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T’s Orbeez Summer

The weather has been really bad this week.  It’s been raining every day and it actually looks more like autumn than summer.  I know, I keep ranting about the weather, I feel bad for the little ones who have been waiting the past few months for this.  Anyway before the break,, I ordered some Orbeez (their like gel beans which you “grow” over night in water, after about 8 hours they become like squishy jelly like beans your kids can play with) for T to play with over the summer.

She’s been nagging me about them ever since she first saw children play with them on YouTube.

That’s what’s been keeping her busy.  I bought her two packs and they came in little plastic pouches.  Each night she’d choose a colour and we’d leave it soaked in water to “grow” over night.  Just like in the video, she let’s her little “Elsya” and “Anya” dolls swim in them.  She can spend hours just playing with them, sometimes she’ll play and watch a video of kids playing, while she herself is playing with her tub of Orbeez.  She once asked if she could have a bath filled with the little beans, but I said no to that.

To be fair though, as soon as the rain would stop, T would run out and jump on her trampoline.  She doesn’t spend all her time playing with Orbeez, she likes to draw and paint too.  Hopefully the lovely warm sunny days will be back.

Have you heard of Orbeez?

Do your kids play with them too?

Do share.

T and the Rugby Nippers

As parents of  toddlers we are always on the look out for activities that would burn off all that energy only a young child would have, although at three, T and her best-friend F are not considered toddlers anymore.

At the moment, T goes to play school three times a week and only stays till after lunch-time.  We are taking little steps here, we let her make the decision.  Last week, it was her idea to stay till after-lunch and so she did.  The decision to stay till three, will also come from her.  On Thursdays though T and her best-friend F “plays” rugby with other kids with the help of coach Dave of the Nippers Rugby.

Do you notice anything different in this photo?  T is the only little girl!

Dave is very good with what he does and the kids really enjoy the rugby sessions with him.  They are taught basic sports skills, simple rugby exercises and social etiquette.

And they also learn the meaning of “team work”.

Future female rugby player?

The session runs about 45 minutes.  There is a break-time enough for the kids to have a drink and a little rest.  A niece of mine asked me, why rugby?  It actually doesn’t really matter what kind of sport, we just wanted an activity that would allow our daughter to run around like a loony and burn all that excess energy.  It’s great though of course that she’s learning a sport and experiencing what it is like to be in a “team” no matter how small the group is.  This works perfectly well and as I’ve mentioned Dave is great with the kids.  And also where we live, it’s a bit difficult to find activities that are age-appropriate for them, other than the usual sit-around-sing-dance-storytime kind of thing, which she does at play school anyway.  She has mentioned that she wants to dance ballet, I’ve yet to find somewhere close to us.  For the meantime, she’s enjoying her rugby sessions so much with coach Dave.

So if you have a little one of your own and live somewhere in North Cornwall or even Devon, do check if Dave is doing any Nippers Rugby session in your area, you won’t regret it!  For more info, please click here.

My Top 20 Things to do when it’s Raining Outside

1.  Do some “work” on my laptop.

2.  Adorn my legs with stickers.

3.   Have a tea party with my toys.

4.  Bake cupcakes or cookies.

5.  Have a “real” tea-party with the cupcakes I’ve baked.

6.  Play with my train-set.

7.  Play with my doll’s house and castle.

8.  Jump on my bed!

9.  Be a super-hero.

10.  Make shapes with my play-doh.

11.  Rummage in my toy-box.

12.  Wear mommy’s shoes & dance!

13.  Colour outside the lines.

14.  Watch my favourite dvd.

15.  Pretend the sun is out and wear mommy’s shades.

16.  Have a picnic in the living room with my toys.

17.  Ride dobbin in my witch’s outfit.  Yes, I know it’s not Halloween yet.

 18.  Make a card-board mask and try not to bump into furniture.

19.  Play cars with my best-friend.

20. Lastly, when all else fails watch the rain fall by our window with my bestest friend in the world!

What do you like doing when it’s raining outside?

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