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O is for Open Space

O is for open-space fun!

This photo was taken near the Maker Events campsite in the lovely Rame Peninsula in South East Cornwall, where we camped over the weekend, a week after we arrived from our holiday in France.  Here, you’ll see little T and Doc in the distance having some fun in the open-space on our way back to the campsite from the beach.  This is one of my favourite summer photos of 2014.

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K is for Kids

Just like last alphabet photography project post, this was also taken about two years ago.  It was a lovely late spring, warm enough to wear short and cool enough to sit under the sun without worrying about sun-stroke.  This is one of my favourite photos of little T with her friends.  They look like little grown-ups just hanging out together or as the young ones say “just chillin”.

Incidentally, the four of them are all going to reception class together, although T is the youngest (her birthday is on the 26th of August) and will also probably be the youngest in her group.  These kids are growing-up way too fast.

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E is for Evening

One of the many reasons why I love summer is because when the weather is good, there’s still enough light and it’s warm enough for the children to have a little play-outside.  As seen above, with T having an early evening run-around with one of her little friends.

Can you spot her?

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Have a lovely Wednesday folks!

Little T the Thrill Seeker

I’m a big wuss.  I don’t like adventure parks and while there are a number of things I still seek in life, thrill and adrenaline rush isn’t on my list.  I’m not proud of this, but neither am I embarrassed about it.  I’ll happily watch and take photos of everyone having fun.  I’m glad though, that little T isn’t a wuss like me.

It was the birthday of little F’s dad (T’s best-friend), and he wanted to celebrate it at Crealy Adventure Park here in Cornwall, so off we went to enjoy the day with them.

As you can see from the photo above, the day didn’t start out well.  It was actually raining, but it stopped as we arrived at Crealy’s, though the rain clouds did hover above us all through out the day.

First stop was the enormous sand pit, complete with buckets, spades and a child-size tractor.

And that was only the beginning.  Next the little ones moved on to the mini-race-track.

We had a bit of  melt-down here when the ride was over.  She wanted to ride it again and again and again, not knowing that there were many other rides she still could have.  It took awhile to convince her that this wasn’t the last.

And here are the best-friends enjoying another ride on a tractor.  Aren’t they the cutest?  I love this photo.

This was little T’s first ever roller-coaster.  I was half-expecting her to be scared, but she actually giggled the whole time.  I could even hear her chortling away from where I stood.

Tea anyone?  I think she was actually bored with this ride.  Her expression read:  Is that it?

And here’s my little adventure-seeker.  You’d have to pay me millions to get on this one!  Yes, shame on me.

This she absolutely loved.  She and her dad went on it for more than a couple of times.  We actually had to convince her to try the next!

Which was another wet-ride, needless to say, she also loved this one.

To calm these little adrenaline junkies, we took them to the petting centre where they had some queit time just stroking the rabbits.

And then it was time to run around like loonies again.

This little one fears nothing!

They were like the energiser rabbits, going on and on and on and on.

I guess you could say their motto is:  Play till you drop.

And that’s what they did!

What about you?

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

If you live in Cornwall or visiting and looking for a place to take your little ones for some adventure, fun and play.  Take them to Crealy Park!  It’s a lovely place with lots of age-appropriate rides!  They also have a mini zoo and petting area and if it rains they have an indoor castle where the kids can play to their hearts content.

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Another Blog Award

Thanks to the lovely Josanne, mummy behind the funny-tell-it-as-it-is blog: My Toddler Rules for nominating me for the Blog Your Heart Award.


While these blog awards nominated by fellow bloggers aren’t really “real” awards compared to the prestigious Web Blog Awards or the Best of Blogs where the winner is selected by a team of judges, I actually think in a way, these awards given by fellow-bloggers is better.  Why?  Well, because they are given out of camaraderie, blogging friendship and most importantly, it’s done purely for FUN.  You also get to know a lot of personal stuff from bloggers you read and admire.

As Josanne mentioned in her blog the Blog Your Heart Award goes to anyone who you think deserves a mention for their blogging efforts, whether they make you laugh, sympathise or they are such great storytellers that reading their blogs become part of your daily routine. And unlike the other awards, you only nominate 5 bloggers and only answer 5 questions too.  Easy-peasy, lemon squeesy as Lola would say.

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

I’ve actually been blogging on and off for the past ten years or so,  been all over from livejournal, blogger and now WordPress.  And I’ve always had a journal ever since I was a little girl and still have them hidden somewhere, so it seemed natural to me that I would turn to blogging.  (Note to self:  Must make sure that T doesn’t get a hold of my old journals in the future, that would be a disaster.  We  wouldn’t want her to know how pathetic and whingy her mother was would we now?)

