The School Countdown begins!

We’re back in Blightey folks!  As I type this I see grey clouds looming outside.  I’m wearing a cardi, leggings and wooly socks.  Not a pretty picture at all!

But anyway, back to reality!  And that is, the school countdown is about to begin.  Sigh.  The one good thing I was looking forward to was the parcel Debenhams had very kindly sent over to us for hosting the #backtoschool competition.   Little T had fun modelling her outfits, while I had fun taking photos of her.

She looked so cute in the Debenham’s school set.  FYI, I didn’t tell her to pose that way, she did it on her own and didn’t have the heart to tell her not to!  Was worried about the size of the blouses, some reviews I read mentioned that they were too small for their daughters.  But it fit little T really well, leaving enough room to grow into.

Little T also has a lovely skater pinafore dress, a pair of boot-leg school trousers, a couple of new school skirts, school blouses, black tights, and for a change black socks instead of white.  While I’m not a big fan of the shoe brand, Sketchers – I chose their “Velocity Pouty” strap shoes because of its sporty look.  If your daughter is like mine who loves to run amok in the school-grounds, then best to choose something like this.

And lastly, a school outfit isn’t complete (especially if you live in a “cold” country like England) without a winter-coat.  We chose this lovely J by Conran Designer girl’s navy quilted fleece coat.  Isn’t it the cutest?

If you like what you see, there’s still time to join our Debenhams Back-to-School Competition.  The deadline is on Saturday, midnight, 6th of September.  C’mon folks, what are you waiting for?

For parents with school-age children, are you all set for school too?  As for the rest, did you have a good summer vacation like we did?  Do tell!

Disclaimer:  Debenhams very kindly sent us the items shown in the photos and mentioned in the above post for hosting the Back-to-school competition.


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Mr. T just left for the start of his 2nd week of school.. his last 2nd week of school! The summer was short, but it is so amazing to see my kid growing up! Here is to a great school year for Little T!

    • Thanks! Wow. That fast … I dread that actually, it’s sort of bitter-sweet to see them growing-up so fast, isn’t it? Btw, saw your letter amongst a pile of others when we got home yesterday 😉 Will reply of course. xx

  2. ortsofsorts

    Oh, how exciting! The outfit is so cute, but the coat is simply amazing! LOVE IT! My girls started school last Monday. We didn’t have much school shopping to do, because my 2 youngest are homeschooled. This is the first year I don’t have all 4 girls in some school somewhere. My oldest got her bachelor’s degree last year… Daughter 2 is in her 3rd year at the university.

    Cherish the times, it goes fast!

    • Oh congratulations to your daughter who just got her degree! I know… Sometimes I wish time could slow down just a bit. Will definitely cherish time spent with T more and more.

    • Thanks Cherly! Yes, it was her first day at school today. No longer in reception class, but she’s now in Year 1 🙂 She didn’t even cry, unlike her first day last year. Hope all is well with you and your kids to 🙂 x

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