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Exciting News: We are a Weymouth Adventure Park Ambassador!

Well, fun news for Little Steps that is, especially for T.

I can’t wait till summer is here, because of the house move, we haven’t managed to plan a summer holiday, whether abroad or just in Blightey.  We haven’t even had the chance to crunch our numbers yet and there are still new things to be bought like a new table and chairs for the conservatory, somehow a holiday abroad seems a bit too much for us right now.  I’m fine with that though, especially since we ahem I repeat have been chosen to be a Weymouth Adventure Park Ambassador, suddenly the summer spent here doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.  I foresee lots of road trips to Weymouth come the summer months.

What awaits us in Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park?  Loads apparently!  And since we’ve never been there we are, as T would say “Oh my God, we are so excited!”  (You have to say this in a little girl’s high-pitched voice).

We originally planned to go this week for T’s half-term break, as mentioned already, the husband is just way too busy to be able to plan a family outing, even if it’s just a day’s break.  Never mind, summer is definitely just around the corner and his load will dwindle away for the summer break.

What to See and Do at the Weymouth Sea-Life Adventure Park


They have over 1000 different kinds of marine creatures, from Black Tipped Sharks, crocodiles, turtles, octopus, otters, penguins, just to name a few.  Imagine that, we can actually spend just the whole day going from one animal to another.  How cool is that?

Jurassic Skyline

I may be afraid of heights but I might just be able to conquer my fear.  I love the the idea of towering over the magnificent Jurassic landscape, not to mention a glimpse of the English channel from way up there, especially since it’s supposed to be taller than the Tower of London or the Taj Mahal.


This is the oldest attraction at the adventure park and houses native species to the UK including the endangered Undulate Ray and the non-threatening Blonde Ray.  I don’t know about you, every time I think of a ray, what comes to mind is that famous Australian Crocodile hunter who was killed by a sting-ray.  Remind me not to mention this to T, when we’re at the Harbourside looking at rays.

Pirate Adventure Mini Golf

For some families a holiday or break isn’t complete without a game of min-golf.  Not for us though, although to be fair, I think once little T sees how fun the Pirate Swashbuckle Mini Golf looks like, she might want to have a go.

Can’t wait to share all the fun with you guys when we visit the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park!  And it won’t just be once 😉

What about you?

Have you visited before?

We are so excited to go!

Any exciting plans for the summer?

Do share.

*All photos taken from the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park website.