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An Afternoon with Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

Here’s a photo of Little T in the tube.  It was one of the few rides that wasn’t packed, so she had the chance to sit down.

There was a long queue waiting for us when we reached the museum in the afternoon.  It was the half-term break after all.

And as we went in, we were greeted by this rather amazing tunnel, and as you can see from the photo above, little T was mesmerized and walked towards it as if hypnotised.

As the escalator went through the tunnel, it really felt like we were stepping inside a mysterious world.  (Upsound: twilight zone theme).

Inside, it was packed with families and tourists, making it feel a little bit like a sauna.

“Look mummy, I can touch the world!”

The little one likes to pose.

Monkeying around …

And of course, a trip to a museum wouldn’t be complete without a visit and a spend in the gift-shop.  Thank goodness her grandparents gave her pocket pocketmoney!

Aside from the snapper (photo above), she chose another dinosaur she named “Stan” and bought two dinosaur books too.  Little T shares her meal with her new friend.

After a leisurely meal at the museum’s restaurant, we decided to brave the crowd again.  Thankfully by the time we got out, the queue to the dinosaur exhibit wasn’t as much as when we first came in.  But it was still a bit of a wait.  This time little T was showing signs of exhaustion.  That should have been our cue to head home, but we decided to see the exhibit instead.

Inside it was even warmer and since it was dark, I felt a little bit claustrophobic especially once we climbed the stairs up to the gallery which looked like an underground tunnel.  By then little T was an inch close to a melt-down, by some miracle, we managed to avoid that.  In the end though, while she absolutely loved it (for a few minutes, that is), at three, it’s just a little bit too much for her.  Perhaps, best to stick with books or avoid the maddening half-break crowd!

Little T fell asleep in her Dada’s arms and also stayed asleep in the very crowded and warm underground tube and finally woke up while we were waiting for our train in King’s Cross station, back to her grandparents in Woburn Sands.  What an exhausting day for a little country mouse!

And of course, Stan had his own special seat on the train.

As for little T, she was too busy waving and watching the other trains go by.

If your little one is into dinosaurs, this is their chance to see them life-like, as long as you avoid the holiday crowd, you’ll be absolutely fine.

So I guess it isn’t surprising what our word for this week is ….

Yep, it’s all about dinosaurs folks!  Little T still loves them (as mentioned in past posts).  Stan, the new dinosaur has made new friends with little T’s group of dinos.
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Little T draws a Dinosaur

As mentioned on this post  little T loves dinosaurs and she actually drew one while we were watching Jurassic Park last Friday (which of course she spent most of the time hiding behind the couch).  “Look mum, a dinosaur!”, she exclaimed. but since we were engrossed with the film (I haven’t seen it in ages!), we lauded her without even looking away from the screen.  (I know – such naughty parents!)  But upon inspection, the husband exclaimed “It really looks like a dinosaur!”  and he was right, though of course you need a bit of imagination to see it 😉  Not bad for a three-year-old right?

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Have a lovely week!

The sun is once again shinning in all its glory and looks like it’s here to stay for a few more days.

Then again, this is England, the weather always changes!

There's a dinosaur on the bed!

Little T is a typical girl who loves anything pink.  She loves shoes, new clothes, accessories, and pink hand bags.  One would automatically think that she would also love princesses and play dress-up with the other little girls at play-school.  No, not little T.  Instead you’ll find her outside with the little boys, racing around in their bikes, the only difference is her bike and helmet is pink, with tassels and a Hello Kitty horn.  She also likes running around like a little monster with the boys and shooting the baddies and playing dead on the concrete floor.  Yes, she’s definitely one of the boys.

Her new discovered love are dinosaurs.  She absolutely adores them.  In fact, she adores them so much that she loves to bathe with them.  So we’ve said our goodbyes to her collection of rubber duckies and Octonaut toys and hello to every dinosaur of its kind, big and small.

Others like to swim with dolphins, little T prefers swimming with dinosaurs.

Here’s little T with her favourite dinosaur – a Brachiosaurus, which she sometimes calls her sweetheart or Brachy, as she lovingly calls him.  She used to take Brachy with her to play-school.  But lately she’s been tucking him in on her bed before she leaves for play school.

Yes, she actually likes to sleep with Brachy beside her too.  When she’s fast asleep, I take him off her bed and put it on the floor.  One time she woke up asked Why is Brachy on the floor?  I shrugged my shoulders and told her, maybe she moved too much at night and so he decided that he’d rather sleep on the floor than be kicked around.   She seemed to have accepted that explanation.

Does your little one sleeps/bathes with dinosaurs too?

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