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A Country Kids Post: The Graveyard Seekers

Little T loves skeletons, Monster High Dolls, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and the Corpse’s Bride and her current favourite book is Goth Girl.  She also happens to love graveyards. She likes visiting them and walking around and trying to read their names.  When I tell her that it’s time to walk hDoc, she will always say “Can we go through the graveyard mum?”  I always sigh and give in.  This time though to make it somehow a little bit more fun, I told her to look for the oldest gravestone she could find.

First, she spied the tulips and wanted to smell the flowers.

The she found this lovely stone sculpture on one of the graves.

She looked around.

And around.

Then we found this 1786 headstone.  I actually know that there are older graves than this one, inside Forrarbury church which some parts of it dates back to the Norman times.  But I didn’t want to mention this to T.  I wanted to walk the dog and go home. so mum stayed mum.

To be fair though, I do like graveyards too, especially here in England, they are so interesting, just don’t ask me to explore it at night.

What about you?

Do you like them too, or do you find them too grim?

Do share.

G is for Graveyard

This was taken in the graveyard of Minster Church, Cornwall, autumn 2012.

The gravestone reads:

Mr. John Bond (not James :p) was a loving husband, devoted father and grandfather.

He was also her friend and soul mate.

How touching is that?  I love graveyards.  I’ve always had, even more so since moving to England.  We have one nearby, just by the headland and Little T and I love passing through it.  She likes to smell the flowers left on the graves by their loved-ones.  I on the other hand have always loved the tranquility, the ambiance in cemeteries, especially the one pictured above.  Minster church (and graveyard) has the loveliest setting – it is beside St. Peter’s wood in the Valency valley.

In autumn, as you can see from the photo above, the leaves turn into the most golden of colours.  In spring time on the other hand, you’ll find a lovely spray of daffodils and bluebells all around.  If you come to North Cornwall and love old chutes and graveyards, you should come and visit and see for yourself.

What about you?  Do you love graveyards?

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