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On Writing and the BiB Awards

The lovely Samantha invited me to join in the Writing Process Blog Hop.  I love a good Q & A especially if it involves books and writing.  So of course, I couldn’t refuse.


1) What are you working on?

This is embarrassing, but I’ve been working on a few short stories for about a couple of years now (maybe even three!)  It’s just so difficult to write creatively when you’re a mum of an excitable three-year-old who is at that lovely sometimes annoying stage, you know the Why do we need hands? Feet? Eyes? so on and so forth stage.  I can barely write a decent blog post!

But I’ve been specifically trying to work on this story I wrote about two strangers who meet in a small coastal English town.  The man is German and in his 80s.  He’s been going back to the same seaside village for the past fifty years.  He likes to sit on this particular bench facing the sea and one time he meets a woman (a foreigner too, though it’s not really mentioned where she’s from in the story) and they start a conversation.  Since the woman lives there, they eventually over the years keep meeting on the same bench.  It’s one of those “talkie” type of short stories, where nothing much is going on and it’s purely conversation which of course, others might find boring.  I like it though.  It’s a quiet and simple story about strangers who form an unlikely friendship.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I write from personal experience, though that’s really no different from others I guess.  While the story mentioned above was loosely based on myself, the German is fictitious of course.

3) Why do you write what you write?

Was it Mark Twain who said “Write what you know?”  But I bet though, other writers before him has said that too.  It’s always easy to write what you know about.  I think your writing also comes out more sincere and not constrained or worse pretentious.

So yes, I like to base my fiction on something I’ve experienced or something I’m at least familiar with.

4) How does your writing process work?

I haven’t had a “writing process” for years now.  I used to when I was single and living on my own.  At the moment, all I can say is that the only “writing process” I have is to sit down and just write as if your very life depended on it.

I wrote the story mentioned above – “Same Time Next Year” in one sitting.  I think my husband took my daughter out for a little outing without me so I could have a bit of a rest.  Instead of putting up my feet on the table, I typed furiously away.  That’s the first time I’ve ever done that.  You know, start a story, from the very beginning and actually finish it till the very end.  I have loads of attempts, first drafts on my files, most of them rubbish actually.  But I think the trick there is to silence your inner critic and just keep writing as fast as you can and see where it takes you.

The German character in that story actually “appeared” to me.  No, nothing ghostly as an actual apparition, but I really saw him vividly in my head, walking up the headland.  What he looked liked, how he walked and I just knew him right away.

I entered that story in a major writing competition here in the UK.  Of course, I didn’t win.  I just figured at that time, no harm in trying right?  The contest had a three thousand word-count, so I had to edit it down a lot.  I want to re-write it and maybe make it into a novella.  Perhaps when my daughter starts proper school, I’ll be able to get down and finally do it once and for all.  And who knows, enter it in another contest and even win?

For now I think I’ll stick to trying to write decent blog-posts in between answering my daughters questions like Why do we need eyes mummy?  


Incidentally, I received an email from Britmums inviting me to nominate myself or other bloggers in the 2014 BiBS Awards (Brilliance in Blogging).  I’ve already shamelessly emailed all my family and close friends to nominate me for the MAD Awards.  But stayed mum about it in my blog, however I’ve decided to make a go for it this time (and spare my family and friends from pleading with them to vote for me again), so if you think I have a chance, thank you for nominating me, though I have a feeling it will be a bit like that time when I joined a major writing competition and it went pfft.  I tried at least, right?

I’ve already voted and in case you guys need a little nudge, here are fantastic bloggers who really ought to win and the good new is that there are lots of different categories and I’m sure you can all fit them in.  They are all British bloggers by the way, I’m not really sure if it’s only open to British bloggers or at least bloggers who live in the UK. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

Hurrah for Gin (A sure Winner.  Yay, go Katie!)


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Thank you!

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Another Blog Award

Thanks to the lovely Josanne, mummy behind the funny-tell-it-as-it-is blog: My Toddler Rules for nominating me for the Blog Your Heart Award.


While these blog awards nominated by fellow bloggers aren’t really “real” awards compared to the prestigious Web Blog Awards or the Best of Blogs where the winner is selected by a team of judges, I actually think in a way, these awards given by fellow-bloggers is better.  Why?  Well, because they are given out of camaraderie, blogging friendship and most importantly, it’s done purely for FUN.  You also get to know a lot of personal stuff from bloggers you read and admire.

As Josanne mentioned in her blog the Blog Your Heart Award goes to anyone who you think deserves a mention for their blogging efforts, whether they make you laugh, sympathise or they are such great storytellers that reading their blogs become part of your daily routine. And unlike the other awards, you only nominate 5 bloggers and only answer 5 questions too.  Easy-peasy, lemon squeesy as Lola would say.

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I’ve actually been blogging on and off for the past ten years or so,  been all over from livejournal, blogger and now WordPress.  And I’ve always had a journal ever since I was a little girl and still have them hidden somewhere, so it seemed natural to me that I would turn to blogging.  (Note to self:  Must make sure that T doesn’t get a hold of my old journals in the future, that would be a disaster.  We  wouldn’t want her to know how pathetic and whingy her mother was would we now?)

How did you choose what topics to blog about?

Was it Mark Twain who said “Write what you know?”  So that’s what I do.  So I blog a lot about my daughter, my version of motherhood, expat-life (what it’s like to live in a small English village by the ocean, that sort of thing).

Tell us something that people don’t know about you

I think I’ve mentioned this here already, close friends and family know that if I were given the chance, I’d gladly sleep till noon and wear pyjamas the whole day.

What three words best describe your style?

If I had a ‘style’ mine would be comfort over fashion.

What do you like to do when you are not blogging?

It’s all about the little T for me, everything revolves around her.  However, if  I have any work deadline due, I usually make sure that I beat that first.  Then of course, there are the chores that also needs to be done.  Then I’m either doing the following:

  • making train tracks
  •  building garages with Duplo.  (I learned that from T’s best friend, you can’t make train tracks without train garages.  It’s simply not done.  It’s a rule written somewhere in a 3-year-old’s play-handbook).
  • having a tea party sometimes with real cake and tea, most times it’s just with T’s plastic tea-set.
  • doing some simple crafts with T, to which you’ll hear a lot of I’ll make it on my own! from the kitchen.

Oh you mean things I like doing?

  • attempt to read a book
  • attempt to watch re-runs of MY shows (mostly property programs, Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes).
  • attempt to write creatively.
  • attempt to edit short stories I’ve written ages ago.

Now for the five nominees:

Samantha of Sometimes Samantha Writes who reminds me a lot of the young “me”, though I have a suspicion that she’s way better than the twenty-something-old-me.

Melissa of Motherhood is An Art.  I’m nominating her hoping she’d get her mojo blog back SOON because I miss reading her posts.

Life in the Whylde West. A new found-blog which I’m currently really enjoying reading.

Jhanis of Fascinations of  a Vanilla Housewife who makes doodles of herself and her family.  She also makes me laugh.

Molly of The Move to America because  I love happy endings.

Once again thank you to Josanne of My Toddler Rules and she really does, to find out how, visit her blog now!