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Game Over

I’m talking about the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve, nothing as dramatic as Graham Greene’s novel “End of the Affair”.

So all the presents have been unwrapped, our kids are still clutching and playing happily with their new and favourite acquisitions (Little T’s current fave is her talking Woody), drinks have been consumed (hardly for me though), bellies full and visits from family and friends are over, just for now of course.  Our tree is looking a bit withered now, but still looking lovely.  I’m actually thinking of taking it down today.

To sum it up, as you all know we spent our Christmas holiday with my in-laws, went to the theatre in London and managed a bit of an amble in the big capital amidst the crazy Christmas crowd.  Came back on the 27th, and since we lowered our storage heater really low so our Christmas tree will survive, we came back to a very, very, very cold wintery house.

Here’s a little collage of T’s Christmas and some of her new toys:

Yes, that is indeed a Frozen suitcase which was a present from her grandparents, complete with a personalised name tag.  She actually took that thing with her to church, I was just really thankful that everyone didn’t seem to mind and even admired it, especially her grandparents’ friends – they were all lovely.

The last two photos are our latest addition to our decorations, a tradition of choosing one Christmas decoration yearly which I’ve copied from the lovely Kate.  Little T chose the reindeer, but I wanted the Father Christmas, so instead of buying just one, we got two! Thank goodness they were on sale 🙂  These are breakable ones, so I’m hoping they’ll last for years and years to come!  Yes, I know, it might be wishful thinking in my part.

Before leaving for Bucks, little T helped her dad pack all the presents under our tree in our car.  She saw the Christmas tree look empty.  Unknown to her, once she was safely in her car-seat, I snuck some presents and put them under the tree.  These were presents that came from my side of the family (from the Phil and the States), so when we came back, imagine her surprise when she saw more Christmas presents to open!  Let’s just say, we really need to put more of her old toys up in the attic.

Phew!  Christmas is over and done with.  It’s funny how we prepare for it months in advance, only for it to be over in a few days.  Ah well, that’s all part of it!  I wouldn’t have it any other way, well maybe, minus the stress…

Are you relieved that it’s all over?  Or mixed feelings?

Have you put your Christmas decorations away?

Have a lovely weekend folks!
I have a feeling though, that most of us will be busy with the tiresome chore of putting things away up in the attic 😉