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2017 Duck Race

Sorry for such an unimaginative title, but I’ve been writing about this yearly event since 2013 long before little T even joined the village school.  Actually let me add that my husband and I even went to the duck race long before T was born.

For those who are new here, my daughter’s school runs this annual fundraising event so their students could go on school trips and do other fun stuff without having to rely on funding from the government.  It’s actually a lovely event which everyone gladly takes part in.

Every one was praying for good weather, since last year’s event had to be cancelled because of heavy rain.  Thankfully the gods bestowed us with lovely sunshiny warm weather.

It was past eleven o’clock the night before the event, when I suddenly realised that I volunteered to make some cupcakes for the cake stall.  As you can imagine, I did panic and started baking them well before the clock struck twelve and decorated them with icing and sprinkles in the morning.

By the time we got there, all the stalls were up and T’s friends were all happily playing and spending coins on every stall.

No photos I’m afraid of the talent show.  I was too busy administering caffeine into my veins (drinking coffee).  After the talent show, it was time for the dispersal of hundreds of colourful plastic ducks down the river.

As mentioned, we’ve been attending this event for years now, but our duck never, ever wins the race.  I’m beginning to doubt if anyone does (I’m joking obviously).

After the race, little T and some of her friends, headed downstream to have fun in the water.  As much as I love our current house, I admittedly miss living in this little village by the sea, even though it’s only about a ten-minute drive from where we live.  When the weather (like that day) is great and the tide is low, we used to come down here a lot just so T and Doc could have a little play in the water, or to eat ice-cream and just sit and watch the tourists go by.  It’s lovely isn’t it?

Hopefully the weather in next year’s duck race will be as good as this one.

Have you ever been to a duck race?

Down in the Harbour

Little T in her rain gear.

We had another close friend visit us last week and on the sunday before she left, in spite of the rain forecast and very grey day, we decided to go down in the harbour especially since the tide was low.

The horses were there again.

And this time, the blow-hole was puffing away the waves as it entered the little cave.

As soon as we reached the harbour, little T as always wanted to play in the sand.

Good thing there was enough beach for her to play in.

This is little T’s favourite playground.

After all why not?  For them, it’s like an enormous sandpit!

And then little T had a brilliant idea …

She wanted to eat ice-cream!

Then back up again…

Stopped by the horses with Aunty S.

The it was time to head off for our sunday lunch.

Everywhere was grey, what a contrast from these photos taken just a few weeks ago.

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Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!