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Please Vote for Me

First off let me just say that I’m not a photographer.  I’m just someone who likes to take photos with my handy point and shoot camera.  It doesn’t mean though that I don’t want to become one, would love to!  And would also love to have one of those fancy DSLR cameras, complete with different kind of lenses and all, although admittedly it would probably take me ages to learn how to work it.

Anyway, for the fun of it, I decided to send an entry to Field Notes from Fatherhood’s  2013 Summer Photo Contest.  I joined really late, but guess what?  My photo made it on the list!  Woohoo! 🙂

The photo I sent first appeared on this blog-post.   I honestly wasn’t expecting to make it on the list, especially since I’ve seen the other entries which were obviously taken by let’s-just-say people who know more about photography than I do.  So yes, as the Brits would say, I’m really chuffed!  Now this is where I need your help, yes, you, reading this blog-post.  Please click here to vote for me, scroll down the blog-post, and you’ll see the other lovely entries, but please vote for me!  My photo is the third one called :View from the Window.

I have no idea if there’s actually a price involved, but I don’t really care about that, I just want to WIN!  Why?  Because I’ve never won anything!  So who knows, with your help, this might be my first win!  Once again, thanks to Field Notes from Fatherhood for choosing my photo to be included in the finalist.  Do check out his blog too!

Snapshot: The World Outside

This was the view from our window when we had lunch at a pub over-looking the beach at Crackington Haven, (North Cornwall).  It was a lovely-hot(ish) summer day, even though it was high-tide, there were still loads of sun and sea worshippers.  Next week though might feel like summer is out of it’s way – hope that changes.  The good thing though about the British weather is that it always changes, it’s as fickle-minded as my lovely soon to be three-year-old.

I’ve linked this photo up with Podcast’s What’s The Story