A Brighter Day in Brighton

The second day proved promising indeed.  The sun was up and shining and we were able to explore the many interesting shops in Brighton.  Went in a lot of toy shops because T wanted to look for a Wallace and Gromit toy (she absolutely loves them).  But sadly, we just couldn’t find any.  There were lots of interesting book shops both second hand and new ones, lots of thrift shops and lovely restaurants.  I certainly had my fill of shops that day!  Went back home still in love with Brighton.  Sorry didn’t take much photos, was too busy enjoying the place.


  1. Pauline

    Wow! Who’s that dog from the Muppet Show nga? Tamsin looks so adorable in her get-up! More photos please!

    • Oo nga no? He does look like him? He was playing the piano in one of the streets in Brighton and lots of people were taking photos of him. So cute.

    • If we don’t stop her, she can watch the DVD three times in a row!

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