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Mini Boden Sale Finds

One of the many joys that motherhood gives me, especially one who has a little girl, is dressing them up.  I must admit I do enjoy buying clothes for little T.  It’s one of those small joys that gives me absolute pleasure. Little girls clothes are just so pretty, aren’t they?  Then again, I do see lots of cute outfits for little boys too.

Are you easily tempted?  I am.  I guess whoever thought of sending email sale alerts to mothers nailed it big-time.  Raise your hands up if you can’t resist sales!  Yep, that’s me.  Hi, my name is Dean and I’m addicted to anything with the red tag on it.

It was one of those nights, when no matter how hard you try, you just couldn’t sleep and no amount of games with Mr. Word would do the trick.  After another round of scrabble I thought of checking my emails first before pulling in the plug and calling it a night.  And that’s when I saw it –  60% off plus another extra 10% off at Boden! That certainly worked and before I knew it I was checking out two items already.

This time I was good and only stuck to the said two items, especially since I’ve just bought new clothes for her not long ago.  I do try to discipline myself every now and then.

I do love the 50s styled summer dress (pictured above).  It was sold out on T’s size (5-6), though to be fair she’s turning 6 next month, so I got her a 6-7 size.  I have a feeling it will be too big for her, but I can probably adjust the strap.  The dress was originally priced at £29.50 but got it for £13.80, now isn’t that a great bargain?

I’m a sucker for white tops, fine, anything white, even though I know it isn’t really practical for kids to wear white.  But who cares?  I’ve always bought T lots of white stuff even when she was younger.

Floaty Broderie top was £17.50 got it for £9.75.

Now this is a dreamy white top, isn’t it?  Can be worn with shorts or a skirt and sandals.  Love it!  If you love Boden whether it’s for you or your little ones, head over to their website now, while the sale is still on.

What about you?

Have you grabbed any good bargains lately

Do share.