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The End of Another Term and A Bit of A Break

Today is little T’s last day of the term.  We thought it was on Wednesday, it turns out that it’s an inset day which is a good thing, because we drive up to Beds on that day for my sister-in-law’s wedding, at least, my daughter doesn’t have to miss her last day in school.

It was the children’s end-of-term school play last week.  Last year, T played little Alice in Alice in Wonderland.  This year, it was the Jungle Book. In their school, the Year 6 kids (the ones leaving primary school) are chosen for the big roles, so this time she was one of the jungle dancers and she also played the cello along with her friends during the school play.

As I’ve mentioned on past posts, little T goes to a very small village school.  There are only about 60+ kids in the entire school which is lovely.  Most of the kids here have known each other since they were toddlers.  It’s a lovely school with very caring and helpful teachers and this becomes obvious during their school play.  Everyone does really well and plays it with gusto.  We are reminded about how lucky we are with the school, everyone seems to really like each other, from the students to the teachers and this all becomes obvious during the end of the term.

I can’t believe she’ll be in Year 3 come September.  How time flies.  If only it would just slow down a bit, I want to enjoy little T more.  Does that sound selfish?

And last Saturday was also T’s last ballet class for the term.  Parents were invited to watch them dance.  It wasn’t really a performance, but it was still lovely to watch nonetheless.  T and another girl kept yawning the whole time, but still they danced their best.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we’re driving up country to be with family.  Will be away for more than a week.  I’m taking a break from blogging and social-media.  When one is tuned in too much, it’s also best to unplug as much as you can.  Too much online buzz I think is bad for the soul.

Hope you all have a good start of the summer break.  I know we will.