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Autumn Photographs

It’s been a while since I took my camera out for a spin.  Did just that today.  It started out in the garden and then T, Doc and I decided to go over the neighbouring field for more photos.

Scenes from our garden:


“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler of crust of brown sugar and cinnamon” – Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost


A touch of colour (photo above) and bat girl and her dog in the field beside our house.

Don’t you just love autumn photographs?

Autumn Images

The Indian summer I was so hoping for, didn’t happen.  It’s like summer didn’t even try to linger a bit longer.  It just packed its bag and nary a glance, left and shut the door quietly behind it.  Ah well….

Autumn isn’t that bad at all.  In fact, I do love the changing of the colours of the leaves from green, brown to golden.  I love raking them in the garden, dressed in a warm coat and wellies, engrossed in my own thoughts.  I pile all the leaves and scoop them up in our wheelbarrow, then wheel it behind the small barn and unto our compost heap.  I have a feeling a badger or hedgehog family might just decide to move in there soon.  They’ll dig in real deep under that pile of leaves.  Hopefully it will keep them warm.

All the leaves in the trees will soon be gone. I’ll keep raking them as fast as I can but the weather hasn’t been too kind lately.  The leaves have turned mucky.  When it’s better you’ll find me busy raking in the garden, such good exercise too.

And here is Boots on her favourite spot.  I’ve probably photographed her more than a dozen times on this very spot, over the seasons.  I think she likes it there so she can wait and watch before she pounces on her prey.

And you’ll still find the cows grazing in the empty field behind our house.  In the winter, they are all put in the barn.  I guess it’s because there’s not enough nutrients to be found in the grass and so they’ll have to be fed in the barn.

Autumn days are also lovely when you have a fire to light.  When I think of autumn, I also think of delicious home-made soup, thick-chunky jumpers, and lovely autumnal walks.

Yes, it isn’t that bad at all.  While I do miss you summer, I’m cozying up with Autumn now.  See you next year!

A Summer Hangover in Photos

O, sunlight!  The most precious gold to be found on earth.” – Roman Payne

We woke up to autumn shaking us with its dreary, wet and cold hands yesterday.  While it isn’t wet today, it’s still the same overcast morning, I’m still suffering from a terrible summer hangover.  The kind you wouldn’t necessarily want to shake off.  In that note, I’m heading off to lala land courtesy of the photos I took of those glorious days of summer.  Come and join me!

 Buckfast Abey in all its glory.

Little T saying a prayer/wish.  I bet she was praying for more toys 😉


And just like that, summer left us through that ancient window …

Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist so sad? – Dodie Smith

What we did on a Saturday

Don’t you just love lazy weekends?  I do.  Last Saturday, I had a lovely long(ish) lie-in while the husband took little T out for a father-daughter brunch date at our friends cafe nearby.  They don’t do this often, so when a chance for a lie-in comes up I grab it as if my very life depended on it.  If you’re a mum with a small child, I’m sure you’ll know how precious and how rare these moments are.

T was in a good mood after lunch, so I grabbed this chance by asking her to wear some of the new clothes I got for her this week.  Of course, for any mum who blogs, this also means a chance for a photo shoot.  If your daughter is like mine, who doesn’t really being photographed and likes to annoy me by making the silliest and most ridiculous poses just as she sees me aiming my camera at her, I did what any other mum would do, I bribed her with ice-cream.  Yes, indeed, shame on me.

I also shamelessly, used Bob bear (the school mascot), as an excuse, since he is staying with us for a week and we do need to post some photos on his diary of how he spent the week with T.


Does your kids like being photographed?

What’s your best tip when taking photos of children?

Do share.

Inanimate Objects

Nothing is inanimate, what is the rest is our interpretation.

– Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

A glass dove.

A Victorian rocking horse.


A stack of books.

He had insisted that inanimate objects couldn’t have malignant motivations, but Emma had extensive proof to the contrary. – Lauren Willig, The Garden Intrigue.

 I like going around the house taking photos of anything that catches my eye.

Do you do this too?

A Walk in Photos

St. George’s flag was flying proudly up Forrarbury church as Doc and I walked towards it last Sunday.  Oh yes, I remembered, it was after all St. George’s day the day before that.

The last time we were out, I noticed some lovely bluebells strewn all over the grass near Forrarbury church.  I made a mental note to come back with my camera, but never did.

Luckily when we came back, the bluebells were still around.