How did you choose what topics to blog about?

Was it Mark Twain who said “Write what you know?”  So that’s what I do.  So I blog a lot about my daughter, my version of motherhood, expat-life (what it’s like to live in a small English village by the ocean, that sort of thing).

Tell us something that people don’t know about you

I think I’ve mentioned this here already, close friends and family know that if I were given the chance, I’d gladly sleep till noon and wear pyjamas the whole day.

What three words best describe your style?

If I had a ‘style’ mine would be comfort over fashion.

What do you like to do when you are not blogging?

It’s all about the little T for me, everything revolves around her.  However, if  I have any work deadline due, I usually make sure that I beat that first.  Then of course, there are the chores that also needs to be done.  Then I’m either doing the following:

  • making train tracks
  •  building garages with Duplo.  (I learned that from T’s best friend, you can’t make train tracks without train garages.  It’s simply not done.  It’s a rule written somewhere in a 3-year-old’s play-handbook).
  • having a tea party sometimes with real cake and tea, most times it’s just with T’s plastic tea-set.
  • doing some simple crafts with T, to which you’ll hear a lot of I’ll make it on my own! from the kitchen.

Oh you mean things I like doing?

  • attempt to read a book
  • attempt to watch re-runs of MY shows (mostly property programs, Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes).
  • attempt to write creatively.
  • attempt to edit short stories I’ve written ages ago.

Now for the five nominees:

Samantha of Sometimes Samantha Writes who reminds me a lot of the young “me”, though I have a suspicion that she’s way better than the twenty-something-old-me.

Melissa of Motherhood is An Art.  I’m nominating her hoping she’d get her mojo blog back SOON because I miss reading her posts.

Life in the Whylde West. A new found-blog which I’m currently really enjoying reading.

Jhanis of Fascinations of  a Vanilla Housewife who makes doodles of herself and her family.  She also makes me laugh.

Molly of The Move to America because  I love happy endings.

Once again thank you to Josanne of My Toddler Rules and she really does, to find out how, visit her blog now!

All about Summer in England: Days of Fun in the Sun

T enjoying the sun in our garden

We’ve been having so much good weather lately, it almost seems too good to be true!  The weather won’t be as good this week,  but since we’ve had so much of it the past few days, it almost feels alright.


We – along with other parents went to the beach for an impromptu BBQ, even though the tide has risen and we only had a few patch of sand and ended up sitting on the rocks, it was still so much fun!  Arrived past 4pm and stayed till around 7pm, the good thing about British summer is that, it’s still bright outside even at 10pm – and of course the days are longer!

Waiting for the BBQ to cook.

Having fun with her friends.

Err… Sunbathing?


My husband had a seminar to teach in Taunton, a lovely town in Somerset, between Exeter and Bristol.  Since the weather was still good, T and I decided to go with him and have a girl’s-day-out, while he worked.  Had so much fun shopping and mooching around the shops, just like I used to do when I was single, only this time I had my little girl with me, which turned out even more fun! She’s a little girl now, not my baby anymore =( … as I was trying on some sandals, she said to me I want to try on sandals too mommy!  So I let her try on some too.  After our shopping, we sat in the park, had ice-cream and enjoyed the sun even more. Then met up with my husband and had a picnic and watched a cricket match!  Now that’s a very British thing to do, have a picnic amidst a cricket game.

My husband has been trying to explain this game to me.  But as soon as he mentions the word cricket, my mind goes off to lalaland – that word along with football and history. (He teaches history and has a few books published too).

T oblivious to the game, no matter how much my husband tried to engage her in it.


Just when I thought that we were going to spend a quiet-relaxing day doing some chores, we received text from one of our friends inviting us for another BBQ on the beach.  Who can say no to a BBQ on the beach, with lovely weather and great company?  Not us!

Pimms on the beach, can it get any better than that?

Except this: best-friends enjoying the beach and sun.

Best-friends forever: T & F.

Now if only the weather here is like this year-round, then life would be perfect!

Even the horses enjoyed a dip in the Cornish sea.

Must always end summer days with eating ice-cream by the beach.

And now it’s Monday and the sun is still shining, although we do have some rain to come all through-out-the-week.  Temperature is also scheduled to go down just a little bit.  Rain and a bit cold in the summer, this is England I know more.  Now excuse me while I tackle the endless chores that seemed to have accumulated over the few days while we lazed around on the beach.  Oh well, it was worth it!