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Little Miss Gappy

Last Monday, little T had a friend over for a play-date.  They were out in the garden playing with little T’s water-slide and trampoline.  The husband and I thought that we’d enjoy some nice quiet time together with a lovely cup of tea and cake and have uninterrupted bliss, since the girls were busy in the garden… or so we thought.

Just when we were about to take a sip from our tea, we could hear our daughter shouting from our garden and the excited voice was coming closer and closer …. “Mum! Dad! “A” knocked my tooth off!

If this happened in another time, I’d probably jump off and rush towards the little monkeys.  But little T’s two front teeth have been wobbly for some time now and we were waiting for at least one of them to fall out.  When the girls came in, T excitedly showed us her tooth and gave us a gappy big grin.

“Well done A” exclaimed my husband.

“Yay, the tooth fairy will come tonight”  gushed little T.

A, T’s friend who is normally the chatter box was suddenly silent.  Then she announced to T “I want you to knock my tooth off too!”

My husband and I laughed and said that teeth are supposed to naturally fall out, you can’t force them unless it’s an accident or something is wrong with it and the dentist has to take it off.

“A” burst into tears.  I tried to comfort her and told them both to go back and have more fun in the garden.  I thought that was the end of that.  But after a while, T came in and said that “A” was still crying in the conservatory.

True enough.  The little girl was crying her eyes out and this time she wanted me to knock her tooth out.  All because she was feeling left out since a number of their friends have had their teeth fall off too.  In fact, they could easily form a “Gappy club”.  Trying not to laugh I said “What will your mum say/do if I knock your tooth out?  She’ll never let you come here again!”

That seemed to have work since I know she loves coming over and playing with T.  She stopped crying.

Kids eh?

Here’s little T, showing off her gappy smile.  I think she looks so cute!   When she woke up yesterday morning, she squealed in delight because the tooth fairy left her £1.  She’s just waiting for someone else to knock off her other wobbly tooth.

Have you ever had a request to knock off someone’s tooth?  Aren’t kids the funniest?

Early Retirement

A few weeks ago, we received some not so good-news.  T’s gymnastics club was moving to a different place, much further away than where we live.  She’s been going to that gym since she was four-years-old (see photo above) and she loved every minute of it.  Sadly next week, will be her last day.

The past week or so, I’ve been asking around and doing online searches for other gymnastics clubs that’s within driving distance from where we live and the good news is, we’ve found a few which we plan to check out over the next few weeks.  But apparently, little T has been thinking on her own about it as a five-year-old would 😉

Last night, while chatting with her in the bath, we started talking about it.  She surprised me by announcing “I don’t want to go to gymnastics anymore mum”.  Puzzled, I asked why.  She replied …

I’m retired now.

I burst out laughing.  I asked her if she knew the meaning of the word “retired”, she shrugged her shoulders, so we talked about it more, you know in a serious tone sans the laughter and it turns out that she wants to try something different, and mentioned ballet.  You see, most of her female friends go to ballet.  She also wanted to go like her friends last year, but I we said it was too much then what with gym, swimming and cello lessons, so now she wants to try ballet.   We said it’s fine, but asked if it would be okay with her to check out the other gym clubs too, just to see what it’s like, especially when you know, she changes her mind and decides to come out from “retirement”.  After all, it has been known to happen 😉  Her grandpa did it more than twice.  He retired from teaching, then went on to work for a number of years as a Baptist Minister.  Then retired the second time around, but did supply teaching.  Then went back into preaching.  At 87, is semi-retired but still preaches every now and then.  Little T said she’ll think about it.

Kids say the darnest things, don’t they?

What’s the funniest thing your child has said lately?

Do share.

My Cello Baby

Little T started learning to play the cello this school year.  She loves doing it, though I have a feeling it also has something to do with Harper (one of her favourite characters from Cerrie Burnell’s Harper Book series).  The little girl likes to play all instruments, including the cello.  To be fair though, T already started her music lessons long before she discovered the Harper series.

Like any other child, we have to remind her to practice though.

She likes to use her dad as her music sheet holder (As you can see from the boxes, we are still surrounded by them and still hoping to move soon).

I love that she likes to shut her eyes while she plays her cello.  I’d be lying though if I say that my daughter’s playing is divine or that she’s some sort of musical prodigy like Mozart who was already playing the keyboard, violin and composing music at age 5, T’s age.  Let’s just say my daughter’s playing sounds like a typical five-year-old who is starting to learn how to play the cello.  If she was learning to play the violin, it would sound like a cat screeching, you get the picture 😉  Of course my husband and I are very proud of her.

In late June, my daughter’s school will hold a Duck Race and Talent show to help raise funds for their Primary school.  They do this yearly.  This is also sort of the highlight of the kids who takes music lessons, they get to play in front of the whole school, not to mention the whole village and play as one group.  They are known as the “Cello Babies”.  This year, it will be T’s first performance with the group.

