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A Country Kid’s Post: A Morning in Dartmoor

Walking in Dartmoor

We like driving up to Dartmoor even if it’s a bit of a drive from where we live in Cornwall. On a whim, one late January on a weekend, we decided to drive to Dartmoor and was pleasantly surprised to find it covered in snow.  Little T and her friend had a lovely day building snow men and having snow fights.  It was just absolute bliss.

And I’m glad we were able to do that again over the summer break.  And just like before, we were in for another lovely surprise.

Dartmoor in all its glory, on a beautiful summer day.

Little T ready to go on a little hike.

From afar, I spied a little river running through the moor.

We came across this little stream and T decided to have a dip in the water and after more walking, we hopped in our car to drive some more.

And then we saw a cluster of medieval looking stones, but it wasn’t the stones that caught my eye.  Can you see?  The famous Dartmoor ponies!  The husband quickly parked the car and T and I went out to look at the ponies.

She wanted to come closer, but those two horses looked like they were having a tender moment, I told her we shouldn’t disturb them.  She said “Are they getting married mum?”  Kids, where do they get these ideas?

After watching them from afar, we went back to the car and moved along. I’m wondering, why are they called ponies when some of them are obviously fully grown?

“It’s time to go to search for that pub!”  The husband announced.  Friends of ours mentioned that there was a lovely one just in the moor and he was on a mission.  Did we find the pub, no. But we found another lovely one and had a good lunch.

Have you seen the Dartmoor ponies?

Do share.

Muddy Puddles

After searching the wide world web for a nice raincoat for little T, we settled for this lovely blue and red raincoat from Muddy Puddles.  We also got her a warm and soft red fleecy and two rain puddle trousers.  Puddle trousers are a must if your little one is like Peppa Pig who loves to jump in muddy puddles.

What with the bad weather we’ve been having the past few weeks, she was able to wear her new rain-coat/trousers many times last week.

I’m really impressed!  The trousers did keep her leggings dry underneath, in spite all the jumping in muddy puddles. We wanted to buy the matching wellies for her too, but the pair we liked didn’t have it in her size.  Here’s hoping they’ll replenish their stock soon so we could order new wellies too.

Their collection of kids waterproof raincoats and trousers are an impressive lot.  So if you guys are looking for some rain gear for your little ones, Muddy Puddles won’t disappoint you.

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Sundown at Tamar Lake

The weather has been really bleak the past few days  Temperature has definitely dropped and we’ve been constantly wrapped under a grey depressing blanket.  The worse bit is that T has a really bad cough and like all bad coughs, it gets worse at night.  She wakes up coughing, as if gasping for air.  It’s horrible to hear and watch your child cough like that and you feel helpless because there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help ease the discomfort.

So here I am conjuring up happy days when the sun was out and T was happily playing in the sun and sand without a bad cough.  About a month ago (or maybe even more), we went to the Tamar lake so the husband could try gig-rowing.  It was early evening when we arrived at the lake.  The sun was still out and a soft breeze was blowing, but it wasn’t cold.

Lucky for T, her best friend F and his mom came with us.  So while my husband and F’s mom tried out gig-rowing, the kids and I had fun at the playground.

That’s T with her Abney doll (Thank you Uncle P and Auntie P!)

F playing by the slide.

A man pulling his kayak.

A couple enjoying the evening-out.

The beautiful and serene Tamar Lake.

T and F enjoying the warm evening playing in the sand.

A lovely warm evening … Can we have one again please?

A memorial of someone who obviously enjoyed the lake …

Since they only had one boat, the female rowers had to go on it first.

And then it happened …

Sunset over the Tamar Lake.

After a nice little picnic of sandwiches, cake and coffee provided by F’s lovely mom – it was time to go home.

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A walk and a hike

Dear Reader,

So this is how it started, Dada and I picked up J from the train station at Exeter.  The next day, we showed him around our little village by the sea.  Like I said in my postcard from Bristol, J is from America.  I call him MY J, because I like to call things “mine”, though I’m not really sure that he is a “thing” just like MY Peppa Pig lunch box or MY DVDS.

