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We Are All the Same #notoracism

A few days ago, I woke up to messages from my family and friends back home in the Phil and in the States asking how we were.  I was baffled with the sudden concern (not that they aren’t concerned about us, I know they always are, but it was the way they asked, just out of the blue).  It took awhile to sink-in (or perhaps also because I haven’t had my first mug of coffee yet), that they meant the #Brexit.  I repeated what my husband said to me, that we’re fine, our finances are stable and safe (thank goodness we didn’t take out that mortgage!)  They all replied good.  My sister-in-law followed it up and said that she was actually worried about the reports of rising racism here in the UK since the result of the referendum.

At that time, I haven’t heard anything and there wasn’t much reports in the news, so I googled and came across this, an album created by someone from Facebook to monitor hate incidents that has been happening here in the UK.

I shared it on my page, but then deleted it after a while.  You see, I didn’t want to be trolled.  But the other night, my husband and I were watching the news and an American man was targeted in a tram in Manchester and was told to “go home”.  I actually felt fear and wondered what if that happens to me?  I’m a sure target especially since I obviously look foreign, and to say nothing to me is akin to pretending that it isn’t happening.  I felt I had to write something even though I dreaded it.  I shun controversy, or any kind of attention you see.  If you knew me personally, you’ll know how boring I really am, though if you’ve been following my little blog by now, I’m sure you’ve guessed that already 😉

We went food shopping last Monday.  I felt a bit uneasy and wondered if that person who was looking at me across the aisle was racist.  Did the man choosing which ice-cream to buy his kids think that I should go home?  Does that woman by  the fruit stand think that I’m vermin?

So far there hasn’t been incidents like that here in North Cornwall, or at least, none that I’m aware of or experienced.  My daughter goes to a small supportive village school and has lovely friends.  But should I start to worry about her too?  What will you feel if your child comes home from school and shows you a note that says “Leave” or “No more ____ (fill in the blanks) vermin” like that poor Polish boy somewhere in Cambridge.

What would you feel if it happened to you and your child?  Would you scream your heart out and hurl expletives back at them?  Or would you cower in fear and cover your child’s ears to make sure they don’t hear the damaging and hurtful words that were hurled at you like vile warm vomit?

We are all the same regardless of where we come from.  We all live in the same planet, breathe the same air, share the same sun and moon. HG Wells sums it up:

“Our true nationality is mankind’

Let’s hope we all remember that …



If you’re reading this and want to comment, I do implore you to be KIND, this is my blog, please respect that.  I won’t approve any racist or hurtful/hateful comments.  This  was also inspired by Twins Make Five’s post: Brexit, Immigration and my Family.