I am so looking forward to watching her play in front of a crowd.

Does your little one play an instrument?

Do you play an instrument?

Do share.


Of Dying, Marriage and Religion (by a four-year-old)

Little T and her father like to invent stories, they do this after her Dad has read her a bed-time story.  They create their very own, which usually includes herself and her close friends at school, sometimes it’s also about her favourite toys.

It’s sweet to hear them do their make-up stories as I go about doing my chores, mostly it’s trying to clear-away the mess in the living room.  The only problem is little T likes to end her turn with “And then they died … ” And according to my husband, she says this with her big-brown eyes, a serious expression on her face, leans forward and then declares “Your turn Dad!”

Then the husband has to rack his brains out to think of ways not to end the story with the characters dying.  For example:

T:  “Then F, M and R fell into a dark hole and then they died …. Your turn Dad!”

Husband: “But unknown to them, that dark hole was a magic hole!  They landed on their bums and had a good laugh about it” 

What’s this obsession with dying?  I blame Finding Nemo, no wait.  I blame Frozen.  Little T likes to mention that Elsa’s parents sailed away and ended up drowning and dying.  “I don’t want you to die Mummy” She says worriedly to me.  While I’m tempted to assure her that I’m not going to die, I tell her instead that I’m not going to die anytime soon (silently add, I hope).  Instead I say “When mummy does, I’ll be a very old woman and you’ll be a grown-up with a great career, your own home and family”.

That usually does the trick, because my four-year-old also likes to talk about marriage.


“I want to marry F, mummy!”  For those who have been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll be familiar with F, who happens to be my daughter’s best friend since age two.  She has many friends now, but F will always be her best friend and the boy she wants to marry.

I say to her, “You’re only four T, I’m sure you’ll change your mind”

“No mummy.  I won’t ever, ever, ever, change my mind!”

The next day, she changes her mind and wants to marry N.  What about F, I ask.  “Oh M wants to marry F, so I’m going to marry N now”.



Little T and I are Catholics.  But somehow it was understood that our daughter would be a Catholic too.  He doesn’t mind at all.

Every night we say our prayers.  I taught her how to pray “Angel of God” but also taught her a short prayer when she’s really tired.  Of course now, she always opts for the shorter version.

“Is God more powerful than Father Christmas?”


“Why is God more powerful than Father Christmas?”

“Well because God made Father Christmas!”

“Does that mean, all my present are from God then?”

At the age four, she’s got everything sorted-out already.

Do you have funny conversations with your little ones?

Manic Week

It’s been one week filled with countless activities.  While it’s nice to have little T home from school for a week, it’s also been a bit tiring at times.

I’m wondering why it’s been sort of exhausting, but now I know.  Before she started school, she was okay with doing a few fun-things every other day.  But since she’s started school, she’s used to doing something new every single day.

Before school, she’d be fine with painting pictures one afternoon, baking the next or walking the dog.  Now it’s “What do we do next mum?” even before an activity is over.

On Monday we started it with a  trip to Bodmin to get her new trainers.  We headed to her gymnastics club next, where we had booked her earlier on for extra trampolining lessons which she loved!  Plus, she and her friends earned their first ever badge!

On Tuesday, we painted pictures and put them up on the kitchen wall.  Then took Doc out for a walk and used a longer route.  Back at home, she wanted to help me with my chores, which was nice, except that doing the chores, suddenly felt longer!

We met up with her best friend F and his parents to watch Shaun the Sheep.  She really enjoyed it.  My husband said I laughed the loudest.

The next day, she had a play-date with her best-friend F over at our house.  I can’t believe it’s Friday today.  As I type this, we’re waiting for two of her female friends from school to arrive for another play-date.  Then later in the afternoon, we’re off to Bodmin again for her gym class.

It’s inset day on Monday, that means they’re going to spend another extra day at home before going back on Tuesday.  Phew.

 What was your half-term break like?


for those who don’t have children or have grown-up children,

what was your week like?

This week Little T is learning …


I’m sure she’s not the only little one who wakes up everyday and asks “Is it Christmas yet?”  Followed by “Is it tomorrow then?” which is funny, because you’d think by using advent calendars, they would get the gist of how many days more till the most festive day of the year.

Everyday, we smile and say “Not yet, sweetie” Followed by “It’s ____ more days before Christmas.

And there’s also the incessant interrogation MI5 or the CIA would be proud of: “Do I have presents under the tree?  Did you buy me a Christmas present mummy?  Can I open my Christmas presents now mummy?  Is this present mine mummy?”

This happens every single bloody day.  You would think she’d get tired of asking, but no!  The questions never shorten, there are days the litany seems even longer.

Five more days to go! …

How are you guys holding on?

Little T and her Christmas Cards

Little T started writing her Christmas cards at the beginning of December.  We decided to do them early because … well, she’s only four and just recently learned to write.  She probably did about three cards a day and some days, she absolutely refused to write on a single card.  I didn’t force her.