Anyway, so the next day I wore the shirt MY J gave me (among other things) and I thought that it would be a good idea to show him around my neighbourhood.  That’s what we did, we went down the village

That’s me eating ice-cream while me and my mum waited for MY J and Dada outside the Witch’s Museum.   She didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go inside.  

We walked up by the coast-gaurd’s hut on our way back.  I got tired from all the walking so here I am waiting for them to catch up with me.  Sometimes, grown-ups are so slow!

The next day we took MY J up for a hike to the next village called Tintagel.  It was a very, very, very long walk! 

 I actually had to give MY baby a piggy-back-ride because she was also too tired to walk!

Dada says this rock formation is called the Lady’s Window.  My mum got all hysterical when my Dada took me to look at it up-close.  She said it made her knees go jelly.  I don’t know why she said that when there was obviously no jelly around!  Sometimes my mum says the silliest things!

The grown-ups were all saying how lovely it was.  I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about!  I like it when you can actually go near the water (not admire it!) and play with sand.

I walked that path all the way down and up again.

Now you know why I just had to stake a snooze on the bench up there.  There were also other hikers resting at the top of the hill.

It was indeed a lovely day and warm too!  My mum actually had to put some sunblock on me.  I don’t really like that stuff, it’s too sticky.  But mum said I need it to protect my skin from the sun.  Later during the walk, MY J asked if he could have some too.  He said he wasn’t prepared for this kind of weather in England.  He said he only brought rain gear!  It’s been raining this week, I guess if MY J was still here, he’d be happy that he brought all his rain gear stuff.  Mum says summer is gone and autumn is here.  She said it’s time to take out all our winter stuff from hiding.  I didn’t even know they were hiding!  

See yah!



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Cancelled Plans, A Train Ride and A Birthday Picnic

As parents of a young child, we know that just because you plan ahead doesn’t mean that it will happen, like that time when we were all set to go to Manchester to watch a football Olympic game between Brazil and Belarus, I won’t bore you folks with the details but you can click on the link if you want to know the story.

Anyway, the day before we were all set to drive up to Woburn Sands where my lovely in-laws live for T’s birthday party, we decided to cancel and move it, just to make sure that T was a hundred percent feeling better.  Yes, my daughter was still a bit sick and we didn’t want things to get worse, so feeling really like “responsible” parents, we decided not to go.

And guess, what?  The next day our little one was definitely better.  But plans have been changed and it was too late to un-change them once again.  So we had to think of an impromptu birthday celebration for little T and what better way to celebrate it than with her best friend F?

F and T walking to the train station.

So last Monday, the 26th of August we celebrated Tamsin’s third birthday by going on a steam train ride at the Launceston Steam Railway.

The Victorian Steam Train – all aboard!

Shall we go and get tickets dear?  Oh yes, please!

You’ve over-packed again!

T and F all aboard Lillian the Steam Train (built in 1883).

We got off at the New Mills Farm park – the perfect picnic ground!

It was kiddie heaven!   The place had trampolines, little cars, swings, slides, animals, ball pits and other games as well.

T loved jumping with other kids.

Especially of course jumping with her best friend.

So many cars to choose from!

C’mon F let’s explore!

This is bliss!

This is where we are dear… I’m tired. Let’s go home.

The Launceston Railway also has a magnificent collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and other vintage finds.  Apart from the train ride, there’s also a cafe and a lovely gift shop.  So if you’re in the area and looking for something really fun to do this is indeed a must-visit.

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Snapshot: The World Outside

This was the view from our window when we had lunch at a pub over-looking the beach at Crackington Haven, (North Cornwall).  It was a lovely-hot(ish) summer day, even though it was high-tide, there were still loads of sun and sea worshippers.  Next week though might feel like summer is out of it’s way – hope that changes.  The good thing though about the British weather is that it always changes, it’s as fickle-minded as my lovely soon to be three-year-old.

