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All about Summer in England: Days of Fun in the Sun

T enjoying the sun in our garden

We’ve been having so much good weather lately, it almost seems too good to be true!  The weather won’t be as good this week,  but since we’ve had so much of it the past few days, it almost feels alright.


We – along with other parents went to the beach for an impromptu BBQ, even though the tide has risen and we only had a few patch of sand and ended up sitting on the rocks, it was still so much fun!  Arrived past 4pm and stayed till around 7pm, the good thing about British summer is that, it’s still bright outside even at 10pm – and of course the days are longer!

Waiting for the BBQ to cook.

Having fun with her friends.

Err… Sunbathing?


My husband had a seminar to teach in Taunton, a lovely town in Somerset, between Exeter and Bristol.  Since the weather was still good, T and I decided to go with him and have a girl’s-day-out, while he worked.  Had so much fun shopping and mooching around the shops, just like I used to do when I was single, only this time I had my little girl with me, which turned out even more fun! She’s a little girl now, not my baby anymore =( … as I was trying on some sandals, she said to me I want to try on sandals too mommy!  So I let her try on some too.  After our shopping, we sat in the park, had ice-cream and enjoyed the sun even more. Then met up with my husband and had a picnic and watched a cricket match!  Now that’s a very British thing to do, have a picnic amidst a cricket game.

My husband has been trying to explain this game to me.  But as soon as he mentions the word cricket, my mind goes off to lalaland – that word along with football and history. (He teaches history and has a few books published too).

T oblivious to the game, no matter how much my husband tried to engage her in it.


Just when I thought that we were going to spend a quiet-relaxing day doing some chores, we received text from one of our friends inviting us for another BBQ on the beach.  Who can say no to a BBQ on the beach, with lovely weather and great company?  Not us!

Pimms on the beach, can it get any better than that?

Except this: best-friends enjoying the beach and sun.

Best-friends forever: T & F.

Now if only the weather here is like this year-round, then life would be perfect!

Even the horses enjoyed a dip in the Cornish sea.

Must always end summer days with eating ice-cream by the beach.

And now it’s Monday and the sun is still shining, although we do have some rain to come all through-out-the-week.  Temperature is also scheduled to go down just a little bit.  Rain and a bit cold in the summer, this is England I know more.  Now excuse me while I tackle the endless chores that seemed to have accumulated over the few days while we lazed around on the beach.  Oh well, it was worth it!

Picnic at Bedruthan Steps

The BBC weather forecast predicted lovely sunshine weather last Friday and I’m glad to say that they did not disappoint us.  Indeed, the sun was up and shining when we woke up and managed to stay radiating with all its glory all through out the day.  A picnic was definitely in the offing.  One thing I’ve really learned about living here in England is to grab these moments by the neck.  You’ll never know when the sun will be out again, not even in the summer, or might I say, especially in the summer.

Bedruthan steps like all coastlines here in England is rugged, wild, dramatic and beautiful.  It is located within the parish of St. Eval in North Cornwall and is partly owned by the National Trust and has the expected tea shop and National Trust gift shops perfect for tourists looking for some souvenirs to take home with them.  The shop and cafe were actually used as mine offices since there is evidence that the place had mining activities in the early 19th century.

This is a definite visit for enthusiastic hikers and country ramblers who will enjoy the lovely coastal walk. However, if you’re the laid-back kind of person, the Bedruthan steps is also a perfect spot for a picnic especially on a sunshiny day like we had last Friday.  It was absolutely perfect.  The view was breathtaking as we sat and soaked up the sun and ate our impromptu picnic which was really just a few sandwiches, cookies and doughnuts bought from the Co-op.  The cliffs are steep and dangerous, so there are warnings to take heed, especially if you have small children in tow.  T obediently sat on our picnic blanket ate her doughnuts and marvelled at the airplanes passing us by.  We live by the ocean you see, so seeing it won’t excite her as much as kids who live in the midlands, as for airplanes, that’s an all together different story.

T is probably thinking, I wish there were more days like this one, I’m with you on that, little one.

To know more about Bedruthan steps and how to get there, click here.