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All About Birthday Parties

This week little T actually attended two birthday parties and they were both after school, which means we have one exhausted but happy little girl.

She’s also been talking a lot about her birthday next month.  She wakes up everyday and announces “I wish it were my birthday today!”  She’s that excited.  What makes it even more special this year is that, she’s planning to hold her birthday party together with one of her best friends from school, a little girl who was born six days before her.  Yes, there’s been loads of talks about what kind of party she and her friend would like to have.

1. A Book Theme Party

We thought that since she and her best friend both loves books, it would be nice to have like a World Book day where their friends could come dressed as their favourite character from a book they enjoy reading.  T says she wants to dress up as Ada Goth from the book Goth Girl by Chris Riddell.  I’m so glad she changed her mind because I was silently wondering where on earth would I get a purple cape?

2. A Pool Party

Then we though that since we have all the space in the garden, it would be nice to have a pool bbq party.  The problem is, we only have one big paddling pool and T and her best friend have loads of friends to invite.  Now we’re thinking of doing it at the place where the girls have their swimming lessons.  We do have to finalise it soon though, before the place gets fully booked.

I have a feeling we’ll be talking a lot about birthday parties until it is finally THE day.  Sigh.

Our word of the week is : parties.

Do you know any other birthday party themes we could do for two little girls?

Do share.