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In search of the Devil’s Cauldron at Lydford Gorge

I don’t know about you folks, but we’ve been busy almost daily doing things out in the sun, or visiting places, scared that we might wake up one day to grey skies once again.

So last sunday, we decided on an impromptu picnic somewhere, anywhere, as long as it involved the sun and out-doors.

One of the best things about where we live is that we are never far-away from lovely places to visit.  We are just minutes away from the beach and other tourist places.  And being members of the National Trust, we can actually go to any of their properties and have a day-out without having to pay the excessive entrance fees some of these places are known for.  Actually, that’s all you need for a cheap day out: your National Trust card and a delicious picnic.

So that’s what we did!  We didn’t want to go too far and we didn’t want to visit any of the stately country homes here in Cornwall (we’ve been to most of them anyway and besides, we reserve them for rainy days and winter).  We wanted to do something fun and for a change, not go to the beach.  It only took only a couple of flicks on our trusty 2013 National Trust Book and found a place to go:  Lydford Gorge, Tavistock in Devon.


  • The place had a picnic ground.
  • A Playground
  • Lovely walks by the river and exciting/mysterious places to find/visit.

Although when we got there, it was actually too hot to have a picnic on the grounds.  Sadly, it was also too hot for T to play at the playground.  So we ended up doing a short walk through the woods to look for the Devil’s Cauldron.  

It was a short(ish) walk down the river.  T gamely walked all the way down.  We stopped by a charming bridge and my husband taught us how to play Pooh sticks which T loved.  Then we followed the river till it narrowed down, walked up a few steep steps and entered a dark ravine to see the Devils Cauldron.

It was a bit scary actually, going down.  One clumsy step and you could easily fall down below.

Can you imagine falling?  I can!  So I didn’t dare look down.

And there it was, the Devil’s Cauldron, it was actually eerie.   You could imagine something sinister happening here – a perfect setting for a scary movie.  It was warm outside, but as soon as we stepped down the ravine, the temperature immediately went down and it was all lovely and cool.  We would’ve stayed longer, but since it was a sunday, there was a string of tourists coming in one after another.

After the walk, we decided to go back in the car and drive down to the waterfalls.  You could actually walk all the way there, but not with a toddler, maybe when she’s older.  Besides, we were getting a little bit peckish.  It was time for that picnic which we had under a tree before setting off to find the White Lady.

The White Lady Waterfall is 90 feet tall and is apparently the highest waterfall in the South West.  The photo above doesn’t look like it’s been taken in England.  It looks a bit more like my home in the Philippines, though if this was home, the waterfalls will be bigger, more of a raging torrent and of course the temperature would be warmer too.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this was the day my little one actually said the F word.

If you’re in the area and looking for something to do, a bit of a hike, a picnic or a little adventure for you and your little ones, do visit the Lydford Gorge.

What have you been doing in this Lovely Sunshine …

especially for those  of you who like us live in a place where it could be a bit of a rarity like old Blighty?  Not anymore, folks! The beautiful sunshine seems here to stay for err… a bit.  See for yourself:

Apparently it was so hot in the center court in Wimbledon (where Andy Murray made history and won the much coveted cup yesterday.  Well done!) – the thermometer there read 40 degrees!

Here in our little village, we were out and enjoying ourselves in the annual Boscastle Duck race.  Would love to write more about the event, but I’ll have to pass for now because we’ve been summoned to the beach!  We are bringing the BBQ and Pimms.  See you there!

All about Summer in England: Days of Fun in the Sun

T enjoying the sun in our garden

We’ve been having so much good weather lately, it almost seems too good to be true!  The weather won’t be as good this week,  but since we’ve had so much of it the past few days, it almost feels alright.


We – along with other parents went to the beach for an impromptu BBQ, even though the tide has risen and we only had a few patch of sand and ended up sitting on the rocks, it was still so much fun!  Arrived past 4pm and stayed till around 7pm, the good thing about British summer is that, it’s still bright outside even at 10pm – and of course the days are longer!