She loved writing her name and in some cards, even drew little love hearts on them.

Once the tree was up on though, she seemed in a good mood to finish off her Christmas cards, and that’s exactly what she did!  She wrote more than thirty-cards all on her own, for classmates, teachers, friends and even for her coach at her gymnastics class.

Yes, her writing was shaky and a few of them had erasure marks, but at least, she did it all on her own.  I had to show her how to do some of the letters, especially the tricky ones.  I would offer to do it, but she would always say “I can do it Mum!  I know how”.

My little four-year-old has learned a lot since she started school.  I’m a proud momma 🙂

Have you done and sent all your Christmas cards yet?

Overcoming Fears

Last Monday, Little T went on her first-ever school trip.   At first she was unsure about it and constantly told us that she didn’t want to go.  Admittedly I gave in.  I told her she didn’t have to go if she was uncertain about it.

The truth is, I too was hesitant to let her go.  While I trust the school and her lovely teachers, the over-protective-paranoid mother took over me and I was filled with unreasonable thoughts like “What if she doesn’t put her seatbelt on properly?” knowing fully well that the teaching assistants will be there to make sure that they are all strapped safely.  Or what if she’s left behind?  She’s so small, she might be overlooked!  Yes, I know how silly it sounds, and yes, I am that annoying, over-anxious mother you hear in the playground frantically calling out “Careful, you might fall!”  And frankly, I don’t blame you.

I’m so glad my husband managed to talk me out of my lunacy and extinguished my fears and not only that, he also assuaged little T’s uncertainties too.  Yes I know, she was probably just mirroring me, not that I discussed any of my delusional fears with her or even said them aloud when she’s within earshot.  I’m not that crazy.

But she loved it and thoroughly enjoyed herself with her classmates and friends.  She jumped off the bus and said “I’ve been to Port Isaac!”  A fishing village not far from where we live.  If you’re familiar with the TV series Doc Martin, it’s where the program is filmed.

And in spite being tired from her school-trip, she also happily went to her gymnastics class.  My husband and I are definitely proud of our little girl.  She’s learned so much since starting school this September.

As a parent, do you have any irrational fears about your little ones?

Z is for Zany

Finally the letter “Z”

I chose the word Zany and felt that since it is the end of PODcast’s Photography Project,  it was only right to end with photographs of Little T’s “zaniness”.

It’s actually difficult to photograph little T, it requires a lot of patience, because as soon as she sees me focus my camera on her, she would always break into a silly face or pose like the one above and the one below.

 And if I use my stern mummy voice, I might get this …

which is still a bit zany, but at least, it’s not a funny-face, just a bit silly, but then again she is after all Little T, that’s what she does!

Z is for zany.

I can’t believe it’s the end of this series!  Really had fun posting photographs from A-Z.

Hope you guys had fun too!


Our Top Five Autumn/Winter Zara Coats for Girls

Autumn is really settled in now.  It’s that time of the year when we really have to put away our summer clothes and dust-off our autumn and winter clothing.  It’s also that time of the year when parents take stock of their little ones clothing and check whether they will last another season.  Sadly, most of little T’s stuff don’t fit her anymore.

We like to buy some of her with Zara kids, though we tend to stay away from some of the styles that we deem inappropriate for little T’s age.  She’s a little girl, we like to dress her as a little one, not as a teenager and (gasp), definitely not like a little “woman”.

And because we like their style, we’ve also been buying her winter coats with this particular brand for a couple of years now.  Little T loves clothes-shopping.  When a catalogue appears on our door-step, before tossing it in the recycling bin, I check whether they have a children’s section first.  If they do, I set it aside for her to have a look, most times she tells us, she likes everything.  Then we explain that we only buy what she needs, not because she wants “all of them”.

Having said that, she was in need of a new winter coat.  So I sat her down on my lap and clicked on the Zara Kids website.  As expected, she liked them all.  When asked to choose, she chose the following:

1.  Found the shade of this colour really sweet and also love the fleecy lining, I can imagine how warm this coat will be like in the winter, though I think it’s a little-bit too good to be worn just for school.

2.  I think she also chose this one because of the same fleecy lining.  But like the first one, I didn’t think it would be a good coat to wear in the rain!

3.  This black coat looks good for the rainy weather, but I’m not really a big fan of black for the little ones.

4.  She Also loved this one, but after a while said “I have that one already!”  And it did look like her previous winter coat which was tucked-away safely up in the attic, for goodness-knows-what.

And lastly, we all loved this green coat, and when I say “we” this included her dad.  We think it’s the best winter coat for little T to wear to school.  It may not look as stylish as the others ones, but I still think it has that “classic” look a coat should have.

What do you think?

Little T absolutely loves it!

For more choices of girls coat, click here.

And of course, they also have a lovely selection of coats for little boys as well.

All photos taken from www.zara.com/uk, except of course the last one.