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A Very Frozen Birthday Party

As mentioned, little T had a Frozen inspired party on the last Saturday of her birth month (August).  We invited a few of her friends to celebrate with her at the Play Barn farm, an indoor play-area with a ball pool, padded play area complete with tunnels and slides.  This lovely place – perfect for a small party for little ones is located at The Olde House in Chapel Amble, North Cornwall.  So if you’re from around here and looking for a place to hold a party for your little one without worrying about the unpredictable Cornish weather, this place is perfect for you and your child.

I had fun making the food labels like: Sven’s favourite treats (carrot sticks), when my brother saw the photos he said “You actually served carrot sticks at a children’s party?!”  Yep, I certainly did!  I’m going to be honest though, my husband and I are not health-conscious, the carrots were all just part of the whole Frozen-theme, though I actually really loved the fruit-kebab’s which I called “Olaf’s summer fruit kebab special”.  We also had “Elsa’s snow balls” and “Anna’s sandwiches (We finish ash others sandwiches…)

I also baked the birthday cake cake and just ordered the personalised Frorzen icing topper on Amazon. Little T absolutely loved it and so did her guests, especially the little girls.

It’s very difficult to take a decent photo of this little girl, as you can see, she like all the little ones, likes to make faces.

Little T enjoying her party with one of her little friends.

And the party ended with fun at the playground.

And this is the lovely caricature little T’s very talented Aunt made for her which I used as her Thank You card notes for little T’s guests.  If you like what you see and would like a caricature made of your child  (like little T as Elsa with her very own Snow-dinosaur), click here to get in touch.

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A Very Wet Disneyland

I’m not a big fan of theme-parks.  I think they are all over-rated and overly-priced.  But when you have a little one, it doesn’t really matter what you think, right?  After all, it’s not about you.  It’s all about them.

Eurocamp, where we stayed for ten days, arranged our trip to Disneyland in Paris.  We took a bus from the camp, along with other visitors with small children at around 8am and probably arrived at Disney past 9.

As you can see from the the window, although it wasn’t raining when we left our camp in Picardy, it certainly started to rain even on our way to Disneyland.  I don’t think I was the only one who packed mostly summer outfits, because I saw families dressed in shorts and t-shirts without raincoats on.  They came back in the bus later on, wearing Disneyland ponchos.

I can hear you almost say “Oh dear”.  Yes, it was a very, very, very, wet day in Disneyland.  But what can you do when caught in a situation like this, but to make the most of it, especially since the tickets aren’t exactly cheap!

Yep, the streets of Disneyland were not paved in gold but wet, wet, wet.  Everywhere you turned (from under your umbrella), was wet.

Little T holding up her much-loved Elsa doll.

Upon entering, we decided to try to shelter inside the many, many, many gift-toys shops in Disneyland.  And there little T found an Elsa doll, which is probably cheaper when bought in any high-street toyshop, but hey, it’s part of the whole experience right –  buying a toy in Disney?  The good thing about little T is that once she gets what she wants, she won’t be interested in any other toy at all.  Phew!

It was really pouring as we stepped out of the shops and decided on doing all the-indoor rides first.  The good news was that most of the rides that were age-appropriate to little T were all indoor ones!  Like the “It’s a small World” ride. Where kids ride a small boat that goes around different displays of moving dolls depicting scenes that represents countries from all over.  She loved it of course!  And actually went on it two times!  The downside of that ride is that, the song will stay in your head for the whole day (if not for the entire holiday!)

So that’s what we did really.  Just went on indoor-rides like the Snow-White one, Pinocchio, Peter Pan among others.  A lot of those rides, T actually went on it more than once!  On hindsight, it wasn’t that bad at all.

You’ve got to hand it to Disneyland, yes, they’ll charge you loads for their merchandise, but the thing with Disney, it’s all about the details – like the control’s of their rides (see above photo), that looks like a fair tale book.  And you almost think, yes, it’s worth paying more!

We also braved the Alice in Wonderland maze and here’s little T, on top of the Queen of Heart’s castle, peering down on the very wet Disneyland.

Then we took shelter in what looked like a Mickey Mouse theatre, not really knowing what it was.  At first, we just thought that it was a place where the kids could watch Mickey Mouse cartoons, but noticed that there wasn’t any seats.  Instead people actually looked like they were queuing, only then we realised that they were standing in line to have their photos taken with the most famous mouse in the world.

So we decided to stay put, especially since by now it was really pouring.

As you can see form the photo, little T was too shy to give Mickey Mouse a cuddle.

From that photo op with Mickey, we decided to hop in the train that goes around the whole of Disneyland.  And here little T fell into a deep sleep.  So we decided to strap Elsa on our backpack to make sure she isn’t left behind and while she slept, we actually went around twice!

 By the time she woke up, it was almost time for the parade. And then the magic began ….

Can you see Elsa from afar?

There they were – Elsa and Anna, live!  I think Little T had her mouth open the whole time.  Was disappointed not to see Olaf, Sven or even Kristoff and Hans around.

And of course the usual Disney princesses and other characters were there too.

The parade was definitely magical and fun.  Met a lovely Irish woman and her family during our stay at Eurocamp and she said that when she watched the parade, she actually had tears in her eyes!  She said “That’s what dreams are made of!” While I don’t totally agree with her, I understand what she means.  All that mattered was that my little T was in heaven!

After the parade, little T went on more rides, before heading back to the car park in search of our bus.

And here’s a very tired T, but extremely happy little T (with wet feet), resting in our bus, back to our holiday camp.

She absolutely loved it.  My husband and I are really pleased that she got to visit Disneyland before starting school this September.  In spite the rain, it was definitely a worthwhile experience.  We promised we’d take her back, maybe when she’s around seven-years-old.

Have you taken your little ones to Disneyland?

How was it?

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Frozen Mad

Little T first saw the Disney movie Frozen when it was shown in theatres last December.  She wasn’t too mad about it, I think she was too young for it then.  But not anymore – ever since we’ve purchased the said movie, she’s been absolutely nuts about it.

Given the chance, she’d probably watch it more than once a day.  But once is enough, for her sake and our sanity’s sake.  The thing about little T, as you can see from the photos, she doesn’t just watch the movie, she actually likes to re-enact the whole movie –  hence the scarf, turned into a cape.

The above photo shows her doing the scene where Anna (whom she insists is actually called Onna, because according to her, that’s the way they pronounce the name in the movie), saves her sister Elsa from being killed by the wicked Hans.  Anna raises her arm to protect Elsa from the sword, so does my little T.

And as Arundel is thawed from the eternal winter, as celebration, Queen Elsa “freezes” the palace grounds to make it into a gigantic ice-rink so the people could have an instant skating party.  She does this by stomping her foot and raising her arms, as you can see, Little T does it well too 😉  And of course, like any other Frozen aficionado, she likes to sing the theme song by shouting it loud “Let it go, let it go!”

We ordered the soundtrack online yesterday – God help us!  I know, what were we thinking?  Clearly not!  We thought it would be nice for her to listen to it on our trip when we go on our holiday this July.

Does your little one like Frozen too?  Do they also re-enact the scenes?

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