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My Top 20 Things to do when it’s Raining Outside

1.  Do some “work” on my laptop.

2.  Adorn my legs with stickers.

3.   Have a tea party with my toys.

4.  Bake cupcakes or cookies.

5.  Have a “real” tea-party with the cupcakes I’ve baked.

6.  Play with my train-set.

7.  Play with my doll’s house and castle.

8.  Jump on my bed!

9.  Be a super-hero.

10.  Make shapes with my play-doh.

11.  Rummage in my toy-box.

12.  Wear mommy’s shoes & dance!

13.  Colour outside the lines.

14.  Watch my favourite dvd.

15.  Pretend the sun is out and wear mommy’s shades.

16.  Have a picnic in the living room with my toys.

17.  Ride dobbin in my witch’s outfit.  Yes, I know it’s not Halloween yet.

 18.  Make a card-board mask and try not to bump into furniture.

19.  Play cars with my best-friend.

20. Lastly, when all else fails watch the rain fall by our window with my bestest friend in the world!

What do you like doing when it’s raining outside?

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My Top Five Favourite British Food

I love eating and I love food.  I find it kinda weird because before I became a wife and mother, I used to not like food so much.  To me eating was not something to be enjoyed – I only ate when I was hungry.  I know why of course.  In my former life, when I had a job, I was always too busy to eat.  But now that I’m a wife and mother and have learned to cook, really cook and bake – I enjoy eating more.  Even though I’ve gained a lot of weight and haven’t lost much of my post-pregnancy weight, I eat and don’t even really care whether I gain more weight or not.  Well, I do.  But don’t really do much about it except moan about it to my husband.  I just love eating now, especially eating with my little family.

Here are my favourite British Food and I didn’t even include the cakes!  Oh my, I am in deep trouble.  But I’ll worry about that later.  Life is too short.  For now, come and have a British meal with me.

1.  Fish & Chips

Photo credit here.

This must of course be first on the list!  You cannot imagine how much I love Fish & Chips, I can probably eat it all day, preferably of course by the beach!  Of course to health aficionados, this might be frowned upon.  It is after all covered in batter and deep fried.  If you are health-conscious or on a diet, I’d say, just unearth the delicious fish under all that batter!  Although honestly, eating the batter is part of the fun of eating Fish & Chips – you don’t need to eat it all.  As I’ve mentioned, this is best eaten by the beach or sea-wall.  Just be mindful of the greedy seagulls hovering by.  I tell you, they are scary birds!

2. Cornish Pasties

Photo credit here.

I love Cornish pasties, preferably the Pengenna Pasties in Tintagel, North Cornwall and not because I’m biased because I live in Cornwall.  If you’ve tasted it, you’ll know why.  Imagine a pasty filled with delicious beef and vegetables.  Yummy!  Plus, it’s huge!  One pasty is enough to fill you up, although some may even eat it with chips.

3.  Cream teas

Picture credit here.

A cream tea is a scone with jam and cream on top.  Actually, this depends whether you have the cream tea in Devon and Cornwall, famous for its row over the correct way of eating a cream tea.  Devonians will say that a cream tea should be eaten with the cream first, then topped with strawberry jam.  Since my loyalty lies with the Cornish, I chose the photo above which shows the strawberry jam first and then the cream.  Don’t forget, a cream tea won’t be a cream tea unless you use clotted cream and not synthetic cream (as my husband calls them) which is the long-life, squirty cream and others.  Actually, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter (except for the cream) whichever way you eat it – it still tastes delicious.

4.  Sunday Roast

Photo credit here.

My husband’s specially is cooking our sunday roast.  He makes a really lovely and fluffy Yorkshire pudding.  Now some of you, (especially of course if you’re not British or haven’t been to the UK yet), might not know what a Yorkshire pudding is.  I didn’t know what it was when I had my first taste of a sunday roast.  Anyway, a Yorkshire pudding is a batter pudding made of eggs flour and milk poured into hot fat.  I know it sounds a bit icky, but when eaten with a sunday roast, it just goes so well together with the slices of roast beef (pork, lamb with mint sauce or maybe even chicken) with seasonal vegetable, roast spuds and gravy – preferably lots of it!

5. Full English Breakfast

And of course, must end this list with a Full English breakfast.  If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you must have seen this picture on another blog post.  The photo above is actually a Cornish breakfast.  According to my British husband, the core of a full English breakfast is eggs, bacon and fried bread.  He usually orders his full English breakfast with black pudding (which is like a sausage made of pork blood).   I don’t.

If you happen to be from another country and visiting the UK for the first time, you can’t leave the country without at least trying one (if not all) on my list!

Shabby Blogs Link Party: Top Ten Places You want to See before You Die

I wasn’t able to join last week’s Shabby Blogs Link Party, so I better not miss this one, especially since it’s all about travel!  At the moment, my wings are clipped, but as soon as it gets un-clipped we are going to fly, or drive, or take the train, depends where we are going.  Here’s my list!

1. Machu Pichu, Peru

Photo credit here.

