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Quote of the Day: The English Holy Trinity according to my husband

Yesterday, my husband tried to convince me to have breakfast out in the pub with him and my daughter.  Of course, as soon as he mentioned the word “pub” T got all excited already.  You see my daughter loves going to the pub as explained on this post.  I declined, only because I knew the reason why he wanted to go – cricket.  I have nothing against cricket, but I’m just not into sports.  I only watch sports when it is a big event like the Olympics or the World Cup.

Before leaving he said to me:

You see, the English also have their Holy Trinity, the pub, cricket and the Full English  Breakfast – The Historian

In my old blog, I used to refer to him as the Historian, simply because he is one.  Oh and I’m Catholic by the way, hence the allusion to the Holy Trinity and it was of course also sunday.

Congratulations by the way to the English cricketers for retaining the Ashes.