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October Chat with a Mom: Melissa of Motherhood is An Art

Melissa the lovely mother behind the blog Motherhood is an Art is one of my favourite bloggers.  I love the way she writes her posts and tells a story and she is indeed, a very good story-teller.  She does not only write about motherhood, but she also writes about family history.

Tell us something about yourself and your little ones.

My name is Melissa. I am a stay at home mom in Wisconsin (United States). I have an 8 year old daughter, 6 year old son and 3 year old son.

It’s so hard to get a good picture with this many kids!

What was your child’s birth stories like?

My daughter came 3 weeks early when my water broke in the middle of the night (I woke up and thought I peed the bed), my middle son was induced a week early because I was so uncomfortable and my youngest was determined breech a week before my due date so they had to manually turn him around by maneuvering him through my stomach. I ended up being induced with him a week after my scheduled due date. All of the births went well with only a slight problem with my youngest. Due to his extremely large head I was having a very hard time delivering him so they attached a vacuum to his head to pull him out. As they were pulling there was a loud pop and blood sprayed everywhere. Everyone had a shocked look on their face so of course I thought they tore my baby’s head off. Thankfully the vacuum had just slipped off.

What you wish you knew about being a mother, before becoming one?

I am by nature a planner and somewhat of a control freak. When it comes to raising children most plans go out the window and there is not much you can control. You have to be ready to go with the flow!

How do manage your “me-time”?

Ummmm….I don’t! It was much easier to do with one child but now with 3 kids my “me time” is pretty much non-existent (unless you count all the time I spend in the kitchen cooking and cleaning by myself)!!

Do you have a favourite anecdote of your little ones?

I have so many favourites but two of them revolve around tooth brushes. My middle son went through a phase where he ate ketchup on everything. One day he even asked if he could start brushing his teeth with ketchup instead of toothpaste.

I once bought some extra tooth brushes to have on hand. My daughter asked why I did that and I told her in case someone was to get sick or drop their toothbrush in the toilet. She nodded her head and said, “Yeah, that’s happened to me before. I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet. Don’t worry though, I rinsed it off.”

Bency brushing his teeth and Iris using her toothbrush after it probably just fell in the toilet!

What is it about Motherhood you absolutely love about?

I love creating art with my kids and watching them blossom!

If there is anything about Motherhood you dislike about, what would it be?

It never stops! It doesn’t give you a break! You have to be on the alert at all times because you never know what these kids are going to throw your way!

What’s a typical day like for you and your Little Ones?

I try to wake up before everyone else so I can have a few cups of coffee, browse the internet or watch the news. Next the chaos sets in with getting everyone ready for the day. Once the older kids are off to school I start my cleaning while the youngest plays toys. By mid-morning we are off to run errands or go to story hour at the library. After lunch we read books and watch some television. When the older kids get home from school the chaos starts up again and we are in constant motion with homework, dinner, baths and bedtime. By the end of all that I am usually exhausted and flop down on the couch!

Best advice you’ve ever received about Motherhood?

Every time I have ever complained to my Mom about a certain phase one of the children is going through she always says, “These may seem like major frustrations (picky eaters, refusal to potty train, etc.) but trust me the frustrations only get more major as they age.”

Cesar, Bency and Iris.

If you could give yourself advice about motherhood before becoming a mother, what would it be?

Always go with your gut instinct. You know those children better than anyone else in the world. You know exactly what is best for them so don’t be afraid to speak up.

How do you manage your time between work/blogging and your little ones?

Once again….I don’t! I did really well for a year by blogging in the early morning and then having the rest of the day to get stuff done around the house and spend time with the kids. Lately I just haven’t had enough energy to keep up with it all. Hopefully, I’ll find my groove again soon!

Thank you so much Melissa!

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•Edit:  Sadly, Melissa does not blog anymore.  Hopefully, she’ll take up blogging again in the future.