Who wouldn’t want to visit a 15th century Inca site up high on the mountains of South America?  I would.  Though admittedly it’s not a place where you would take a two-year-old turning three with you.  Perhaps when she’s older, although preferably not when my husband and I are too old to do all that hiking.  Besides – if Machu Pichu isn’t reason enough to visit Peru, perhaps, visiting the place of origin of one of the world’s famous bears would tempt you.  Who you may ask?  Paddington Bear of course!

2. Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo credit here.

I don’t know why, but for the longest time, I’ve always wanted to visit Katmandu.  Perhaps because the name itself sounds so exotic and mysterious.  It’s like going on a perfect adventure.  No, I’m not going to say part of the dream is to take a trek to Mount Everest especially since I’m probably the most un-exercised mother in blogosphere unless chasing after your two-year old daughter screaming How many times do I have to tell you not to go around without any knickers on?!  I would rather explore the streets of Kathmandu and find an open cafe (if there is one) and admire the Himalayas from afar.

3. Tibet, China

Photo credit here.

Same as above, Tibet has always been on my list and same as above, perhaps, it’s the thrill of adventure.   Once again, I’m not talking about hardcore adventure like trekking into the mountains, more like a gentle meander among Tibetan lanes, visiting 1300 year old temples like the Jokhang Temple or the magnificent palace of Potala and eating in a Tibetan restaurant.  Yes, that’s it for me.

4. Japan

Photo credit here.

Lovely Japan with its National Cherry Blossoms Festival held between March to May, a feast for the eyes indeed!  Japan has such a lovely landscape, if you’ve seen the film version of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian wood, you’ll know what I mean even if you haven’t visited Japan yet.  I would so love to visit, preferably in the spring to see all the lovely flowers and colours.

5. Havana, Cuba

Photo credit here.

What to do in Havana?  Explore Old Havana with its architectural heritage and step back into time.  Listen or dance the Rumba?  Maybe not for me, since I don’t really know how to dance but it would be lovely to see the locals do it.  Drink cuban coffee and go to a Cuban bar and offer a toast to Hemingway.  Lastly, roll a cuban cigar and try to smoke it.  I don’t smoke, but it would be nice to say Oh yes, I’ve smoke a Cuban cigar and it was lovely/awful.

6. Bulgaria

Photo credit here.

If you’ve read the book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, you’ll know why I want to visit Bulgaria and Romania.  Admittedly, it was a bit of a crappy book.  But I loved the way she described the places!  It makes you want to jump on the first train and travel to Sofia with its 900 year old churches, or the fortress in Tsaravets.

7. Romania

Photo credit here.

And of course there’s Romania with Count Dracula’s famous castle, old churches, towns, museums, food!  What’s not to like about Romania?  And the good thing about Bulgaria and Romania, I can imagine travelling there with a two-year-old will be relatively easy.  She’ll love it too.

8. Moscow, Russia

Photo credit here.

Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Puskin anyone?  If that’s not enough reason to visit, then standing in front of the St. Basil’s Cathedral might just do it.  Imagine seeing the cathedral built by Ivan the terrible up close!  Wouldn’t that be something?  Or the Moscow Kremlin, or even the Red Square.  So many reason to visit Russia!  If only money and time weren’t an issue, we’d be there in a heartbeat!

9. Alaska

Photo credit here.

I want to be awed by nature but I’m not a big fan of cruises.  However, if it means seeing a glacier up-close, count me in!  Not to mention seeing naturally made ice-sculptures or whale watching, the list is absolutely endless!

10. Maldives

Photo credit here.

And lastly, visiting Maldives before the sea swallows it up is a definite must.  Of course, this might not happen in our lifetime. But the threat is there and for me, that is reason enough to visit, oh and did I mention the lovely beaches and resorts?  But then again, I’m from a county where we have lovely white sand beaches, so it’s not really much of a novelty for me.

That’s it!  That’s my list.  Like I mentioned if only time and money weren’t an issue, then I’d be able to click off the places to visit on my list soon.  But you’ll never know right?  There is still time.  What’s on your list?

Shabby Blogs Link Party: Ten Things Happiness List

It’s time for the Shabby Blogs Link Party once again.  This week’s list is called 10 Things Happiness List.  Here’s mine:

1.  Happiness is seeing my daughter’s cheeky little smile first thing in the morning.

2.  Happiness is blue skies and when the sun is up and shinning and actually stays like that all through-out the day.

3.  Happiness is being married to someone whom you can absolutely discuss anything with.

4.  Happiness is spending a whole day at the beach with the sun shinning.

5.  Happiness is the smell of the pages in a book even if it turns out to be a really crappy book in the end.

6.  Happiness is dining al fresco.

7.  Happiness is knowing that I can talk to and Skype with my family back home – everyday if I want to (or if they want to).

8.  Happiness is home-cooked meals and baking with T.

9.  Happiness is having a house filled with books.

10.  Happiness is eating ice-cream on the beach!

That’s about it!

All photos taken by yours truly except number 7.

Photo credit here – (my sister-in-law’s blog).

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