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A Village Duck Race

Every year little T’s village school holds a Duck Race and Talent Show as a fundraising event for their school. We’ve been going to this event long before T was born and finally this year, we came as a parent.

There were different tents, and little games children could partake in, as well as for adults, and of course food stalls and even a bouncy castle. The day started really grey and drizzly, thankfully though, by the time the talent show which children from their school participated in, was about to begin, it stopped raining.

T’s reception class (and a few kids from the older kids) opened the show with a little dance routine they call “Wake up, Shake up” which they usually do to start the day.  Was really pleased with T, she danced without even looking nervous at all.  I think she enjoyed all the attention!

And here’s little T and one of her close-friends’ M watching the older kids perform.  Some were brave and danced alone, some sang alone, most though had a friend or two to perform with.

After the “cello babies” performed (a group of young kids from T’s school), we came up to the cello teacher and introduced little T to her.  She was really nice and gave T an impromptu lesson.  The teacher also wanted her to try out the smallest cello, we were worried that it might be too big for her, but as you can see from the photo above, it was just right!

And then it was 3pm, time for the main event – The Duck Race!

People were already sitting by the side of the river, ready to watch colourful plastic ducks race down the river.

Before long, hundreds of them were released.  As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been attending this event for years now but have never won, for a while, we wondered if this might just be our lucky one.  And as always, our duck didn’t win.

The Duck Race was a big success, as reported by the newsletter we received yesterday.  We managed to raise two thousand plus pounds!  Not bad for a small village school eh?

Have you ever attended a duck race?