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What The Husband Did

My husband is many things.

He is kind

– thoughtful

– generous

– funny

and absentminded.

Even as a child, his mother called him her “absent-minded little professor”.

It was my birthday over the weekend, he had a lecture over at Plymouth that day.  Little T woke me up with a lovely greeting “Happy Birthday Mum” she said and planting a little kiss on my grumpy face.  I don’t like being woken up early you see, even if it’s my birthday.

I kissed her back and said “Now let mummy sleep please”.   She left me alone with her birthday card and her dad’s card near my pillow.

When I woke up, I called her back to bed with me and opened my cards and presents in front of an over-excited little T.  I loved all my cards and presents, except the card from my husband looked strangely familiar.  As I sat there on our bed with little T asking me “Is this your best birthday ever mum?”  I replied, “Of course, sweetie!”

And had a eureka moment …

Let’s call this Exhibit A.

This is the Valentine’s Day card I received from my lovely husband last month.

And here’s exhibit B

My birthday card.

Now you don’t have to be a genius to notice that they look exactly the same, except that exhibit A says “On Valentine’s Day” and the other one says “On Your Birthday”.

Dear Hallmark Cards,

Seriously guys, here’s a tip.  When making cards aimed at husbands buying for their wives, try to be more creative and use DIFFERENT designs.  I’m not worried about the women buying cards for their wives, because I’m definitely certain that they would spot the difference – IT’S THE SAME BLOODY CARD!

from a disgruntled wife,

Mrs. B

Please note that I am not waging a battle of the sexes here.  Men are the first (or at least the ones who don’t have any problem with admitting it) to say that they are really crap with little details.

The husband can explain many things, why World I and World War II broke out.  What would have happened if Hitler decided to do this, instead of that.  And many other high-brow discussions about most things, especially if it’s about history or politics.  But for the life of him, he couldn’t explain why he bought me identical cards one after the other to save his bloody life.

But of course, I’ve forgiven him.  After all, they are just cards right? Besides, this “little” mistake will cost him 😉  (insert evil laughter here)

Has your husband or partner done any silly mistakes like this one?

Do share.