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An Up-date on decluttering: I did a Toy Story 3!

Last week I finally started to go through T’s toys in her room,  I actually went through them one by one.  If you have a child in primary school you’d understand how tedious this is.  Why do kids love small itty bitty toys?  I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t throw away her favourites.  I did bin a lot of heads, limbs, arms (probably from her old monster high dolls), lots of plastic crap from Happy Meal toys.  It’s amazing how much rubbish our kids accumulate over the years.

Let’s just say by the time I was going through the big box in the conservatory where she keeps some of her toys,  I wasn’t as keen to go through them as thoroughly as I did hours ago.  By this time, I tipped the remaining rubbish (or so I thought) in the bin bag.

Later on though, my husband told me that he managed to fish out a small Woody and Jessie, and Ham (from Toy Story).  Back story:  my husband and T absolutely love all Toy Story movies.  They used to watch it back to back together.  T has all the toys from that movie in all sizes.  She has a big Woody and Jessie safely sitting on one of her shelves in her room.

My initial reaction when my husband told me that he fished out some toys was “Oh you just want to keep them for sentimental reasons!” but then I realised. OMG (as my seven-year-old) would say, I just did a toy story!   He replied, don’t worry.  I’ve rescued them.  If you’re a Toy Story fan or your kids love them too, you’ll be familiar with the dumpster scene from Toy Story 3:


Darn it.  Too much watching children’s movies!  I really need to watch more grown-up movies, preferably without toys talking and having adventure after another.

Do you throw out old toys too?


I still have more de-cluttering to do.  I’m going through all my crap things little by little.  I’m sure I’ll get there eventually 😉

A Tale of Two Toys: A MEGABLEU Review

For most kids, October is all about the run up to Halloween. If your child is anything like mine, chances are they already know what to wear come All Hallows’ Eve. T certainly has her costume ready, although to be fair, she wasn’t always this sure.  We did go through a phase where she would change her mind every week about what kind of costume she wanted.  Thank goodness that is all over now.

Are you afraid of ghosts?  Would you like to go ghost-hunting?

Ghost Hunt Revolution

The Ghost Hunt Evolution is the perfect toy for Halloween. It has a skeleton named “Billy Bones” and the best bit is – you play with it in the dark.  How fun is that?  Spooktacular, little T thinks!

How does the game work?

  1. You wait till it’s really dark.
  2. Set it up in a room that is devoid of any light.
  3. Make sure that all your gear is ready: your gun is cocked and your multi-vision glasses are to hand to see more ghosts.
  4. Before you ask an adult to switch off the lights, make sure that “Billy Bones” is switched on (he happens to be a projector!)
  5. As soon as you see a ghost or a bat appear on the wall, aim and shoot!

When the game is over, the gun has a little screen, which will tell you how many ghosts you’ve managed to catch.

What does T think of the game?
• She loved it and enjoyed trying to catch as many ghosts and bats as she can.
• She thought the music and the fact that you play it in the dark really “scary” but fun.
• She loves Billy Bones. She loves all skeletons even when it isn’t Halloween.

What we (the parents) thought of the game?  (Yes, the Historian and I also had a go like you should 😉
• It was fun and yes, we enjoyed it too.
• Our only negative comment about the game was that it would be better if they provided two guns. Can you imagine what it would be life if you had more than one child? It would be more fun if the kids could play against each other, by firing at the ghosts at the same time.
• A second gun would make the price of £29.99 seem much better value.

This is the perfect game for a Halloween party or sleep-over, just don’t expect to be able to sleep early or worse, get any sleep at all!

EDIT:  The company has gotten in touch since hitting that publish button, the good news is, there is an extra gun available for purchase – so no more squabbling and whinging over one gun 🙂  

Click on the video below to see what T thinks about the game:

Name That!

Autumn and the long winter days are perfect for playing board-games or any other kind of games which involves sitting around the table, with a cosy fire on, or even on your bed, it doesn’t really matter where you do it as long as the whole family is together and comfortable.

Name That! is indeed perfect for those nights.

How do you play the game?

  1. Appoint a dealer who will read the category on the top card.  He or she will also reveal the letter on the next card.
  2. Whoever names a word first, beginning with the letter on the top card wins.
  3.  If you win, you get to keep the card.
  4. Once all the cards are finished, whoever has the most cards wins the game.

How did T find the game?

* She surprisingly really enjoyed playing it, once she stopped panicking, she was really able to think for herself without us having to prod her.

