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A Country Kid’s Post: A Morning in Dartmoor

Walking in Dartmoor

We like driving up to Dartmoor even if it’s a bit of a drive from where we live in Cornwall. On a whim, one late January on a weekend, we decided to drive to Dartmoor and was pleasantly surprised to find it covered in snow.  Little T and her friend had a lovely day building snow men and having snow fights.  It was just absolute bliss.

And I’m glad we were able to do that again over the summer break.  And just like before, we were in for another lovely surprise.

Dartmoor in all its glory, on a beautiful summer day.

Little T ready to go on a little hike.

From afar, I spied a little river running through the moor.

We came across this little stream and T decided to have a dip in the water and after more walking, we hopped in our car to drive some more.

And then we saw a cluster of medieval looking stones, but it wasn’t the stones that caught my eye.  Can you see?  The famous Dartmoor ponies!  The husband quickly parked the car and T and I went out to look at the ponies.

She wanted to come closer, but those two horses looked like they were having a tender moment, I told her we shouldn’t disturb them.  She said “Are they getting married mum?”  Kids, where do they get these ideas?

After watching them from afar, we went back to the car and moved along. I’m wondering, why are they called ponies when some of them are obviously fully grown?

“It’s time to go to search for that pub!”  The husband announced.  Friends of ours mentioned that there was a lovely one just in the moor and he was on a mission.  Did we find the pub, no. But we found another lovely one and had a good lunch.

Have you seen the Dartmoor ponies?

Do share.

Road Trip: A Snowy Surprise

Who was it that said “It’s all about the journey, not the destination?”

T’s best friend F had a sleep-over last Friday.  The next day we decided to pack the kids, Doc, a little picnic and head over Widecombe-in-the-Moor, a village on Dartmoor National Park in Devon.   It was a weekend after all, we just wanted to be outdoors.

As we headed towards Dartmoor, we could see the snowy-capped hills and pointed this out to T who has never really played in snow.  It doesn’t snow in our little village, you see.  We’re not that lucky.  The last time it did, I was pregnant with T, and that was just a dusting, by midday, the sun had melted it.  Seeing it spread over the hilltop from afar made little T excited.  Not wanting her to get disappointed, her Dad told her not to expect any.

But we were all in for a big surprise.

As soon as we were in the National Park, we could see the much-awaited snow covering the ground and there were also lots of cars parked on the roadside with kids happily playing around.  The kids squealed in delight and were demanding to be put down right there and then.  But of course, we had to find a safe place to park first.

The snow in this part, wasn’t much.  It was more like a thick dusting.  But enough to make the kids happy.

T checking the “white stuff” around her, as if she couldn’t believe that there was actually snow on the ground.

And then decides to run after her best friend F.

And then she stops and picks up snow without gloves.

I thought she was going to throw it at her best friend, but instead she decided that a snowy shower on her would be way better than aiming it at her friend.

At this point, my husband was beckoning to us, promising thicker snow somewhere else, but he said we had to drive further up in Dartmoor.  We had to drag little T away who refused to move, F wasn’t as fazed as she was, having just returned from visiting family in Sweden where snow is more or less a given when it’s Christmas there.

And the husband was right.  There was more snow on the second stop.

And T was a happy bunny again, running around like a loony.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that cold, which was good, because we weren’t dressed for snow.  Had I known, I would’ve dressed the kids in thicker coats and gloves.  I guess it was also because the kids were moving around so much, after a while they even wanted to take of their body warmers.

T and F attempts to make their own snowman, but never managed to finish it, because someone decided that a snow fight was more fun.

And here she is aiming one at her dad.

The snow fight is on!

And of course, playing on the snow wouldn’t be complete without making snow angels.

Everywhere you looked, families were having so much fun.

Love the picture-perfect-postcard winter scenes.

Before heading back home, the two kids decided to make a Mr. and Mrs. Snow man, using twigs as arms and little flowers for their eyes.  A perfect snowy couple.

Then we drove back down.

Why do good things never last?

Temperature is rising up again.

I guess there won’t be snow on Dartmoor over the weekend.

Has there been snow on your part of the UK/the world?

In the news last night, some parts of America were warned of a blizzard coming.

To friends and family in the States – stay safe!