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Good Day Sunshine

I think I know what McCartney was thinking when he wrote the lyrics to the Beatles’ song “Good Day sunshine”.  Just reading the words, makes you feel good already:  “Good day sunshine.  Good day sunshine.  Good day sunshine.  Good day sunshine.  I need to laugh, and when the sun is out.  I’ve got something I can laugh about.  I feel good, in a special way.  I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.”

And he is so right, when the sun is out, the gloom is nowhere to be found either.  As I’ve mentioned we’ve been having absolutely glorious weather and when you live in the UK you keep expecting it will be over soon and the rains will come again.  And as of yesterday, the rain has come!  But that’s life in the UK 😉 and the plants needs some watering, so it’s fine.

The glorious sunshine started during the Easter break, the sun came out in its full glory and since we had a close friend over, who also happens to be little T’s godfather, we went on a lovely  country walk.  T also had a little friend over, so along with two little people, three adults and a four-legged over excitable dog, we all headed out for a little procession through the woods.

Over the hills we went, but had to go skirting around the hills, trying to avoid the cows with their calves.

We didn’t want to risk it, not with two children and the cows with their babies would definitely be nervous around an over-excitable dog like Doc.

After a bit of walk and hearing a few whinges from the little ones, we finally reached St. Peter’s Woods, which meant we weren’t far from Minster Church.

And then there it was – Minster Church, just like Forrabury, parts of the building was built during the Norman times.

I love the graveyard here, it always looks beautiful and different as the season changes as seen on this post.

Poor Doc, as usual, had to be left outside as we all went inside to have a look around and actually, a bit of a rest.

You might be wondering what little T is doing in this photo:  She’s actually practicing her “hard-stare” made famous by Paddington Bear.

Kids will be kids.  Clambering over stairs with no fear, in spite the adults cautioning them to slow-down.  Then it was time to head home.

What about you?

Does the weather also affect your mood?

As I type this, grey clouds are hovering outside.  But like I said, we actually welcome the rain, so it’s not so bad and I besides, I just checked, the sun will be out again tomorrow 🙂

And just like that …

the light did come in!

Nope, we haven’t sold our house, our circumstances has not changed since I last blogged about it. I’m being literal.  It’s been glorious here the past few days.  Yes, we did have a couple of really misty ones too, but mostly it’s all been about the sun.

I love when the sun is out, everything seems to be cheerful and the way natural light floods the room is just lovely.

And the best bit is that you can leave all the doors open, especially the one leading into our little garden and instantly, our house feels so much bigger!

I don’t think T wants her smelly dog inside her tent.  Poor Doc barred from joining in the fun!

Now if only all days in England were like this one year-round, then life indeed would be perfect!  Admittedly, it can still get a bit chilly especially when there’s a breeze, definitely not paddling-pool weather yet.

And the flowers, I just love having them around the house.  I can’t seem to get enough of them!  Small joys – that’s what they are.

I should have entitled this one “A Rambling Post”, because that’s what I”m doing.  And all I actually wanted to write about is the light.

Which reminds me, I haven’t been blogging.  I have loads of drafts though, but never finished ones.  Yep, it’s one of those days, or rather weeks, and here I was thinking a fresh-new-blog-look will inspire the muse.  Nope, she has rebuffed my offering, so excuse me for blathering mindlessly here.  Then again, isn’t that what blogging (at least for some, I’m not saying all!) is sometimes all about? A platform for mindless chatter?

Anyway, have you been loving the sunshine too?

Will the sun be out again tomorrow Mummy?

asks Little T before going to bed last night.

“If the weather doesn’t change, yes, it will be sweetie”  I say,  then ask why.

She answers, “I want my paddling pool out again!”

Don’t you just love these days?

Pimms anyone?

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The ever-changing British weather won’t be so good next week though, so folks, you better make the most of today! 🙂

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer!