* While she loves playing it, there are some categories that she really struggles with.

What we (her parents) thought of the game:

Like T, we found it a fun game to play with.  Even though the game is categorised as a 6+, it really is actually a game for older kids.  This is also a perfect game to take with you when on a trip or holiday with your kids.

We only have one negative comment about Name That!  My husband found a typo in one of the categories:  Utensils was spelt as Ustensil, other than that, it’s the perfect hunker down game for long evenings.

Both games are from Megableu, a French toy retailer with a wide range of different games for all kids of various ages.  Do check out what they have in store for you.

Would you like to try any of the toys above?

*We were sent the toys for the purpose of this review.  All photos and opinions are by yours truly.

A Wicked Uncle Review

Wicked Uncle Website

*This is a sponsored post, however all views and photos are by yours truly.

While summer is indeed on its way out and autumn is letting its presence felt little by little, especially once the temperature really dips, before we know it, Christmas will just be around the corner.  Yes, I know, some of you may be thinking “No way!”  as for me, I love Christmas.  I love decorating the house and planning and buying presents for our little one.

If you are like me and like to plan early and looking at what’s available out there, where to get presents and all that, if you haven’t tried Wicked Uncle, I’d suggest you try them now, they are everything an online buyer would want:

Easy to Navigate

There are categories for every thing, whether it’s age, sex or what kind of toys your child is interested in whether they are of the outdoorsy type or likes books and games.

Toys are Age Appropriate

I like that they have age appropriate toys.  It’s handy when you are in a rush and don’t really have all the time in the world to browse for what kind of toy your child would want.  (Great for those last-minute shoppers!)  All you have to do is click on the age of the child and et viola, toys will come up.

Variety of Toys

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of online stores where you can buy all kind of different toys, I noticed though that most of them offer the same kind.  What I like about Wicked Uncle is that, they have a wide array of different ones from their creativity category to their Brainiac range.  My husband and I were also impressed that their toys were not just the usual plastic stuff that gets thrown in the toy box, but toys that you could do stuff with, not the usual passive kind which kids these ages usually get tired off and gets thrown under the bed, where it’s best forgotten.

Quick Delivery

I placed my order on a Wednesday and it arrived on a Friday.  I also liked the way they updated their customers and that you can track delivery progress.  And lastly, we liked the Wicked Uncle Website because it’s …

Google Certified

It simply means that your order is protected by Google.  If by chance there is an issue with the website and they are unable to resolve it, customers can actually requests google’s help and they will ensure that the issue between customer and shop is quickly sorted out.

Would we order from them again?

That’s a definite yes!  I’ve already eyed a few toys for little T come Christmas.

Wicked Uncle + toys = Happy Little T

We got her the Lilypad Garden, this is another example of a “doing and making” kind of toy.  T had fun putting in the compost, planting the grass seeds and of course, arranging the fairy accessories that came with it.

She also loved the Purple and Pink Hornit for Bikes and Scooters that had different sounds from fire engine, train, missiles to her favourite, the “farting” noises that makes her giggle every time she hears it.  She was absolutely delighted with both toys.

What about you?

Would you be interested in trying them out too, whether it’s for your little one, or for a child you know, or maybe even for yourself!

T’s Orbeez Summer

The weather has been really bad this week.  It’s been raining every day and it actually looks more like autumn than summer.  I know, I keep ranting about the weather, I feel bad for the little ones who have been waiting the past few months for this.  Anyway before the break,, I ordered some Orbeez (their like gel beans which you “grow” over night in water, after about 8 hours they become like squishy jelly like beans your kids can play with) for T to play with over the summer.

She’s been nagging me about them ever since she first saw children play with them on YouTube.

That’s what’s been keeping her busy.  I bought her two packs and they came in little plastic pouches.  Each night she’d choose a colour and we’d leave it soaked in water to “grow” over night.  Just like in the video, she let’s her little “Elsya” and “Anya” dolls swim in them.  She can spend hours just playing with them, sometimes she’ll play and watch a video of kids playing, while she herself is playing with her tub of Orbeez.  She once asked if she could have a bath filled with the little beans, but I said no to that.

To be fair though, as soon as the rain would stop, T would run out and jump on her trampoline.  She doesn’t spend all her time playing with Orbeez, she likes to draw and paint too.  Hopefully the lovely warm sunny days will be back.