Waiting for the BBQ to cook.

Having fun with her friends.

Err… Sunbathing?


My husband had a seminar to teach in Taunton, a lovely town in Somerset, between Exeter and Bristol.  Since the weather was still good, T and I decided to go with him and have a girl’s-day-out, while he worked.  Had so much fun shopping and mooching around the shops, just like I used to do when I was single, only this time I had my little girl with me, which turned out even more fun! She’s a little girl now, not my baby anymore =( … as I was trying on some sandals, she said to me I want to try on sandals too mommy!  So I let her try on some too.  After our shopping, we sat in the park, had ice-cream and enjoyed the sun even more. Then met up with my husband and had a picnic and watched a cricket match!  Now that’s a very British thing to do, have a picnic amidst a cricket game.

My husband has been trying to explain this game to me.  But as soon as he mentions the word cricket, my mind goes off to lalaland – that word along with football and history. (He teaches history and has a few books published too).

T oblivious to the game, no matter how much my husband tried to engage her in it.


Just when I thought that we were going to spend a quiet-relaxing day doing some chores, we received text from one of our friends inviting us for another BBQ on the beach.  Who can say no to a BBQ on the beach, with lovely weather and great company?  Not us!

Pimms on the beach, can it get any better than that?

Except this: best-friends enjoying the beach and sun.

Best-friends forever: T & F.

Now if only the weather here is like this year-round, then life would be perfect!

Even the horses enjoyed a dip in the Cornish sea.

Must always end summer days with eating ice-cream by the beach.

And now it’s Monday and the sun is still shining, although we do have some rain to come all through-out-the-week.  Temperature is also scheduled to go down just a little bit.  Rain and a bit cold in the summer, this is England I know more.  Now excuse me while I tackle the endless chores that seemed to have accumulated over the few days while we lazed around on the beach.  Oh well, it was worth it!

For Keeps

The dreary winter days seems to be all but a memory now.  The weather has finally decided to give us a break and has been showering us with lovely sunshiny days.  Oh do let the good times last!  And if the BBC 5 day weather forecast is correct, the glorious sunny days are here to stay, for this week at least.  Yes lovely readers, we do get delightful weather too here in the UK and when it happens England becomes even more beautiful than it already is.  No more whinging, no more moping around and wanting to put my head in the-oven moods.  The sunshine does wonders to ones well-being, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’d like to share some lovely anecdotes/memories, ones for filing in my mind, to be used later, when maybe, winter comes and my mood turns bleak again.  Let me share them with you …

A couple of days ago, I was doing some ironing when I heard an excited voice cry out:  Bye, bye hair plane!  Bye, bye!  Bye, bye hair plane!  Bye, bye!  I looked up from my ironing and spied this from the doorway of our kitchen:

She looked so lovely, innocent and happy as she waved and shouted Bye-bye hair plane!  (Yes, she pronounces airplane with an H no matter how much we correct her).  The day was lovely, we had some linen hanging in the lawn to dry, there was a gentle breeze blowing and life seemed so perfect.  I quickly took a photo of my daughter in my mind, I wanted to freeze the moment, so I quickly grabbed my camera.

And this:

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to go out and do our shopping, T said to me.  Take my picture Mommy!  I was surprised because she doesn’t like to have her photo taken.  As soon as she sees you point the camera at her, she runs away or hides her face.  So I grabbed my camera, eager to take a photo of her.  But she didn’t want her picture taken inside the house and led me outside and into her Dada’s shed.  There – among her Dad’s gardening tools, she actually posed … thrice!  The thing is, I have no idea where she got those poses from.  I never even use the word on her, nor do I do pose when I have my picture taken.  Hang on, I very seldom have my photo taken.  I’m always the one behind the camera and I also doubt if she’s seen it on TV.  Good lord.  I have filed this memory under my “funny ones” and “What-the-H-was-she-doing/thinking” ones.

Btw, I’m not done with my Brighton posts yet.  There’s certainly more to come!