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January Musings

American author Karen Joy Fowler writes in her novel, Sarah Canary:

Lots of people go mad in January.  Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June.  But January is your most common month for madness.

I don’t like January either.  It’s too drab and cold and long.  February isn’t too bad, especially since it’s such a short month.  And here in Cornwall, we’re lucky that spring happens early.  Unless of course, global warming changes that too.

And just like that, Christmas is over.  I’ve taken down all our Christmas decorations last Thursday when T went back to school.  I usually find that a sad account.  But since my Christmas vibe never came this year, I was happy to take them all down. I wanted to do it on the first day, but my husband said to wait a while longer.

The house looks bare of course, but I’m fine with that.  It doesn’t affect me the way it did past years.  Oh dear, what’s happening to me?

Do you do New Year’s resolutions?  I used to do it when I was younger, especially in my teens and as a young adult.  It’s been ages since I’ve done any but I still did them in my head.  Ran a list of things I want to do this year and bad habits I want to to get rid of in the dead of the night like writing more, reading more, that sort of thing.

I have no big plans for this year, except hopefully write more creatively.  I’ve always been a bit slow, I do little steps, hence the blog name.  Some have thought that since I started this blog when T was barely two, it was going to be all about her.  It was for a while, but this was supposed to be all about the little steps we take in life, now it’s mostly about our little life here in North Cornwall and I’m fine with that.

Here’s to more ramblings in 2018, I’m surprised people read this, but honestly, I’m grateful to all of you, especially since I’ve somehow managed to earn from this little blog of mine, to all the brands/PRs we’ve worked with a big thank you to all of you.  Here’s to more collaborations!

And to all those who email asking for free links and exposure in the words of my seven-year-old – accompanied with the most exasperated tone a little one can muster “Really now?”  Please be fair. 

To the rest of you lovely folks, hope all your wishes and dreams are granted this year!

What about you?

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Note:  Photo above was taken last year in Dartmoor.  While it’s been snowing in the rest of the UK, it never really snows here in Cornwall.  I don’t think it even did up in Dartmoor this year.

Goodbye 2015 – Happy New Year!

There was a lot of laughter, a lot of sighs, a lot of smiles, a few goodbyes.

We’ve also had excitement, disappointments and a few heartaches.

Thank goodness, nothing major, but admittedly, it did merit some tears.


next year will be a better one,

not just for us, but for everyone.

So we’ll leave you with this nonsensical rhyme,

but know that we do wish you a good year to come.

And lastly,

Thank You for your company

and if you’d like,

let’s do this again next year!


Little Steps

The Year that was – 2014

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Louise aptly called “A New Year’s Tag”.  Admittedly I’m a bit late for this, but hey, better late than never right?  So here goes …

What was your highlight of 2014?

The road trip to France and a quick dash to Belgium, made even more special when two members of my family from the Phil were able to join us.  We also managed to take little T to Disneyland, and of course, Paris.  It was a lovely ten-day holiday, even though it rained really hard on the first few days, and it was scorching hot in Paris!

This was also the year Little T started “big school” 🙂

What are you excited for in 2015?

There are a couple of things I am excited about, but I don’t really want to jinx it, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep this one a bit of a secret.  Will share it with you guys, when I absolutely know that it’s certainly going to happen 😉  For now, I shall be mum about it.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Don’t believe in making them.  Used to write a long list when I was younger, but always failed to tick it off.  What’s the point?  I’m a great believe in Nike’s old slogan “Just do it!”, so if there’s really something you want to do in your life, you don’t need to wait till the year is over and the New Year has come to do it, just do it!

Blogging high?

Don’t really have a blogging high, because I don’t really pay much attention to stats and other stuff.  I love to blog, this is my “me” time.  I guess my blogging high is when bloggers I admire and really like also visit my blog and comment.  Now that gives me a real high 😉

Picture of the year?

Loads!  But if I have to pick one, it would have to be little T’s first day of school photo.

 What about you?

What was the highlight of your 2014?

Do share.

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Hello 2015

It hasn’t happened yet, but in other parts of the world, the New Year has finally rolled in with a bang.

Here’s wishing more blessings, good health, love, peace, all your hearts desire and of course, wealth for everyone!

I leave you with a poem to ponder:


This is newness: every little tawdry
Obstacle glass-wrapped and peculiar,
Glinting and clinking in a saint’s falsetto. Only you
Don’t know what to make of the sudden slippiness,
The blind, white, awful, inaccessible slant.
There’s no getting up it by the words you know.
No getting up by elephant or wheel or shoe.
We have only come to look. You are too new
To want the world in a glass hat.

