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Five Reasons why Widemouth Bay is a Fave

There’s no doubt summer is fading and it’s happening really fast!  In spite of that though, it still manages to show up once in a while as if to say “You haven’t seen the last of me yet!” And last Sunday it definitely felt just a little bit like our favourite time of the year was still hanging around with us.

One of our favourite jaunts here on our side of England, especially when the weather is good is a place called Widemouth Back, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably heard me mention the name in past posts.  It’s a place where we like to go to, especially since it’s only about a 20-minute drive from where we live.  Why do we keep coming back, you may ask?  Here are a number of reasons:

A Long Beach

Perfect for walking the dog and for little ones to run around like loonies since it has a long stretch of beach, regardless of whether it is low tide or high tide.  You see, there are some beaches here in Cornwall that disappear as soon as the tide comes in.  You’ll need perfect timing to visit those beaches.

Here at Widemouth, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you come.  You’re guaranteed to have nice long walk in the sand.


And when it is low tide, it has the most interesting and massive area of rock pools to explore, not just for children, but for rock pool aficionados just like my husband.  He and little T can spend hours and hours exploring every nook and cranny much to the annoyance of the little creatures who call it home.  I can imagine an emergency siren going through all the rock pools announcing T and her Dad’s presence.  Ugh.  Them again!  Apologies creatures of the sea…

A Headland

Once you get tired of mucking about in the beach, there is also a headland nearby to walk the dog or do a little bit of hiking.  The views up there are breathtaking. And there are a few dotted benches around, where you can just sit, rest and take in the lovely picture-perfect view of the ocean like this couple I spied on our walk:

The last time we were here, this touching memorial bench wasn’t even around:

I can imagine why her mother loved this spot.  One can just spend hours staring out to sea, provided of course you’re dressed for strong winds, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating.


And if that isn’t enough reasons, there is also a nearby cafe where one can order delicious hot chocolate, ice-cream and other snacks like this yummy waffle T had fun devouring.  A great place to seek refuge especially since the Cornish (or should I say English weather) drastically changes from good to bad within minutes.

Public Toilet

And lastly, all parents with young children will understand why I included this on the list:  Widemouth Bay has a nearby public toilet!  Perfect for those emergencies that often come with spending long times on the beach.  There are loads of lovely beaches here in Cornwall, but sadly most of them have toilets that are very far from the beach and when you’re running with your child about to do a number two, a nearby toilet is heaven-sent!

So if you’re visiting down here in North Cornwall and want a little bit of everything, chances are Widemouth bay might just foot the bill.

Have you been to North Cornwall?

What’s your favourite jaunt in the area? Do share.

Rock Pool Adventures with Doc and Little T

‘C’mon Doc!  It’s time for another adventure!

Woof!  Woof!  Woof!

Yay!  What kind of adventure?!

We are going to explore rock pools!

Doc wasn’t so sure what little T meant, but it sounded exciting.

When they arrived at the beach, Doc as always, came sniffing around.

Woof, woof, woof, woof?!

Are you exploring rock-pools now?

Don’t be silly, says T.  I’m just digging with my spade.

Doc left her to dig while he happily made paw prints on the sand.

Woof, woof, woof!

Hey, where are you going?!

My dada and I are going to explore rock-pools!  

Would you like to join us Doc?


But Doc was busy with something he found on the beach.

Oh, c’mon Doc!  Says little T.

Let go, that’s rubbish!


Fine, says Doc and lets go of his find.

Now this is what a rock-pool is, explains little T with the help of her Dad, they stirred the water to see if there was any fish or crabs in it.

From where he was watching, Doc wasn’t so sure he understood what was going-on.

But decided to do his own exploring anyway.

After awhile, little T and Doc got bored with the rock pools and decided to do their most favourite thing in the world – run around like loonies.

Wee!  Says little T.


Wee! Says little Doc.

This is fun, Doc!

But when little T turned around, Doc was gone.

He had found some doggie friends to run around with.

It was a lovely day, especially when you end it with a mug of hot coco sprinkled with fudge on top.

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