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How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

I heard the rest of the UK were basking in a lovely mini-heatwave.  I wish I could say it was the same for us down here in North Cornwall but it wasn’t.

The weather last Saturday was a good start.  After little T’s ballet we picked up a friend of hers who was going to have a sleep-over at our place, then we headed to Exeter to watch a football match.  It was lovely in Exeter.  It was just the right combination fo not too hot and not chilly.  On our way back home, we could smell people having bbqs at their homes.  It was early evening and my husband had plans to light the fire and just sit till night-fall.  But as we headed arrived in Cornwall, we saw sea-mist in the distance and our hearts sank a little bit.  By the time we turned into our driveway, we knew that our plan of sitting around the fire was gone out the window.

The next day, our house was still surrounded by sea-mist.  We had plans of spending the day in the beach, but it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.  Thankfully though, the mist cleared up towards mid-day and little T and her friend still managed to have some paddling pool fun.

I’m hoping the weather will be better at the end of May when T’s next term-breaks comes, especially since we’re expecting a visit from some family members.  It would be nice to be able to take them to the beach sans the sea-mist and have lovely bbqs in our garden.  Then again, this is Cornwall.  I think the weather down here is more unpredictable than any other place in the UK.  I could be wrong of course 😉

What about you?

How was your bank holiday weekend?