be more about, especially near dear for some reason. I think this is a really important campaign!
    Debbie recently posted…Eleanor, your first dip in the seaMy Profile

    • Thanks. There are supposed to be a few deers around, but to be honest, I’ve never really seen them. My husband and daughter saw them once, when out really early.

  4. Charlotte

    This is so important! Not just for our pet’s health but for our families too, you never know what they could bring home!
    Charlotte recently posted…Pregnant and…AloneMy Profile

  5. Fashion and Style Police

    This is an important campaign. Good you are spreading the word. I hope every pet owner reads this post.

  6. Tea bees trips

    Thanks for this interesting article. Unfortunately I don’t have any dog it is forbidden to have pet in my building but it is my dream to have one. So one day.

  7. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    We have a dog and he occasionally gets ticks but is regularly medicated so they don’t last long. Last year my son got a tick during a hike and that was scary! But all was ok, phew!

    • That is scary. Every time I see a bit on my daughter, I look online photos of tick bites… Thank goodness, it’s never one!

  8. Thanks for the article, really helpful and I totally agree that it’s important to create more awareness of pet parasites. We have been lucky with our dogs so far and hope it continues that way. I have also shared this article with a few friends and family.

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