If I could use one word to sum-up our entire week it would be …

We’ve been experiencing really good weather lately – lots of glorious sunshine and beach weather!  Last Thursday, we decided to take little T to the beach and invited her best-friend F and his parents too.  We didn’t want to waste the lovely day by staying inside, especially since it was a real scorcher, 17 degrees people!  Imagine that!  Seriously folks, when you live in this side of the world, that indeed is considered warm 😉

While waiting for her best-friend to arrive, little T and her dad had fun at the rock-pools.  Little T’s dad loves exploring rock-pools.  He becomes like a little boy again.

Incidentally, if you notice there’s hardly any sand on the beach.  That used to be covered in sand but because of the infamous winter storm that ravaged many places here in England during the beginning of the year, parts of the beach somehow disappeared.  The waves though are managing to deposit the sand back slowly, but not entirely, at least not yet.

First crab of the day.

Little T trying her hand at finding crabs and other sea-creatures.

In spite of having literally a ton of work to do, Little T’s dad tried to do some work on his laptop, but couldn’t see much from the glare of the sun and decided to do some paperwork instead.   No, he didn’t work the whole time we were there, what’s the point in going if he did just that?

Then we noticed mist slowly creeping in, the sun though managed to keep it at bay.

Little T and F swimming in one of the “pools” warmed by the sun.

And there they are, wondering whether they should go for it or not.

I guess the answer was NOT!  Thank goodness they decided the c0ld water wasn’t for them and went back to  the little pool warmed by the sun.  It may feel a lot like summer, but I’m afraid the water is still blimming cold.

At this point, it was time to put the BBQ on and have a little sip of PIMMS!

Have you also have loads of sunshine on your side of the world?  However, those living in tropical countries and other places where sunshine is the norm is not encouraged to answer the question 😉

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Have a lovely weekend folks!

Why blog when the sun is shinning?

While the winter here is not as harsh as other countries, it is long, way too long for a tropical woman like me, no matter how long I’ve been away from home.  It just weathers me down.  Don’t let me get started on the endless rainy days especially during the summer … That is why when the sun is out, I become like a mad-starved woman who can’t believe her luck that the sun-shiny days are here and lasting!  When the sun is out, the world opens up and embraces you.  As if anything is possible and you could go anywhere and the horizon doesn’t seem unreachable after all.

Now excuse me while I go out again and make my brown skin even more browner than it already is.  I promise I’ll reply to emails soon!

What have you been doing in this Lovely Sunshine …

especially for those  of you who like us live in a place where it could be a bit of a rarity like old Blighty?  Not anymore, folks! The beautiful sunshine seems here to stay for err… a bit.  See for yourself:

Apparently it was so hot in the center court in Wimbledon (where Andy Murray made history and won the much coveted cup yesterday.  Well done!) – the thermometer there read 40 degrees!

Here in our little village, we were out and enjoying ourselves in the annual Boscastle Duck race.  Would love to write more about the event, but I’ll have to pass for now because we’ve been summoned to the beach!  We are bringing the BBQ and Pimms.  See you there!

A Whinge-less Post

After my last entry, I’m happy to report that the weather has improved and temperature has dropped.  In fact since the sun was up, it was actually possible to have a meal outside, wearing only a light cardigan.  T even refused to wear hers and was playing around with her friends in her shorts and a long-sleeved shirt.

T with her friends.

Yes, the day was glorious, so we had breakfast out with some friends and their kids at our favourite hang-out, the Boscastle Farm shop as mentioned here.  That’s another thing worth mentioning about the English weather – unpredictable.  One minute it’s cold, dreary and dreadful.  The next, it’s sunshiny and absolutely lovely.

I had the full English breakfast which as you see consists of two eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, tomato, mushrooms and two pieces of toast.  Yummy!  The food in the farm shop all comes from local produce which makes the meals even more special.  If you’re in the area, come and visit!

T with her best-friend enjoying the sun.

Of course, this won’t last, but the trick there is to make the most of the good sunshiny weather when it’s there.