—Sylvia Plath

The Polar Bear Plunge

On the first day of 2014, my husband whom I thought I knew surprised me by announcing something that was a bit out-of-character from the man I married.  You see, my husband is a historian.  He has a PhD in History and has some history books published under his name.  I am only mentioning this to stress a point, the kind of man that he is – yes, he is boring but I say that endearingly and I married him because he is just that, and because I too am boring. We are a perfect match. We don’t jump off cliffs, run marathons and go on exciting adventures.  We prefer to buy books, read at home and have home-cooked meals.  Yes, that kind.

So imagine my surprise when I wake up on the first day of the new year, wanting to snuggle back in bed since it was a dreary, cold-wet-winter’s day, to find my husband in his swimming shorts announcing “Today is the day”

I knew of course what he was talking about, but I really thought that it was just going to be all talk.  He’s mentioned before that he’s always wanted to do a polar bear plunge like the ones who do at the Serpentine Lake in Hyde park in London, so when he learned that the Tintagel Surf Life Saving club was doing something like that in Trebarwith, he said he wanted to sign up.  And I did what other wives would do of course, ignored him.

But apparently he was serious, so there I was feeling a bit like Meryl Streep in the 80s movie version of the John Fowles’ French Lieutenant’s Woman book, only instead of standing on the famous Cobb, Lyme Regis’ dramatic and historic harbour where the film was shot, I was standing on a rock in Trebarwith Strand and instead of a dramatic cape, I was wearing my duffel coat and clutching little T’s hand while trying to take photos of my silly husband brave the cold waters.  Thank goodness we had the support of our friends who ever-so-kindly took a hold of Doc, so I could document my husband’s rare adeventurous feat.

And thank goodness he wasn’t alone!  There was probably more than a hundred people on the beach on the first day of the new year.  Perhaps around fifty took a dip in the freezing waters.

It was a very cold and blustery winter’s day.  And after that, we all went to the pub for a full English breakfast.

The husband?  He was very proud of himself.

I was proud of him too, although I didn’t voice it out.

Would you do the polar bear dip plunge?

I wouldn’t, not even for a million pounds.

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Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead of them!

Our 2013 Year in Photos

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – 2014. Sounds a bit creepy, isn’t it?   Like a Sci-Fi movie or a Ray Bradbury short-story.

Did you have a good 2013?  Ours was a waiting-game, a bit frustrating, but I won’t bore you with the details and it’s not something I really like talking about, especially not when the New Year is about to come.  I only want to think of positive thoughts and have good vibes, so I’m sharing with you some of my favourite photos of the old year – 2013, before bidding it goodbye.

Our January began with trying to pick/hoover pine needles off our carpet.  It took ages before we managed to hoover them all off.  Some were really stubborn and stuck beneath our carpet.  At one time, I even started picking them up one by one!

Early February little T and F went to Darmoor Zoo (with their parents of course).

Good weather in March took us to the beach in Trebarwith Strand.

The good thing about living near the ocean is that the beach is never far away.  So here we are again in April, looking for rock pools to explore at Crackington Haven.

End of May took us to visit a close friend in Brighton.  I love Brighton, hope to be back there soon!

Every chance we could get, when the sun was out, we hopped in our cars and met friends at the beach.  Here’s little T with her best-friend F, aren’t they the cutest?

This is probably my most favourite photo of 2013.  I love the look of pure bliss on little T’s face as she played with F down in the harbour when the tide was so low, the little ones actually had a little beach to play on!

On the 26th of August, our little girl turned 3.  This was taken at her birthday picnic in a park in Launceston after a steam-train ride.

In September, we had a visit from a close American friend and had a brief tour around Cornwall, bits of Wales, Bristol, Wiltshire and London.

October of course, our little family of two adults, a little girl, and cat, was joined by a small little pup which little T named Doc.

Which brought us to lots of walks in November.

And lastly, this photo of little T with Father Tudor Christmas at Trerice, National Trust rounds up our photos of 2013.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recognise most of the photos I used on the list.  Anyway …

Have a lovely New Year everyone!

Hope 2014 brings all of us more love, luck, wealth and most especially good health 🙂

You guys have been the best!

Let’s all be friends again next year and all the years to come 🙂

Happy New Year!

If the New Year hasn’t arrived yet on your side of the world, like ours, what are you doing later?

As for us, we are putting our little one to bed, same time, around 8.

Then my husband and I are plonking ourselves in front of the TV to wait for the New Year, after doing all our chores of course.  At about 11:30, we are going to prepare a sea food platter of prawns, crabmeat, salmon, salad and wine – that is if we haven’t fallen asleep yet.  Nothing exciting like going out to get wasted – I don’t even remember the last time we did that!  But when you have a little one, things like that just don’t happen anymore.

ANYWAY, Happy New Year one again to everyone.  Hope the next year is better for all of us.