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Let me share some photos with you of our neighbourhood

Can you see the teenagers swimming off into the ocean in the photo above?  Isn’t it lovely to live in a place where you can just jump off into the water after school or work and be one with the ocean?

I have to keep reminding myself this every time I miss the chaos and the bustling life of the city.  I have to tell myself that this is the best place to bring up a little girl and already she is making lovely memories of going down into the harbour during low tide, stripping off to just her top and knickers and playing in the sand, among fishing boats with her best-friend, waking up to the sound of seagulls and birds singing.  A place where there is absolutely zero crime-rate and everyone greets you with a smile or small talk about the weather.

But a big part of me will always yearn for the city.  The noise, the craziness, the anonymity of walking and getting lost in a crowd without meeting a single familiar face.  In the city there is always something going on, there is always something to see or do.  Jump on the subway, the metro, the mrt (depends on where you are), meet friends for coffee, people watch, mooch in endless shops and bookshops without having to spend hours just travelling to get there.  I miss that.

Then again, I’m a mother now.  It shouldn’t be all about me right?  The welfare and safety of my daughter is my one-top priority.  Everything about me should take a back-seat, that’s what motherhood is all about … right?