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A Country Kids Post: Easter Egg Hunt at Trerice

It was touch and go with the weather last Easter Sunday, so we weren’t really sure whether we would manage to go to an Easter Egg hunt.  But when you’re a parent of a young child, you have to take your chances, don’t you?  Armed with wellies and waterproof coats, we decided to brace it and head for a National Trust property that wasn’t too far from where we lived.

We went to Trerice as mentioned on this post with its beautiful gardens, perfect for an Easter Egg hunt.  Although T was feeling a bit sad because her friends weren’t able to join us since they had a surprise visit from their grandparents from Somerset.  She had to make do with us instead, the grown-ups and a close friend visiting from Bristol.

The Rules:

It wasn’t an ordinary Easter egg hunt, the kids had to read the clues and find the animals with paw prints on the sheet and then tick them off. In the end, they had to name which animal didn’t leave a paw print in the park before they could get their chocolate prize.

 Here’s little T reading the clues with her dad.

And off they went to find more clues.

And this is where the trail ended.  Which animal didn’t leave a paw print?  Can you guess?

It was the rabbit!

And it’s not surprising that the price turned out to be a chocolate Easter bunny 🙂

Did you go to an Easter Egg hunt?

It’s confession time:  How many Easter egg chocolates have you devoured since Sunday?

I only ate about three small ones.  Okay, fine.  Maybe five, six errr, ten?

Do share.

Word of the Week: Easter


Little T is so excited about Easter Sunday and of course it’s all to do with the opening of her chocolate eggs and also the Easter egg hunt.  Last year, we went to one in Antony, a National Trust Property where Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie was filmed.  If you haven’t been there, that’s one you should add to your list of places to visit. I think we might be going back there on Sunday again, weather permitting that is, especially since it’s been grey and wet again lately.

Little T’s school had an Easter egg race yesterday and just like last year, she didn’t win.  As homework last week, they were made to decorate an Easter bonnet to wear on the last day before the break.  Yes, it’s all about Easter this week.  Normally, we would be doing some egg-painting before Sunday, but because of the stress of the house move, we aren’t doing anything this year.

It’s only apt that our word of the week is:  Easter, although it can also be calamitous, tragic, harrowing (especially because of the recent bombing in Belgium), but those words can also be used to describe our house-move with has been delayed till probably the second week of April because of incompetent solicitors.  But for now, I won’t bore you lovely folks with all the boring details because I’m trying to focus on Easter and being positive, and refusing to dwell in the negatives and all the nincompoops of this world who refer to themselves as professionals, but in reality are all bastards and thieves who will get your money without bothering to do their jobs.  Oh wait, I’m supposed to be letting go of all negativity… breathe in, breathe out.

For now I’m going to focus on Easter egg hunts, lovely adorable Easter bunnies with their pink ears, stuffing our oneself with Easter chocolate eggs, everything yellow, white and fluffy.  If you need me, I’ll be in the land of happy chicks and prancing bunnies and since I don’t blog over the weekends, I’m greeting you all beautiful people a Happy Easter!

Do you do anything special on Easter Sunday?

Do share.

How to dye Easter Eggs and … fail.

1.  Go online and do your research.  

If you’re a novice like me, look for one that’s really easy and uncomplicated.  If you’ve done it before, you’ll know what to do, but it’s fun to look for inspiration and other ideas.

I found these lovely Easter egg instructions on the Martha Stewart website and I thought to myself, they look really simple.  So I bookmarked the page and told little T that we were going to dye eggs for Easter, forgetting the fact that I’m really crap at anything DIY, I try but I always fail but that doesn’t stop me from trying again and again.  Someday I will be a DIY goddess!

2.  Get your ingredients ready.

– boiled eggs.

– food colouring (Sadly, we only had 4 left) 1st mistake: Not checking ingredients before hand.

– 1 tsp vinegar

– mugs deep enough to immerse your eggs in hot water.

3.  Follow instructions carefully.

– Mix 1 tsp of vinegar in 1 cup of hot water with 20 drops of food colouring.

– Immerse your boiled egg in the cup carefully.  The recipe said the longer you leave it in the cup, the darker the eggs will be.  I was aiming for pastel colours, so I quickly took them out.  The eggs looked exactly the same … brown.  So I thought, I think it needed more time for the dye to stick.  So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.  I fed little T her lunch and thought, we’ll check again later.  Nada – the eggs were still brown.

4.  Check whether they used white or brown eggs.

Went back to the website and double-checked the steps, yes, I did everything.  And then it dawned on me, they dyed white eggs and I was using brown ones!  And I read that brown eggs apparently have harder and tougher shells.  So I thought of adding more food colouring, but no amount of waiting did anything to the eggs.  Yes, that was obviously my mistake number 2 and very crucial one too!

Little T was getting impatient and so was I!  So I thought, sod it.  Let’s go for the easy-way-out and use paint instead!

And she was happy just doing that!  It’s all about having fun right?  And at least little T enjoyed painting, even though the eggs didn’t look very “Eastery”.

See … We tried making a dotted egg, a striped one (but failed) and one with a heart.  (Btw, I didn’t put newspaper on our garden table because it actually needs re-painting, otherwise I would’ve done so).

Thankfully they ended up looking better once dried.

And even better when I added some of little T’s chocolates.

Have you dyed brown eggs before?  Do tell how me you did it.  I seriously need help.

Now excuse me while I bake us some Easter cupcakes!

Thank goodness I’m good at that 🙂

Have a lovely Easter everyone!

Easter Weekend

We had a good start with our Easter weekend, which started with Friday brunch with some friends at the newly opened Boscastle Farm shop.  It used to be just a farm shop that sold award-winning and organic food and local produce.  I’m not exactly sure when the restaurant opened, but it was our first time to eat there.  And they serve a lovely Cornish breakfast (Sorry I’m bad at taking pictures of food I’m about to eat. Once it’s laid out before me, all I can think of is – Food!  Eat it!  Not, food – quick where’s my camera?) and other light lunches.

So if you find yourself in Boscastle, North Cornwall, make sure you drop by because aside from the delicious food, they have beautiful sea views.   Come and visit especially if you have young children in tow, they have a playground and tables and chairs outside, perfect for summer.  They also have a children’s corner that will keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy your meal and the views.

It was a lovely morning indeed, chatting with friends, after eating a huge breakfast and drinking cups of coffee.  We had a great time, especially the kids, the only downside is that T caught a really bad cold.  And things went downhill from there: We had a nasty sleepless night with T throwing up phlegm and tossing and turning in her sleep, which made us throw our planned-Saturday-day-out the window.  We were planning to take T out for an Easter Egg hunt at a National Trust property in Devon.  The good thing about being members of the National Trust, you can just visit any of their beautiful properties without having to pay the entrance fees which can be very expensive.  So instead of having fun outdoors, my little one is noisily coughing with a snotty nose beside me – watching Finding Nemo.

So far that’s what’s happening in our Easter weekend.  We did paint some Easter eggs this morning though and if she’s better tomorrow, we might just take her out to a National Trust property that’s nearer our place.  Of course, there’s the usual Easter Lunch and when you have a little one, you have to bake a cake for every single occasion and it has to have lots of icing with sprinkles on it.

Anyway …