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I’m not a big fan of football.  Wait, let me edit that, I’m not actually a fan of any sport at all.  I only like watching sports when it’s a big event like the Olympics, other than that, I’d really rather read or even stare at a ceiling, though sometimes I do give in when the husband asks me to watch a game with him.

The thing about being married or dating an English man is that most likely they are into sports either, football, rugby or cricket.  If you’re unlucky like me, they’ll be into all the three games mentioned.  So when it’s the FA Cup/Word Cup, Six Nations, or the Ashes, you’ll find us having lots of TV dinners, and junk food becomes the main course in our house.  Oh and must not forget the beer!

The first football match I’ve ever seen was the finals of the African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2007.  I probably wrote about that in the past already, if not here, in my old blog.

It was everything a football game should be like, especially when you’re not exactly a fan – huge venue, enormous crowd, exciting, drama (when a police man fired a taser gun at a troublemaker) and at the end of the game, a fantastic display of fireworks!  Oh and not to forget the appearance of very important people like the president and other celebrities who most likely, won’t even be familiar to you.  Aren’t all football games like that?

Yes, I know, they’re not.  They should be!

The next football game I watched was in a small(ish) stadium in the freezing cold in Luton, England.  Yes, sadly my husband supports the lowest of the low (just kidding, maybe not the lowest, but somewhere there, you get the picture).  So nope, there was no enormous crowd, although to be fair the stadium was more than half-full.  There was no drama either, though perhaps, a poet might have found the the dark-gloomy clouds hovering above the stadium dramatic.  Yes, I know I’m pushing it.  And at the end of the game, there was no ostentatious display of fireworks at all.  I don’t even remember if Luton won that game (most probably not – hahaha).  In fact, if I remember it right, the mood after the game was a bit sombre as every one filed out of the stadium.  I could be wrong of course.  And lastly, no VIP or celebrity sighting at all.

What about you?  Are you a fan of any sport?

Does your husband/wife/partner support a team?

If you answer no, lucky you!

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