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When Life Happens

How many times have you heard the line that only happens in the movies?  Do you believe that?

Here’s one:

A husband and wife both in their early 30s walk home one cold November day after visiting a friend’s house.  The husband pushes his two-year-old in his buggy.  Wife bends down and kisses her little boy, she falls a little bit behind them.  Then out of nowhere, a car comes careening into the pavement, husband thinks quickly and rams his son’s buggy into a small narrow opening.  The car somehow misses them both an inch, before he can even catch his breath, he realises that his wife has just been run-overed by the car, leaving her lifeless.  And before he knows it, his life is never the same again.

Let’s say the movie stars Jude Law, the problem though is that it isn’t a movie.  Sadly, that tragic scene really did happen.  A man lost his wife, and a young boy lost his mum.  He writes about his experience here.

And then there’s this other one – A woman recently gives birth to her son.  When lo and behold, she finds out that her husband is actually having an affair with her best-friend.  Do you picture Kathering Heigl in the starring role?  Yes, it’s a common plot in movies and books, we’ve all seen it and read about it before.  But actually it really happened to this woman, you can just read about how she’s coping here.

There’s this other plot too, you’ll say this only definitely happens in the movies.  A family loses their son.  It’s nothing really new.  The son sadly was born with complications, in fact, it’s really a miracle that he lived that long.  But since this is a movie, right?  There has to be dramatic moments and have to show that he dies.  Sad really.  Then within a few months, the woman’s husband suddenly dies of a heart-attack too.  So now the woman is left without a son, a husband, and her remaining three boys without a father.  This poor woman who hasn’t even really come into terms with the death of her son yet, and now she also has to grieve for her beloved husband too.

How do you get your head around that?  But it’s okay, it only happens in the movies right?  But no, again sadly, there really is a woman who lost both her son and husband within just months of losing the other.

Was it Oscar Wilde who said that Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life?

I read a lot of blogs and yes, I read those blogs mentioned above.  And of course, there are other heartbreaking blogs out there written by mothers and fathers who have lost their child, either through cancer or a terrible accident.  You may wonder why am I drawn to them?  As if there isn’t much sadness and tragic stories in the world, what with the recent super Typhoon that hit the Philippines and the on-going war in Syria etc.

I read them because these blogs tell us what happens after we’ve brushed away the tears after the credits have rolled and the theme song from the movie is over.   I want to know what happens to the widow, the suddenly-single mother, I want to know how they are coping.  I want to silently cheer them on, because they do move on.  People do move on in spite the tragedy.  Life happens even when the movie is over.