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Will the sun be out again tomorrow Mummy?

asks Little T before going to bed last night.

“If the weather doesn’t change, yes, it will be sweetie”  I say,  then ask why.

She answers, “I want my paddling pool out again!”

Don’t you just love these days?

Pimms anyone?

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The ever-changing British weather won’t be so good next week though, so folks, you better make the most of today! 🙂

Snapshots: 1095 Days

The following are random photos of my daughter taken from when she was a few days old to the present.

Three years of happy days, tired days, difficult days, fun days, sick days, filled with laughter days, filled with tears/whinges days, filled with cuddles and kisses days … But most of all 1095 days filled with absolute and pure love days.

Happy Birthday Little One!

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