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Little T’s Busy Days with Bob Bear

We have a very important visitor this week.  His name is Bob Bear, from T’s school.  Yes, he is the school mascot and he is here to stay, till the end of the week.

On Friday, he accompanied little T to her gymnastics club for some tumbling around.

The next morning, little T took Bob Bear to have some brunch at her friend’s cafe.

Apparently, Bob Bear ate all of his waffles up and wanted more.

When they came home, Bob Bear helped little T mow the lawn.

Then I sent them both out to walk the dog.

By the afternoon, Bob Bear was exhausted.  He told T that he didn’t expect that he would be doing chores since he was a guest. I told him that everyone in our house helps with the chores including very important guests.  I don’t think Bob Bear will want to visit us again.

 Does your kids help with the chores at home?

Do share.

Bob Bear's Visit

Little T’s teacher whom I fondly call Ms. O has a soft toy called Bob Bear who likes to go on a short holiday/visit to her students’ homes.  His name is Bob Bear.

Unlike Paddington Bear who comes from the deepest Peru, Bob Bear is from Switzerland.  Hence, the Swiss scarf.

A couple of weeks ago, it was little T’s turn to take Bob Bear home with her.  As soon as she came home from school, she introduced her special guests to her own bears.

On little T’s left, there’s Captain Biggles, Paddington Bear (who was feeling camera shy at the moment and hid behind little T’s arm as I took a photo) and big bear and little bear on her right. They were very curious about the Swiss Bear indeed.

Thank goodness the weather that week was glorious. When T’s friend came over, they decided to take Bob Bear out for a little adventure, dressed in their pirate outfits.

First stop was the skateboard ramp near the football field.

They clambered up and slid back down.

Bob Bear enjoyed climbing up and down with little T and her best friend F.

After awhile, they decided to head to the playground for some fun and games.

Till it was obvious that the little ones and Bob Bear were tired from all their hammocking around.

Do you think Bob Bear enjoyed his visit?