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Sundown at Tamar Lake

The weather has been really bleak the past few days  Temperature has definitely dropped and we’ve been constantly wrapped under a grey depressing blanket.  The worse bit is that T has a really bad cough and like all bad coughs, it gets worse at night.  She wakes up coughing, as if gasping for air.  It’s horrible to hear and watch your child cough like that and you feel helpless because there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help ease the discomfort.

So here I am conjuring up happy days when the sun was out and T was happily playing in the sun and sand without a bad cough.  About a month ago (or maybe even more), we went to the Tamar lake so the husband could try gig-rowing.  It was early evening when we arrived at the lake.  The sun was still out and a soft breeze was blowing, but it wasn’t cold.

Lucky for T, her best friend F and his mom came with us.  So while my husband and F’s mom tried out gig-rowing, the kids and I had fun at the playground.

That’s T with her Abney doll (Thank you Uncle P and Auntie P!)

F playing by the slide.

A man pulling his kayak.

A couple enjoying the evening-out.

The beautiful and serene Tamar Lake.

T and F enjoying the warm evening playing in the sand.

A lovely warm evening … Can we have one again please?

A memorial of someone who obviously enjoyed the lake …

Since they only had one boat, the female rowers had to go on it first.

And then it happened …

Sunset over the Tamar Lake.

After a nice little picnic of sandwiches, cake and coffee provided by F’s lovely mom – it was time to go home.

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