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And the Little One said …

Yesterday, we were off for another sunshine adventure when on our way out of our little village by the ocean, driving up to one of the narrow country lanes Cornwall is known for, my usually-gentle-husband exploded with expletives as a couple of cars (obviously tourists) were driving in the middle of the road.  Yes, the husband used the F word to express his frustration.

From behind him, T says What’s wrong Dada?

The husband says I’m sorry Tamsin.  They were driving in the middle of the road!  Silence in the car.  Then we turned into a major street and from behind, the little one said:

F*ck it!

Shocked.  I looked behind and the little one said:

The cars were in the middle of the road!

The guilty husband whispered: Ignore her.  Pretend it’s nothing.

So that’s what I did.