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Football and T

The first football match little T watched in a stadium was in the Olympics in Old Trafford, Manchester.  She was barely two.  I think she enjoyed it.  She loved the big crowds and the contagious excitement in the crowd.  She especially liked it when a giant inflatable football was passed around in the crowd.

She didn’t cry or whinge.  But patiently sat on her dad’s lap all through out the game, just watching.  Little did I know that in the years to come, she’d choose football over gymnastics.  Yes, she did quit her gymnastics and chose to play football instead.

Fast forward to November 2017 – her second game wasn’t as exciting and no way anywhere as big as watching an Olympic match in the Old Trafford.  It was a small stadium in Exeter where Exeter City F.C. played against Grimsby.  As you can see from below, a very drizzly and cold November day.

Yes, I know.  The contrast is glaring.

The husband has been wanting T to watch Exeter play.  Why Exeter?  The shocking truth is, T is actually a Devonian Pixie, not a Cornish Pixie.  Gasp, I know.  She was born in Exeter hospital just like a number of her friends in T’s school, so it seems apt that she support the team of the city she was born in.

The husband even bought her a scarf to mark the occasion.  She loves it because she said it looks like a Harry Potter one.  Did she enjoy the game?  Yes.  Would she want to watch another game?  Yes, she said and she’s hoping to bring her best-friend F in the next game since they both play football in their school.  Looks like Exeter city F.C. has a new little fan!  Who knows, F might also want to support them?

What about you?

Do you support any football club?

Olympic Worries

My husband managed to score a couple of Olympic tickets.  Not necessarily the events we had wanted to watch, but hey, it’s the Olympics and as he said, this won’t be happening again, maybe in our daughter’s, but definitely not ours, so it’s definitely worth going.  So we’re watching a football game in the Old Trafford in Manchester this weekend and a hockey event in London the next.

Was looking forward to it, until we received an email that read as Critical Information about your event at Old Trafford (and the security is even tighter at the London events). If it were just me and my husband, it wouldn’t bother me at all (I’m all for security, who isn’t?)  But when you have a toddler in tow, that’s a bit tricky especially when you have to adhere to the following:

We strongly suggest you do not bring a bag: the security procedure for Football is different to other London 2012 venues. If you do bring a bag, your entry to the venue will be delayed and you may miss your event.

Read the lists of prohibited and restricted items for your venue: if you are carrying any of these items with you when you arrive, you will be asked to surrender it and won’t get it back. You cannot bring in liquids over 100ml. There are no storage facilities available.

When you’re a parent of a toddler, going out “light” isn’t that easy.  Nappies, baby wipes, change of clothing, light snacks won’t fit in a small bag.  I’ve always had big bags even when I was single, big enough to fit in some books, my journal, pens, camera etc.  Now that I have a toddler, my books have given way to toddler paraphernalia – my husband usually carries the other bag filled with snacks and bottles.  How on earth would we last the Olympics without our usual bags?  Oh dear indeed!  Yes, I know there will be lots of places to eat (sponsored stuff), but I don’t exactly like feeding my daughter junk and carbonated drinks (I’m the junkie in this family).  So yes, I’m really dreading this.  I’m wondering now if it was a mistake to book Olympic tickets with a toddler?