Aren’t they the loveliest?  After a few snaps, Doc and I went ahead with our walk and found this bunny rabbit on the cemetery grounds.

Someone must have left it there for a love one.  Doc and I went to our usual jaunt on the headland at this point, I had to put my camera back in my bag.  It was a weekend and there were a lot of dog-walkers out and this meant, I couldn’t let Doc off his leash.  He gets too excited when there are others, especially since some of them had their little toddlers in tow.  I didn’t want to frighten the little ones with an over-excited friendly dog running up to them, even if it’s just to say hi.

Once back on the road, I did manage a few measly shots.

When we first moved down to Cornwall, I used to wonder why some of the trees were odd-shaped looking, as if they were slanting.  Then I realised the trees are slanting because of the harsh Cornish wind.  I find it fascinating.  You’ll find slanting trees  dotted all over the Cornish coast.

Have you ever seen trees slanting trees in your area?

Do share.

A Country Kids Post: Down By the Harbour

While we live by the sea, we’re not lucky enough to have a beach in our little village, except when it is low-tide, and a very small patch of sand appears suddenly like magic.  While of course you can hardly call it a beach, but it’s big enough for little T, the dogs and her friends to have a play on.  And this is exactly what we did last Saturday …

Little T with one of her best-friends W and of course, her over-excitable bundle of fur – Doc.

Even though it was a gloomy and cold day and the sun was nowhere to be found, the kids and the dogs managed to have a lovely time.

Doc chasing his best-friend, Wilbur.

Wilbur in action. 

And here he is, waiting for T to throw a stick at him.

We decided to walk along the coast on our way back home.  As for the kids, they decided that it was way more fun climbing up the hill.  We let them be.  After all, this is what childhood memories are made of.

What lovely plans do you have this weekend?

Do share.

Photos from our Back Garden Today

Woke up with sunshine pouring out of our windows. I’m wondering, has spring arrived? Or is spring really on the way? My husband says the days seem longer now.  That thought makes us happy.

 Have you been outside?  I have and saw this.

Beautiful blues skies, a bit cloudy against the winter trees.  Lovely isn’t it?

If we move from here, I’m certainly going to miss this view outside my kitchen window.

Finally!  A photo of our Camellia in the sunlight, if you’ve been following me over on Instagram, I’ve been posting photos of it in the mist.

And the sunlight was making delightful shadows on the wall too.

Even our winter plants seemed to cheer up in the sun.

…. or maybe not.

Could it be true?

Is Spring really on its way?

An Easy Sunday

I had a grand plan yesterday (sunday).  The plan was to get up, eat breakfast with the family and then drive all the way down to Falmouth to visit Pendennis Castle.  We haven’t had the chance to use our English Heritage membership for ages now, nor have we used our National Trust one, part of my genius plan was to make the most of everything.

But then, as always, I had another bad night and when you have terrible nights, plans do tend to fly out the window.  Luckily though, all wasn’t lost.  You’ve probably heard me say this a dozen times, especially if you’ve been following my blog, the good thing about where we live is that you don’t really need to go far to go to somewhere nice.  So instead, of going to a castle built during the reign of Henry VIII, we ended up in Widemouth bay, a lovely beach not far from our little village.

It was a cold and blustery day, but of course, the little one hardly noticed it.  No matter the weather, the beach is always a fun place to be when you’re a child or a dog.

I love this photo of the three of them.  I remember taking a photo similar to this one, but only it was of my husband and Mutt (our dog who died of bone cancer, before little T was born).  If you’re curious too see it, click here.

Poor sun.  It was trying its best to peer among the clouds, but sadly, the grey was just too strong and stubborn to allow it to take more than just a peek.

And when it got too cold, we decided to take shelter in the nearby beach cafe for a little snack.

of yummy delicious hot-chocolate complete with whipped cream and choco flake…

Little T settled for ice-cream on top of waffle swathed in maple syrup.

As you can see, she quickly demolished the ice-cream.  And when it was done and dusted, she wanted to head back to the beach for more fun and play.

Apart from the beach and the rock-pools, the nearby cliff also offers a few small caves where one can go exploring.

And it wasn’t just people and dogs who were out enjoying the dry weather yesterday …

so were the horses.

I love sundays like this one.  There’s really no pressure to do anything or to stick to any plan.  I’m actually learning now that the best memories made are actually the ones that were un-planned, that were spontaneous, and done in the last-minute… do you agree?