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Nail Polish & the Little One

At age four, I already have arguments with my daughter about nail polish.  Four, yes, you read it right – four, not fourteen!  Goodness knows what kind of arguments I’ll be having with her at that age.  But I don’t want to think about it yet, lest it freaks me out and I know it will.  At the moment, it’s all about nail polish:

“You can’t wear nail polish to school!”

“But so and so does!”

“Just because so and so does, doesn’t mean you have to!”

I have that same argument with her every now and then.  It’s usually over the weekend, that’s the only time I allow her to use the nail polish her best friend F gave her last Christmas, but the deal is, she has to let me to take them off Sunday night.  I don’t like the idea of her wearing nail polish to school, it’s fine to have them at home, but not at school even though so far, I haven’t heard the school say anything about them.  I usually win the argument by saying “Do you see mummy wear  nail polish?”  She’ll shake her head and that usually ends it.

I never liked using nail polish, not even as a teenager.  I don’t have anything against them by the way.  In fact I do find them pretty to look at, but it’s just a personal choice.  I didn’t like the way it feels on my nails, to me it feels unnatural.  The rare times I wore them in the past, I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I took them off.  I’d be consciously feeling my nails and be bothered about how they felt under my touch.

Just like make-up I guess.  I never learned how to use make-up.  I’d wear lipstick and always, always end up unconsciously licking my lips and before you know it, not a trace of lipstick will be left on me.

Going back to little T’s current fave: nail polish.  I know all the girls in her class use them and I know too, that it’s a bit like “dressing-up” for them.  I’m just not very comfortable about the idea of my little girl wearing them.  I don’t want her to get used to it.  Like it’s all part of getting dressed, clothes, shoes, socks oh wait, must ask mum to put nail polish on me.  Perhaps what I’m really worried about is that I don’t want little T to think that she needs nail polish to make her feel “prettier” or feel good about herself.  At age four (or any age for that matter), I don’t want her to feel as if she has to give in, just because other girls are doing it.

When she’s older, hopefully in her teens, preferably late teens (am I pushing it?) and would still like to use nail polish, I’d be fine with that.  But not at age four.

What do you think?