Have you heard of Orbeez?

Do your kids play with them too?

Do share.

Little T’s Busy Days with Bob Bear

We have a very important visitor this week.  His name is Bob Bear, from T’s school.  Yes, he is the school mascot and he is here to stay, till the end of the week.

On Friday, he accompanied little T to her gymnastics club for some tumbling around.

The next morning, little T took Bob Bear to have some brunch at her friend’s cafe.

Apparently, Bob Bear ate all of his waffles up and wanted more.

When they came home, Bob Bear helped little T mow the lawn.

Then I sent them both out to walk the dog.

By the afternoon, Bob Bear was exhausted.  He told T that he didn’t expect that he would be doing chores since he was a guest. I told him that everyone in our house helps with the chores including very important guests.  I don’t think Bob Bear will want to visit us again.

 Does your kids help with the chores at home?

Do share.

Little T's Christmas Wish-List: Our Debenhams Christmas Blogger Competition Entry

It’s the second to the last month of the year and that means Christmas is definitely just around the corner, making its presence felt every single blaming day.  Don’t mean to sound like such a Scrooge, I do love Christmas and if I had my way, I’d bring down all our Christmas decorations from the attic on the very first day of November,but somehow due to some recent disappointments, I’m not feeling very festive nowadays, even though it is already November.  Hopefully by December, I’d be feeling all Chrimassy again.

Of course, it’s different with my little one who has been talking endlessly about what kind of presents she wants to receive this year.  She’s been dying to do her Christmas Wish List, but this year, I’ve decided to do it this way, you’ll never know Father Christmas might just be reading blogs this year and luck may finally shine on me just this one time.

Little T’s Letter to Santa and Christmas Wish List:

1.  Disney Radio controlled Inflatable Baymax with sounds. 2.  Disney Frozen Karaoke Microphone. 3.  Mookie Swooshie10 Colour Dough & Roller 4.  Barbie Convertible Car 5.  AquaBot 6.  Robotic Kitty 7.  Monster High Walkie Talkie 8. V-Tech Kiddie Active Secret Safe Diary 9.  Despicable Me Agnes costume 10.  Anna Frozen Costume 11. Despicable Me Girl costume 12.  Rapunzel dress-up costume (Would love Rapunzel’s wig too, but mum can’t seem to find it.)


This is our entry to Debenhams Christmas Blogger Competition all toys chosen above can be found in their lovely toy collection. Do have a look or better yet, you can join too!

Has your little one written their letter to Father Christmas/Santa yet?

Do YOU have a wish-list for Christmas too?

Bob Bear's Visit

Little T’s teacher whom I fondly call Ms. O has a soft toy called Bob Bear who likes to go on a short holiday/visit to her students’ homes.  His name is Bob Bear.

Unlike Paddington Bear who comes from the deepest Peru, Bob Bear is from Switzerland.  Hence, the Swiss scarf.

A couple of weeks ago, it was little T’s turn to take Bob Bear home with her.  As soon as she came home from school, she introduced her special guests to her own bears.

On little T’s left, there’s Captain Biggles, Paddington Bear (who was feeling camera shy at the moment and hid behind little T’s arm as I took a photo) and big bear and little bear on her right. They were very curious about the Swiss Bear indeed.

Thank goodness the weather that week was glorious. When T’s friend came over, they decided to take Bob Bear out for a little adventure, dressed in their pirate outfits.

First stop was the skateboard ramp near the football field.

They clambered up and slid back down.

Bob Bear enjoyed climbing up and down with little T and her best friend F.

After awhile, they decided to head to the playground for some fun and games.

Till it was obvious that the little ones and Bob Bear were tired from all their hammocking around.

Do you think Bob Bear enjoyed his visit?

Little T's Christmas Wish List

Little T’s interests and favourites changes all the time, from her favourite books to current favourite film to watch.  At the moment, she’s obsessed with Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  She watches the (2009 Robert Zemeckis film) dvd every time she comes home from school and asks her Dad to read the book every single night before she sleeps.

For those who’ve been regular friends of Little Steps, will know that little T is a typical girl who loves pink (but also loves the colour blue), and loves everything Frozen and likes playing with her Barbie toys.  However, unlike other girls, she’s always been into what others would label as “toys for boys”.  When she was younger, she loved playing with cars and had her own train-set too.  At play-school, you would seldom find her playing dress-up with the other girls.  Instead, she’d be outside playing “rough” with the boys.

