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Little T’s Review of her new Clarks Trainers

We’ve been in the hunt for new trainers for little T, especially since she’s started her gymnastics class last year. Sadly, we haven’t had the time to shop for them, especially since we live in a little village by the sea.  Beautiful yes, but to get proper trainers for your little ones, you invariably have to drive at least about 30 minutes to get to the nearest shoe shop. While we do a lot of online shopping,  however, when it comes to shoes, it’s really best to get your child’s feet properly measured (instead of second-guessing like we normally do for other clothing).

Last week, little T and I chose some Clarks trainers online and ordered them to be delivered to the nearest store, which was in Bodmin, about a 45 minute drive from where we live.  The lovely woman whom I spoke to on the phone, advised us to order more than one pair and different sizes to make sure that we don’t end up leaving Clarks empty-handed. Within a few days, I received a text message and email from Clarks, informing me that our order has arrived, which was perfect timing because it was little T’s half-term break.

And so we arrived at the  shop with a happy little T, excited to get her feet all measured up.  We were really struck with how high-tech it was.  Last time we got her measured at their Exeter branch, they  used the old-fashioned slider-measuring gauge.  This time though, they had a tablet and even made little T click on her information like her age and sex before sliding the tablet in what looked like a weighing scale, as seen below.

We were all impressed with their new gadget and, of course, the friendly and professional customer service at the Clarks shop, Bodmin Branch.

Then they took out the shoes we ordered, but sadly the ones little T selected online (black with a flash of pink) didn’t come in her size.  They were too big for her!  I’m glad we managed to order another back-up pair, with a different colour – pink.

She didn’t seem to mind at all that these were pink – and I mean very, very pink – not black. Will she always be this easy to please?  I’m afraid not, but she was absolutely loving her new screaming pink trainers as if they were her first choice!

At first, I wasn’t really impressed with her them, or perhaps I was just too distracted with how pink they looked and the fact that it actually lights-up once she stomped her little feet.  But upon closer inspection, they looked like really proper trainers, or as the Cornish would say “It’s a proper job!”

Of course, this isn’t little T’s first Clark shoes.  We’ve bought her winter boots, wellies and other kinds of shoes with Clarks before, not to mention my own pairs of shoes from the same brand 😉

And here’s little T wearing her new trainers to her gymnastics class.

I have no idea why she’s standing like that, and please pretend you can’t see the yogurt stain on her leotard, which she had before this photo was taken.

The verdict:  I love my new trainers mummy!  I never want to take them off ever again!  Can I wear them to school please?

She actually wanted to sleep with them.  We managed to convince her to leave them on the floor.  And as I’m typing this, she is actually wearing them at home.  After all, who says trainers have to be boring?  They can be pink, flashy and sparkly especially when you’re a four-year-old like little T, don’t you agree?  So if you’re looking for trainers for your kids, you now know where to get them!  After all, they are a traditional British shoe shop, you can never go wrong with that right?

Do you have a favourite brand of trainers for little ones?  Do share.

Disclaimer:  This is a collaboration with Clarks, however, all photos and opinions are by yours truly.

Little T and her Pink Scooter

Little T is your typical little girl who loves everything pink.  She loves pink so much, she’s even made this ever-so-stressful-house-hunt even more taxing by declaring that she wants to live in a pink-house.     It may not come as a surprise to you that she can easily twirl her daddy in her pretty little fingers, so his reply to this rather unreasonable request was “Sure sweetie, we can paint the house pink if you want“.  If a look could kill, he’d be dead by now.

Goodness knows she has too much pink stuff already like her pink doll’s house, pink castle, pink jewellery box and there’s  her pink scooter, with the pink/white basket and a very noisy pink tooter.  I love pink! She says, that’s why I love strawberries!  Pink is the best!

Last week when the weather was good, we took the very pink scooter out for a scoot around our neighbourhood.

And of course, any walk we do always ends up  in the playground, where she happily scooted around the round-a-bout.

Do you have a little girl?  Does she also like pink?

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Have a lovely weekend!

The Pink Tutu

For the longest time, Little T has been wanting a “ballerina dress” as she calls it.  On Christmas Eve thanks to my lovely sister, she got what she wanted.

We allowed her to open one present on the night before Christmas and she chose this one.   As seen on the photo above, she was a happy little ballerina and even wanted to wear it to bed.  I said no.  But told her she could wear it as soon as she wakes up the next day.

And here she is opening some presents.  She loves Spongebob, can you guess from the look on her face?

And here she is eating her breakfast, was just so relieved she didn’t spill any chocolate sauce on it!

She also asked for a hoover.  We got this little cleaning trolley instead, it has a small hoover, a little broom, a mop and all the other stuff one needs for cleaning.  Who says you can’t wear a pink tutu to clean?  Not even Cinderella, only little T 🙂

And who says Doctors can’t be ballerinas too?  They definitely can in little T’s world!

And be an artist too!

And here she is resting her weary ballerina feet from all that twirling.

When she opened this one, she actually said “He remembered!”  This was the present she wrote to him about on this post.

I have a feeling she’ll be wearing this again and again and again in the days to come.  Thank goodness she hasn’t asked to wear it yet to walk her dog!

Are you ready for the New Year?

We are!

Bring it on.

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