And currently, her absolute favourite is Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.  She loves watching these teenage turtles on her tablet, so it didn’t come as a surprise to us when she included them on her wish list and scrapped the Frozen castle on her list.

As you can see, we’ve managed to find the Live Woody and Michaelangelo.  For whatever reason, they don’t seem to have a live Donatello 🙁  If anyone knows where we can source this, do drop me a note or comment.  We also added some toys that weren’t on her list, because well, it’s Christmas and the look on her face as she comes down on Christmas morning and seeing the pile of presents just for her is priceless.

For my little girl, there is not such thing as toys for boys or toys for girls only.   Well, there shouldn’t be anyway, right?  I’m proud of my little T 🙂

What’s on your little one’s Christmas Wish List?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

Little T gives Miss Cotton Bottom a piggyback ride

If you’ve been following my blog, you would’ve had the pleasure of meeting Miss Cotton Bottom, little T’s most favourite toy in the world (apart from Brachy).

Little Miss Cotton Bottom is the first ever baby doll we got for little T on her second Christmas.  The idea was so she could share her bath with the doll since it’s supposed to be one of those dolls you can actually bathe with and you can.  (I can’t really remember whether she’s an Annabelle or Baby Born doll.) The problem though, while she is indeed washable, it takes her ages to dry!  Now that Little T knows this, she doesn’t insist that Cotton Bottom shares her bath anymore, especially if it would mean a night without the little doll by her side.

We don’t exactly remember either when this doll stopped being referred to as “baby”.  One day, she was just suddenly christened Cotton Bottom, which doesn’t really suit her because she’s not as soft as cotton at all!  In fact, little Miss Cotton Bottom is hard and cold!  She has in fact startled me more than a couple of times, as I’d feel something cold pressing against my leg.  Her head, arms and legs can turn really cold especially in the winter, but Little T doesn’t seem to mind at all.  This dolly is naked.  Little T seems to prefer it that way, she stripped her naked long ago and Little Cotton Bottom has been in her birthday suit ever since.

As mentioned they go everywhere together, play-school, rugby, swim class (though she has to be left in the car) or when we go and walk the dog.

There’s little T giving Miss Cotton Bottom a piggyback ride.

Woof!  Woof!  Wait for me!  Says Doc.

Last one up is a rotten egg!  Says T.

Ooh!  Puddles!  Says little T splashing happily around.

“Oh” Says Little Miss Cotton Bottom, “This is making me feel rather dizzy”

“Please don’t drop me in the mud!”  Says Cotton Bottom.

“Of course not!” Replies Little T.

“I dropped my cap!”  Little T hurries over to pick it up.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t me!”  Says Cotton Bottom.

Little T laughs and declares “I think it’s time to go home now”.

“That’s a grand idea!” Cotton Bottom agrees.

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What’s your little ones favourite toy in the world?

Do they also have a special name for it?


Have a lovely weekend!

There's a dinosaur on the bed!

Little T is a typical girl who loves anything pink.  She loves shoes, new clothes, accessories, and pink hand bags.  One would automatically think that she would also love princesses and play dress-up with the other little girls at play-school.  No, not little T.  Instead you’ll find her outside with the little boys, racing around in their bikes, the only difference is her bike and helmet is pink, with tassels and a Hello Kitty horn.  She also likes running around like a little monster with the boys and shooting the baddies and playing dead on the concrete floor.  Yes, she’s definitely one of the boys.

Her new discovered love are dinosaurs.  She absolutely adores them.  In fact, she adores them so much that she loves to bathe with them.  So we’ve said our goodbyes to her collection of rubber duckies and Octonaut toys and hello to every dinosaur of its kind, big and small.

Others like to swim with dolphins, little T prefers swimming with dinosaurs.

Here’s little T with her favourite dinosaur – a Brachiosaurus, which she sometimes calls her sweetheart or Brachy, as she lovingly calls him.  She used to take Brachy with her to play-school.  But lately she’s been tucking him in on her bed before she leaves for play school.

Yes, she actually likes to sleep with Brachy beside her too.  When she’s fast asleep, I take him off her bed and put it on the floor.  One time she woke up asked Why is Brachy on the floor?  I shrugged my shoulders and told her, maybe she moved too much at night and so he decided that he’d rather sleep on the floor than be kicked around.   She seemed to have accepted that explanation.

Does your little one sleeps/bathes with dinosaurs too?

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